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Godzilla: The Monarch Files

File 16


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File 16
My trip to Kyoto in 2015 was paid for by Monarch. The city became Japan's capital once more after the fall of Tokyo in 1995, with a 1.54 million population after the reconstruction efforts that followed. Today the city is quite prosperous, and has been home to multiple conferences involving the subject of both kaiju and extra species, including the famous Kyoto conference in 2001. Kyoto was also the place where liminal's were first publicly revealed to the world, and in correlation to this, Kyoto also boasts one of the highest city dwelling Youkai populations. A great majority of these tend to be mammalian species like kitsunes and forked cats.
Today, the purpose of my travels is to visit the ESP Institute outside the city limits. I will be visiting Furude Rika, a former student and current senior Professor of the Institute. She is an accomplished psychic and one of the current leading experts on the rare "Projection" art of ESP.

Rika was born in the village of Hinamizawa, which was devastated during Baragon's* first attack in 1989. A then sixteen year old Rika witnessed and survived this incursion, during which she activated her latent psychic powers to save herself and some friends from an out of control truck. Rika was then taken under noted professor Miki Saegusa's wing afterwards at the Institute. In her time there over the decades, she was the first to develop the art of psychic projection, and she witnessed several incidents like the Controversial K-Contact experiments of the 1990's alongside multiple other kaiju attacks. Nowadays, Rika remains as a teacher to new students and psychics while also acting as a consultant for solid based abilities.

After some travel time and sightseeing, I reach her office for the interview. The office has multiple models of various mecha and kaiju on some shelves in the back, alongside a varied collection of books relating to psychics, ancient myths and legends from the Gifu Prefecture, a few volumes on subterranean wildlife, and a Totenkopf novel**. Newspaper clippings line the walls, depicting photos of events such as Red Ronin standing over a defeated Baragon and other kaiju, members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult being arrested, and the official signing of the Interspecies Exchange Bill.

Dressed in a typical white lab coat like many of her colleagues, the middle-aged Professor Rika is waiting in her office. Greetings are exchanged between us, and the interview begins.

Q1: What is the experience of being an esper like?
"It's not easy to describe to those without it. It is like describing color to the blind or sound to the deaf. But I'd say that at it's simplest, ESP is like a seventh sense. It's something new, and something that one who unlocks it will have to get used to. Yes, there are times when one can use psychic powers immediately as in a life or death situation, but those first times are basically like injections of adrenaline in that they are temporary and draining afterwards. Sometimes it can be frightening. But if you have enough discipline, if you take the time to really learn your abilities, then...it's like a whole other world opening up, one that you can touch if you focus enough. Once that happens, the feeling is both one of wonder, relief, fear...and responsibility. That part is very important, and I feel that everyone in this building should acknowledge this. If you want another explanation, feel free to ask the other professors. Next?"
Q2: What are your thoughts on the contact experiments?
"Both failures and successes. While trying to influence another humanoid's mind is expressly forbidden by law depending on where you are, the experiments a few decades ago that involved reaching into the minds of wild animals has proved to be a worthwhile venture. Psychic volunteers have been able to see through the eye's of a Beluga in the Bering Sea and a pride of Lion's in Africa. The scientific potential is and has proved to be highly useful and informative. Of course, there have been hiccups. Mentally encountering a kaiju by accident or not rarely ends well. The ESP volunteers that accidentally summoned Sarcosteon towards the testing site near Fuyuki City in 1991 come to mind, even if disaster was narrowly averted. The few times kaiju contact experiments haven't ended in disaster involved captive kaiju such as the ones on Monster Island. Other instances that went well involved Rodan when it was hibernating in Mexico, and even so it went relatively well because the kaiju was in suspended animation essentially.

On the results of the actual experiments, very few have had any success in influencing a kaiju. The best that could be done was seeing the world from a kaiju's eyes for a few moments or seeing it's dreams, such as what happened with Rodan and the kaiju of the MI. That information alone has plenty of value to people from multiple fields. However, when a contact experiment goes wrong, it goes wrong.
The best result is simply being forced out of the kaiju's mind when it notices you are there, such as like what happened when Tamamo pushed out the volunteers on the Island or when Godzilla knocked Miki Saegusa unconscious when she tried to drive him away from the Persian Gulf. At worst, said kaiju will home in on the psychic minds that touched it's own like a beacon. Once nearly happened to me when I volunteered for an experiment. It's a good thing a nearby security team was there when that Meganulon drone stared breaking through it's cage to get at me.

