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Housing Crisis in Panama City, Florida


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‘It’s pure hell’: Hurricane Michael leaves housing crisis

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) — A small village of the forgotten has popped up in Diahnn “Shelly” Summers’ backyard outside Panama City. Where there once was empty grass abutting woods, 10 tents now encircle a fir tree with Christmas lights.

The tents shelter those still homeless more than four months after Hurricane Michael screamed ashore with 155-mph (250-kph) winds, flattening, blowing away or rendering uninhabitable thousands of houses.

“There is nowhere for them to go,” Summers said. “When you don’t have a home, you have no sense of safety, no sense of belonging, no security. You don’t even know where you’re going to sleep without getting into trouble. It’s the worst feeling.”
Source: https://www.apnews.com/2cc6e4ecee694763991f6310fa87569b

Damn, 1,200 Families trying to get into trailer homes. damn, that's sad. If you have any link to any charities to help these people, that would be appreciated.

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