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How much deterrents can trained militias armed with pump-action shotguns really offered?


Trust me, I'm a Tech-Priest
A curious thought:

What if, a fictional country were facing terrorists from neighboring countries smuggling into their border regions, extorting "tithes" from civilians living near border regions.

As such, the government decides to organize trained militias in the area, and due to the fearing tactical armaments being turn against the government, they were only armed with pump-action shotguns (and vastly more cheaper).

One day, the band of terrorist came to extract "tithe" from a border village. Said village has 40 part-time combatants armed with pump-action shotguns (each with 25 Buck-shots and 25 Slugs).

The terrorist cames a group of 10 men, armed with AKM assault rifles. They travel in two Toyota Hilux, each armed with a pintle-mount RPD machine gun.

The villagers made improvised barricades and simple trenches, and await the terrorist's arrival.

Could the terrorists be fought of by the villagers?
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