Anyway, to put it simply, successfully looking into a kaiju's mind involves a multitude of factors, such as current environment, physical and mental state of the organism involved, and it's comfort level beforehand. This is key to the only successful contact experiment with Godzilla in 1995. That only worked due to a variety of factors involving both Godzilla himself and the people involved. That was before...Tokyo. Before it all went wrong.
Never mind, I didn't have much involvement in these experiments after the bug nearly tried to eat my face off. Still, I hope my answers are satisfying so far.

Personally, I feel that these experiments are very dangerous.

But trying is better then doing nothing at all."
Q3: How does it feel to be the creator of the first psychic projection?
"Oh, that? It was mostly sheer luck. I wasn't even trying to summon her when I did it, I was just trying to lift some stones. I was as surprised as everyone else when it happened, really. Overtime, I simply repeated what I felt had happened, and in this time I felt I've done quite well with my projection. She's almost like family now, that's how good I am at wielding her- Oh, you wish to know how I feel for founding that style of ESP? Personally, I just feel I learned something new like anyone else starting out as a psychic. Potentially any student could crate their own projection given enough training. At least that's how I feel, and for those who wish to learn my office is usually open. As for the projection itself, in a way I did have previous-"

A loud, drum like alarm interrupts us both.

After a brief jump, the look in Rika's eyes echoes my own thoughts.

"Kaiju." She calmly says, and with nary a nod we are both out the door, me grabbing my notes and Rika several of her books.

Outside, it is pandemonium as expected as students and teachers dash out of various classes, testing rooms, and restrooms. Some try to move together with discipline, while others run forward as fast as they can. Shouts are heard all around us as the alarm continues.

More then a few head in the opposite direction from us.

The KDF designed bunker lays a few floors below us, with the nearby stairs being slightly longer but ultimately safer to use in this situation compared to the elevators.

Alongside a good deal of students and few professors, we reach the entrance to the Kaiju Raid Bunker. The circular vault entrance is under a red light, with the continuing alarm doing little to calm anyone. As Rika approaches the vault entrance alongside a younger, scruffy looking teacher, I hear some useful tidbits from
some students with their phones out among the crowd's panic.

"It's near the 10 mile mark at the bay-"

"I hear their calling this one Gesura-"

"Like the squid?"

"No, it looks more like a shark-"

At the entrance, the young teacher frantically starts running a hand through his messy hair. "It's not opening! The switch, I think there's some sort of error with it-"
Before Pandemonium can erupt even further, Rika politely interrupts him. "Stand back." The man turns around, then opens and closes his mouth when he realizes who is talking. He does as she says, stepping back. Rika walks up to the vault door.

She calmly speaks.

There is no flash of light, and no dramatic gesture from Rika.

The projection is simply there when she says it's name.

While I can't see the front of the entity, from the back I can see two curved black horns on a head of long-light purple hair. The projection is dressed in what I later
identify as a red hakama and white haori. Standing in front of the heavily armored entrance, the projection grabs the side of the door and pulls to the left.

After half a minute of audible straining and groaning (From the door), it is fully pulled open. "Hanyu" then vanishes as suddenly as it arrived.

Slightly scratching her scalp, Rika is the first to enter the darkened, spacious shelter. "Agent," she begins as lights begin to turn on inside the circular arena, "I apologize for the interruption. It looks like we will have to talk again sometime later."

As the rest of us file into the shelter without (mostly) running over each other, I can only hope that there is a toilet available.


-All in all, upon exiting the city on one of the remaining transports, it was an overall informative learning opportunity.
*Baragon is the name of a one horned Oni from obscure Hinamzawan lore, one said to eat fire and live beneath the Earth. Said name was appropriately enough chosen by the KDF as the designation for the burrowing kaiju.

**A Series of horror novels set in the Edo Period of Japan's history by Hojo Satoko, a fellow survivor of Baragon's first attac
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File 17


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File 17

"Keep in mind, it wasn't just people who were getting eaten by those bugs. Many animals lost their lives to the swarm. The fact that both us and the animals have managed to recover since then shows that giving up is never the answer! Earth is home to all of us, and that is something we all must remember!"

-Conservationist and Megazoolologist Steve Irwin on the First Kamacuras Outbreak. Statement dated 2005.

"I'll be honest. Among all the explosions and the shooting and the roaring, it was probably love at first bite for those two."

-Film production designer and K-Watch tracker Patrick Tatopoulos on the aftermath of the Outbreak. Statement dated 1998.

