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Guts vs Calamity Ganon


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Instead of Link awakening inside of Post-Calamity Hyrule, it's Guts who re-awakens in the shrine of ressurrection. Can he save Hyrule and kill Calamity Ganon? And how does he go about it, does he first save the spirits inside of the Divine Beasts, or does he run straight for Castle Hyrule?

Scenario 1: Guts from the end of the Boscogne battle is dropped into Hyrule before Calamity Ganon causes the Great Calamity. The idea is that he has to try and help Zelda and the rest of the people in stopping the Great Calamity from ever happening, with the help of the Guardians, the Divine Beasts, etc.
Can Guts prevent Ganon from causing the Great Calamity? He gets no knowledge of what will happen in the future (I.E, Ganon taking over the Guardians and Divine Beasts), and when the events of the Great Calamity do happen (if Guts hasn't stopped it before it could), he will have to put an end to it without failing his mission and dying (or, like Link, being put into a 100 year coma).

Scenario 2: Same as Scenario 1, but Guts has undergone the events of the Eclipse, making him into the more stoic and bloodthirsty version most know him as. The version known as The Black Swordsman. If he failed before, or succeeded before, is it possible he will succeed now, or -on the other hand- fail now? Since Guts his personality is quite different now, and a lot more anti-social, could his loner attitude and more direct approach to combat (run at every demon he hates, usually with no support at all) be his end or actually be Hyrule's saving grace?

Scenario 3: Guts is put into the world of Hyrule post-Great Calamity. The world is now infested with dark monsters, beings and demons. Guts is told by Zelda's voice to put an end to Ganon's actions and kill off the evil that is Calamity Ganon. Guts has amnesia, so doesn't know about the Eclipse OR about the world of Hyrule, but his Black Swordsman attitude remains.

Scenario 4: Guts is in the Berserker Armor goes, well, berserk. His only objective he knows is to kill every demon, and eventually, Ganon. Hyrule may actually take to fighting Guts if the berserker rage is more of a threat to Hyrule after Ganon's death, and will use their army and technological weapons to confront him. If the crazed Black Swordsman is not too much of a threat, however, they will not attack him.

Will Guts make it through all rounds and live, or at the least succeed, in the end?


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Isn't Link above Guts?
In certain areas, yes, but that also wholly depends on which Link you use. See, Link has several incarnations along the years.

The one from Breath of The Wild should be along Guts his level in speed, and doesn't lag far behind in strength (the guy defeats beasts that can cut in half entire trees in one swing, and can cut a tree in half using a rusted sword in two sings-). Link also can block lasers that destroy giant stone pillars so long as he has a shield.

Aside from that, he has an arsenal of gadgets that Guts does not have. But what Guts does have is his own arsenal. Guts and Link should be roughly equal, but Guts has a different set of items with him.

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