"Listen here kids, this is it. Either we destroy every last one of these flying dills, or they eat us all. We are all that's left after that screwup at Darwin, and out shiny new robot is sitting around like a drongo. So I want every last man and woman capable of carrying a bomb and a flamer out there, because if these things reach adulthood and start popping out eggs faster then we can shoot em, we've already lost. But that ain't happening. Because today, we are going to kill all of those ankle biters and their tucker swallowing mom! I have seen you all fight, and if you've lasted this long, you clearly know the your doing.

When we fly and charge out tomorrow, let it be known that today was our loudest hour! We! WILL! NOT! GO! QUIETLY!

Remember boys and girls, we aren't here to fuck spiders!"

-KDF-Austrailia General Kano Goddard shortly before the Battle of Queensland in 1994.


-Kamacuras I. Brisbane, Australia. After attacking multiple civilians, it escapes over the open sea's just as the military arrives.

KDF-Australia established. Construction on Kinkuto, a Mecha visually based off the extinct Thylacine, begins. KDF-Asia Head Engineer Shinonono is sent to help in construction with Project: Kinkuto.

-Kinkuto is completed in Australia. Made from nanotitanium and with built in programming resembling that of the UK's Chelonra, it proves to be a very complex machine.


-In late June, Kamacuras I manages to sneak into Australia through a previously unseen camouflage ability. Pregnant, it lays its eggs in the Australian Outback before attacking numerous settlements and wild animal populations. Kinkuto is deployed, but the human pilot proves to be unable to keep up with Kamacuras speed and the complicated maneuvering of the machine itself in a battle at Darwin, one which ends with the human pilot having to retreat.

Kamacuras egg sack is found by the Australian army weeks later, only for it to hatch during an attempt to destroy it, releasing nearly a hundred horse sized praying mantises into the wild.

The First Kamacuras Outbreak begins.

Multiple attacks across Australia by Kamacuras I and her brood increase in frequency. Martial Law is declared.

In July, A bombing attack on the main "nest" of the swarm reveals it to be a decoy.

Per Shinonono's recommendation, Kinkuto is activated with only it's restricted AI upgraded with combat data taken from MehcaGodzilla's controls. It's battle damaged reactor is has multiple space crystal shards from the aftermath of the G War inserted into it's damaged reactor.

It autonomously breaks out of it's storage area and begins moving towards the Outback, ignoring all commands from it's human controllers back at K-Base A. It nevertheless battles any Kamacuras adolescents it can find.

In August, Komodithrax emerges from Shark Bay into Australia while Zilla rises from the Gulf of Carpentaria at the same time. Both begin heading towards the Outback, attacking and eating several young Kamacuras in the process. It is believed that they are looking for new territory.

Super-X attack planes are requisitioned by the KDF. Situation elevated to Code-Red G.

Kinkuto pauses in place at Barrow Creek and ignores further commands. It's current "Behavior" is blamed on the crystal fragments.

Zilla and Komodithrax make first contact at Lake Mackay, where they proceed to begin fighting.

A weather manipulation device is deployed in the hopes of defeating the insects, with the current logic being that what awoke the original Kamacuras could be used to drive them away or kill them.

A large gathering of the creatures is lured to a makeshift station at Queensland where the device is detonated, only for it to further mutate the creatures. The adolescents begin to grow to near adult size while Kamacuras I grows two extra claws resembling that of a crustaceans.

Zilla and Komodithrax are then attacked by the surviving mutated members of the swarm, and the KDF orders it's three new attack planes to bombard the area with cadmium shells as the Australian air force is deployed alongside it.

Zilla and Komodithrax quickly stop fighting each other and begin focusing their attacks on the swarm and the KDF forces.

At the same time, Kinkuto reactivates and rapidly begins approaching the site of the incursion.

In the ensuing fight, Kinkuto kills Kamacuras I with it's chainsaw before deactivating itself, while the swarm is destroyed by the remaining combatants.

Zilla and Komodithrax escape the remaining military forces, both of them working in unison to take out a Super-X aircraft before escaping into the Coral Sea.

Kinkuto is put into storage until it's glitches can get worked out.

Australia suffers major collateral damage, but manages to pay off much of it's debt by selling the mutated insect carcasses around the world.

In the decades after the outbreak, the sovereign country proves to be the second biggest recruiting ground for the KDF, directly after Japan itself.

-From the Official Timeline (2004 Edition)
File 18


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File 18

One of the first K-Files I made back around 2013, done in standard Monarch style. Enjoy.


Species: Crustaceous Rex

Type: Aquatic Hybrid

Known Specimens: Three (Two Deceased, One Alive at time of writing)

Height: (58 Meters) I and II/(60 Meters) III

Origin: Hollow Earth (Current Hypothesis)

Mass: 35,000 tons

Note: As more information is learned, some written assumptions about the creature's biology and origin may change overtime in the future.


-First appearing in Alaska around 1981, the Crustaceous Rex species has been noted as a sort of "Darkhorse" amongst kaiju fans for it's bizarre appearance and diet. Most incursions have taken place either at sea, with sightings of it on land being comparatively rare. The creature has highly varied diet, which includes liquid petroleum, petroleum products, fish, and cephalopods.

It's appearance has lead to it being labeled a Hybrid Type due to it containing traits of multiples animal species. It has forelimbs resembling that of a crustacean and crocodilian. Other traits include an jaw resembling that of an arachnid, along with four tentacles on it's chest that can regenerate over time. Another crustacean trait is it's hard greenish shell, one similar to the armor of other aquatic kaiju.

It's origin is somewhat of a mystery to current Monarch analysts, as a notable lack of K-Radiation had made it hard to determine whether or not it is a K-Mutation or a resurfaced Superspecies.

However, recent sightings around the Bering Sea's second entrance to the Panthalassa has lead to speculation of it being another escaped species from the Hollow Earth ecosystem. Until new expeditions can be sent into the Panthalassa Sea, more definite proof has yet to be found.


-C-Rex is very aggressive when hunting, and has been known to attack oil tankers and drilling stations for petroleum to eat. It will consume organic sea life when the opportunity arises, but otherwise the kaiju has been known to vastly prefer petroleum. The second C-Rex also devoured a tar road in Jamaica in it's initial attack, slurping it up within seconds when hungry.

In battle, C-Rex tends to fair poorly against creatures far bigger then it, and when wounded severely enough it will try to retreat. Against an opponent of a similar weight class, it fairs decently for long periods of time, using it's claws and four tentacles in a manner similar to that of a monitor lizard and a large octopus. It also displays the ability to vomit recently eaten tar at enemies in a steady stream for short amount of time.

C-Rex displays moderate regenerative abilities, with C-Rex II having regrown all four tentacles between 1989 and 2004.

Specimen Incursions:



-The first Crustaceous Rex appeared off the coast of Alaska in January 1981, where it attacked several oil tankers before coming onto land. The kaiju attacked the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and destroyed three pumping stations, consuming tons of oil in the process.

Godzilla* quickly came out of the nearby sea just as the local KDF forces reached C-Rex. Both kaiju proceeded to fight, starting a forest fire in the process.

C-Rex was quickly dispatched by the larger Godzilla, who then took it's body out to sea. Beforehand, quick use of a Maser Cannon by KDF Captain Ota Murakami managed to provoke Godzilla into causing an avalanche, dousing the flames in the process.

The corpse of C-Rex was last seen being eaten by Godzilla in the Bering Sea.

*Third instance of Godzilla appearing on American soil.


-The second C-Rex appeared in the Caribbean Sea in the summer of 1989. It was seen attacking fishing boats and sea life. In June it came on land at Montego Bay in Jamaica, where it ate multiple roads and civilians before returning to sea. It battled an intruding Zilla for territory later that month. The fight quickly escalated from the sea onto the nearby Spanish Town. After having it's tentacles burned off before being tossed of a cliff, C-Rex retreated from the Caribbean.

C-Rex II remerged with it's wounds healed in the Bering Sea in 2004, where it attacked a drilling platform before coming onto land at the island dubbed the "Omega Roost." which had been declared a no fly/boat zone by the KDF. C-Rex II was soon attacked by a territorial Komodithrax, whom was quickly aided by her partner, Zilla.

Against two kaiju at once, C-Rex II was overwhelmed and killed in twenty four minutes. It's corpse was then partially eaten. A later expedition managed to get some fragments of it's DNA while Zilla and Komodithrax were away from that section of the island.


Has been sighted sporadically in the Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean. C-Rex III is noted for it's thick coat of white fur around it's shell, a trait absent in previous specimens. It was first seen attacking an Oodako in 2007.

It has also been seen eating aquatic megafauna and Panthalassal organisms, but is rather skittish compared to it's predecessors; C-Rex III prefers to avoid combat with other kaiju and will often flee when another large creatures is nearby.

It's last major appearance was in 2010 during the BP Oil Breach in the Gulf of Mexico, where it fed on the spilled petroleum before retreating following an attack by a large group of Breacher Type Kaiju.

Since then it has remained in it's usual habitats, but starting in 2011, sightings have been far more far more common near Antarctica.


-Despite their similar appearances, the C-Rex's and the "Clover" Kaiju that attacked New York in 2008 are not believed to be related to one another.

-The Ganimes Crab's found in the Panthalassa Sea are hypothesized to be a possible sub-species of C-Rex. More research into the subject is required.

Interlude V: Combat Record II


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
As the second and last pilot of the Red Ronin, Chifuyu Orimura's contributions to the world of piloting and mech fighting are taught in academies and classes all over the world, with archival footage often being used. Despite the disastrous events of 1995, she still serves to this day as an instructor and major general in the KDF.

Battles Fought (12)

Baragon. Fuyuki City (Victory by KO)

1991: Kamacuras III. Yokohama. (Victory by forcing enemy to retreat)

-Sarcosteon. Fuyuki City. (Victory by forcing enemy to retreat)

1992: Gabara. Hiroshima. (Victory by decapitation)

- Kamacuras I, III, IV, and V. Okinawa. (Victory through death's of III, IV, V, and retreat of I. Red Ronin assisted in battle by King Caesar.)

-Kiyohime. Nemuro, Hokkaido. (Victory through forcing opponent into retreat*)

*K fell off a cliff after getting stabbed in the side, so technically it was less of a retreat and more falling out of harm's way

1993: Hades. Mondo Island. (Victory by decapitation)

1994: Gezora and Kiyohime. Tokai. (Victory by retreat/death. Kiyohime had been hunting Gezora. Once Orimura realized this, she tossed it towards the serpent kaiju. Kiyohime returned to sea without further incident and was last seen feeding on a deceased Gezora.)

-Megaguirus III. Vietnam. (Victory by dismemberment and burning of enemy.)


Vagnosaurus. Toba. (Victory by destruction of target's head. Venom glands in tail taken for military use afterwards.)

-Kraken III. Ise. (Kaiju retreated after losing multiple limbs and an eye.)

-Godzilla and M-Berserker. Tokyo.

(Mission Failed: Red Ronin severely damaged. RR autonomously ejects pilot Orimura to safety despite being rendered inoperable minutes earlier. RR last seen buried under debris and lava. Mecha declared lost.

G and M-B continue to battle. City declared lost and labeled a quarantine zone hours later.)

1995 was a shit year. Not since Ghana or the oil breach in the new tens has their been such an extensive kaiju related disaster.
File 19 (The G War)


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File #19

The Gargantua brothers are a case of "Nurture vs Nature" in a classical sense. One was raised in his youth by humans, the other lived most of his life in the water. One avoids violence unless pushed to the full limit, the other lashes out at the slightest provocation. Despite this, both have formed close bonds even after multiple fights and disagreements when they reunited in adulthood.

Sitting in Outpost cabin #66, I have a briefcase of photos in front of me while I write. Several of them are of Sanda the brown Gargantua in his youth. Very much resembling a young great ape, the child sized baby kaiju can be seen apprehensively petting a German Shepard (guard dog) in one picture while the latter's tail wags. In another, Sanda is eating some banana's while being walked down a hallway by his current caretaker, Akemi Togawa. A third photo shows him swinging from bars and ladders in an exercise room. Another one is a surveillance video of a subadult Sanda eating coconuts in the wild, bathing in a river, and battling a dwarf carnotaur.

Another group of photos are those of the Green Gargantua, Gaira. Having lived his live in the wild, few pictures of Gaira in his youth exist aside from blurry stills taken by cryptozoologists at sea. In my current case, these pics were taken after Gaira was acquired and transported to the Monster Islands. One shows Gaira irratly throwing a rock at Tamamo. The next shows him running down a hill as the irate mammalian kaiju fires her tail beams at him. The third depicts Gaira underwater while he eats helicopter deposited flesh ration. Other phots depict Gaira getting into fights and wrestling other kaiju in what is understood to be non-serious (usually) play (sometimes) fighting, chief among them Baragon, Gorosaurus, and his own brother (one that ends with both Gargantua's tumbling into a mud pit.) Overall, both are different yet similar at times. And both kaiju have photos of them in this habitat that Megazoologists would kill for.

However, when it comes to fame, these two specimens are most famous for a series of events that took place over a very eventful week in the year 1987, one that would go down in infamy for a multitude of reasons.

The G War.


During the ensuing clean up and movement of refugees from Tokyo following the second kaiju battle in the city, two infant hominid kaiju later named Gaira and Sanda are found in the ruins near a hospital. They are taken to Monster Island for study, but on the ship Gaira manages to escape from personnel, injuring several guards before jumping into the sea, where it is assumed dead for months.

At this point, Gaira's aquatic properties had not been discovered.

Sanda is taken to Monster Island, where it proves to surprisingly be far gentler then it's brother. The young kaiju, called a "Baby Bigfoot" by some more informal staff members, is raised in the facility, where it develops a close bond with staff members like KDF Engineer Tabane, Doctor Steve Martin, and Doctor Akemi Togawa. Later on, it grows quickly in size over the year, from the size of a small child to 10 meters in 1986. It later escapes it's home in the research facility and into the wilderness of Monster Island. Doctor's Togawa and Martin convince KDF leadership that letting Sanda live in the wilderness will be safer then keeping it in a place that it would likely outgrow.

Sanda is then seen through surveillance to wander the island, eating plants, catching fish, and sometimes engaging in minor battles with native animal life, along with a notable territorial battle with Cope and Marsh. Sanda notably avoids Tohru and outright runs when faced with the four adult true kaiju on the island.

Despite his roaming, Sanda notably keeps a close proximity to the base he spent his youth in.

Elsewhere, around the Sea of Japan, reports of a green "Aquatic Sasquatch" are given by divers and small fishing boat captains, along with a string of disappearances and shipwrecks at sea.


Note from the Author: If you are reading this part, you are probably on a Monarch watchlist. My apologies in advance.

The brothers were human infants mutated in the womb during the 1985 Battle of Tokyo, as a result of exposure to G-Radiation. Their mother died giving birth to them months later, and once the unusual properties of the two were noted (along with Gaira biting off the fingers of an attendant), the KDF were called in to relocate the young kaiju.

This was the first instance of a kaiju being literally of human origin.

It is speculated that instead of suffering the normal effects of radiation exposure, the "Gargantua" may have had a rare gene that instead caused them to mutate into their current forms instead of dying in the womb.

It is currently believed that other "Seed genes" may be dormant in other organisms, meaning that certain stimuli and exposure gives potentially any organism the ability to become a kaiju.

To prevent mass panic, this information is to be censored, and the cover story for the discovery of the Gargantuas is to keep on as usual.


1987: The G War

At Monster Island, a massive monsoon storm damages nearby facilities and agitates the animals and kaiju there, with Tamamo breaching her area and swimming out to sea, where she attacks a massive eel. The Gotengo is deployed to help corral her back, but in the chaos Sanda escapes into the open ocean, seemingly to find his brother.

Tamamo kills the eel and peacefully returns to the island to feed on it's corpse in a cave. A a tattoo of a red bamboo is seen on the eel's skin. The eel is later identified as a surviving specimen from the gamma experiments at the end of 1970's.

At the same time, an Oodako appears and attacks a cruise ship, only for Gaira, now fully grown to 25 meters to attack it, driving it off. It soon becomes clear that Gaira was after the cruise ship itself. Gaira then eats handfuls of passengers before sinking the ship and disappearing under the waves.

The survivors wash up near the city of Fukuoka, Japan, where they report their story, confirming the rumors of Gaira's existence.

In the week that follows, Cryx I begins to glow brightly in it's dormant state on the moon, and it's core begins moving around inside it. USA and USSR prepare joint missile launch if Cryx reawakens.

Gaira later appears under the cover of another convenient typhoon, where it attacks the city of Fukuoka on the same night, before the JSDF finally tracks him down to a forest. Maser weaponry, upgraded with MechaG laser tech, proves sufficient enough to actually hurt the kaiju, even burning him at some points. Suddenly, Sanda appears and defends his brother, knocking the masers and tanks over with rocks. Notably, Sanda takes care to avoid any lethal injuries among the JSDF. He helps his injured brother up and both flee into the woods.

Both 25 meter kaiju manage to surprisingly hide themselves in the wood as the now pilotless Red Ronin is outfitted with a new AI to replace it's pilot system for the time being, and Radiation shielding for the battle to come.

While in the woods, the next morning is when Sanda see's the bloodied remains of human clothing from a nearby village and realizes that his brother has been eating people. Enraged, he attacks Gaira and the battle spills over a valley and back into Fukuoka. As Red Ronin is deployed along with the JSDF, it is suddenly rerouted when a JSDF submarine detect a massive biological signature heading for Fukuoka.

Entity is confirmed to be Godzilla.

Red Ronin is sent to engage Godzilla, as reinforcements are immediately called for from the UN.

The Gargantua brothers continue fighting as Godzilla rises from Hakata Bay.

Godzilla is engaged by Red Ronin. Despite it's upgrades, the AI is not able to improvise as well as human pilots and attacks in a very aggressive fashion compared to how a skilled pilot would fight. Godzilla's experience and skill is shown when he allows himself to be stabbed in the palm with Red Ronin's fusion blade, using this opportunity to dig his claws into Red Ronin's sword arm joints, resulting in him ripping the arm off. He then slices part of the head off with it's own blade before kicking out a leg joint, toppling the mecha.

Tossing the blade onto a warehouse, he enters the city.

On the moon, Cryx I's core rapidly grows in size, gaining limbs as it bursts through Cryx's outer shell, as it begins to grow in size, it levitates off the moon.

The USSR fires a nuclear missile at the new Kaiju born from Cryx's shell.

Instead of dying, the new kaiju rapidly assimilates the released energy.

Back in Fukuoka, Gaira and Sanda continue fighting in the now evacuated city as the JSDF fire upon them, with Sanda notably still trying his best to avoid harming the humans despite them attacking him.

At one point, Sanda tips over a tank that shot him point blank, only for Gaira to smash it. An enraged Sanda prepares to attack once again, only for both to be interrupted by Godzilla stomping towards them.

Godzilla notably appears to be confused by the presence of the Gargantuas, looking up at the sky for a few moments before roaring at them.

Gaira sees this as a hostile action and attacks. Godzilla easily tosses him back and seemingly prepares to finish him off before Sanda suddenly attacks Godzilla. Once more distracted, Godzilla kicks Sanda back down a street only for Gaira, seemingly recognizing his brother's attempt to help him to bite Godzilla, with Gaira's teeth actually making Godzilla bleed.

Godzilla once more tosses Gaira over a building, before knocking Sanda away with his tail.

What follows is a combination of both a kaiju battle and a cat and mouse chase, with the 25 meter Gargantua's teaming up against the 100 meter Godzilla across the city. Once they start working together, they prove to be a crafty duo, jumping and climbing across buildings like apes to avoid Godzilla's atomic breath while tossing vehicles and other debris at Godzilla to attract or distract him as needed.

As the fight continues on, the crystalline entity in space sends a shower of crystalline meteors at a USSR targeting satellite and nuclear missile silo that fired on it before heading down to Japan.

Entity begins to grow in size and takes on reptilian attributes.

It makes a beeline for Japan and appears over Fukuoka, sending down a storm of crystal shards into the city that destroy many vehicles and buildings, with one large crystal impaling itself into the middle of the city, and the resulting shock wave knocks over Godzilla and the Gargantuas.

All three stop fighting as the new Kaiju levitates down to the ground.

Still from the historical drama "G X G: War for Fukuoka (1994)". Credit goes to Toho Co., Ltd.

The creature, quickly named "SpaceGodzilla," summons clusters of crystals from the ground around it, causing a tremor over a 300 meter area around it.

Godzilla fires upon SpaceGodzilla, who draws energy from the crystal around it into the form of a reflecting shield. SpaceGodzilla then drains nearby buildings and it's own crystal formations for power as Godzilla prepares another blast. Both attacks collide, causing an explosion that flings Godzilla out of the city into the sea and brings SG to his knees despite him bringing up another crystal shield. Gaira, taking advantage of SpaceGodzilla's quick distraction, cuts into its chest with his claws.

SpaceGodzilla telekinetically flings Gaira into a building, sending it tumbling down on top of him. Sanda digs his brother out as SpaceGodzilla begins summoning more crystal clusters from underground into the buildings around the city, using them as energy sources. The brothers quickly retreat to the countryside as SpaceGodzilla continues constructing his "palace", and soon he begins sending crystal missiles into the air around Japan to spread and create more crystal formations.

A sonic boom emits from Infant Island as Mothra and Battra rapidly fly towards the surrounding area around Fukuoka. They attack and destroy all crystals in flight while destroying any landing clusters as they grow and spread into nearby buildings.

National emergency announced. At the current rate of crystal growth, Japan will be covered by the next four months.

Some crystal shards begin heading across the world, with some impacting in the Americas despite repeated attempts to shoot them down.

ICBM's launched with UN and PM's permission at SpaceGodzilla. SpaceGodzilla begins telekinetically flinging or destroying said missiles as they appear in his view, while Mothra and Battra continue trying to destroy his spreading crystals.

King Caesar reappears in Okinawa and destroys a new crystal tower there, notably absorbing a defensive beam from the tower and firing it back with his eyes.

Dragon Lotus makes her second appearance, this time in Osaka as she too attacks crystal formations as they try to spread, using her ability to create tornadoes to fling crystal shards away.

Godzilla rises from the bay and begins heading back towards SpaceGodzilla. Lurking around SG's fortress and behind buildings, he fires rays and tosses debris at SG intermittently, which SG blocks or tosses aside. Meanwhile, military forces are deployed at Fukuoka, with Gaira and Sanda being declared low priority. SG engages the military, while an upgraded Gotengo burrows under the Fukuoka Tower, the main building turned into his crystalized power source, partially collapsing it. Godzilla takes advantage of SG's ensuing outrage to charge and engage it in close combat. In physical battle, Godzilla outmatches and begins to beat SG, mainly focusing his attacks on it's chest wound.

An enraged SG finally knocks Godzilla back with an energy beam.

He drops multiple buildings and crystal shards on Godzilla psionically, all while continuing to engage the military.

Sanda and Gaira return, noticing SG distracted in dealing with both Godzilla and the military. The brothers tackle SG, critically distracting it. The Gotengo rises and fires upon SG as Godzilla also attacks it.

After some minutes of battle, an enraged SpaceGodzilla flings all it's attackers away in a burst of telekinetic power, sending Godzilla rolling across the city, Sanda into the bay, and Gaira, who had dug one of his eyes out, to the ground. After impaling the Gotengo with his long tail and flinging it away, the enraged titan begins flinging Gaira onto the ground, shocking him with its energy attacks all the while.

Utterly Berserk, SpaceGodzilla begins sending out massive blasts of energy from it's crystal formations that can be seen for miles. At this point, Mothra and Battra appear over the city and try their best to blast and knock away the chaotic blasts of energy from SpaceGodzilla, but they find containing all blasts and shards to be difficult.

SG then raises a thin, glass like crystal shard over Gaira, held telekinetically against a crystal formation. SG raises it's blade, intending to impale Gaira through the eye.

At this point, Sanda discovers Red Ronin's discarded fusion sword and runs towards SG, whose back is turned.

Sanda tosses the blade like a spear, the momentum impaling it through SG's skull and out of it's wounded eye.

In agony, SG's intense concentration drops, stopping it's hail of shards and frees Gaira.

As Godzilla rises from a cover of debris, the badly damaged Gotengo, with it's crew evacuated, is piloted once more by its designer and current captain, Admiral Hachiro Jinguji, who activates it's Simeon generator, now ironically powered by a crystal impaled through it.

As Spacegodzilla blasts Gaira and Sanda away, the Gotengo flies directly into its shoulder crystal, destroying it and tossing SG into the air. An injured SG fires a weakened Corona Beam directly onto the Gotengo's bridge.

The Gotengo crashes. Admiral Jinguji does not survive.

Godzilla picks up a large crystal and runs at SG, impaling it. Hefting his foe up, Godzilla blasts his other shoulder crystal.

The destruction of his two power sources severely weakens SG and causes all crystal formations in the city to start receding and shattering. Battra flies into the Fukuoka Tower SG used as it's main power source, toppling it.

Now badly injured and low on power, SpaceGodzilla goes ballistic with rage. Wounded, he flies into the air. Using the crystal impaled in him as a new power source, he goes
critical in a form resembling that of a nuclear meltdown.

"Burning Spacegodzilla's" meltdown begins to warp the atmosphere above it, creating a spatial anomaly resembling a black hole.

As Military forces retreat, with Mothra and Battra using their Prism beams and Pollen to try to limit the anomalies rapid growth, Godzilla begins absorbing energy from all the remaining crystals and shards like he would with a nuclear reactor.

The crystals explode as Godzilla absorbs their remaining energy into himself, lighting up his spines with red light.

What follows is the first use of Godzilla's Spiral Ray.

SpaceGodzilla is blasted into his black hole, with the explosion sealing it.

All crystals in Japan dissolve into light particles.

Godzilla pulls a trapped Sanda out of the rubble of the Fukuoka tower before tiredly walking away.

Godzilla stumbles into the bay after this, where he falls unconscious. Mothra and Battra carry Godzilla out to sea, where he awakens and seemingly acknowledges their assistance before disappearing into the Sea of Japan.

Pollen from Mothra's wings ends up have a healing effect on those caught up and injured during the crystal storm.

The Church of the Shiisa and religious worship of Mothra increases in membership in the aftermath.

Sanda stays with an injured, barely conscious Gaira in the ruins of the city.

Both brothers are successfully relocated by KDF teams to the Monster Islands.

Notable survivors include ESP student Miki Saegusa, who activates her latent psychic abilities, saving her fellow students and professor from a falling piece of debris during the battle.

Cleanup efforts retrieve some remaining crystal shards that still contain energy. Samples taken to G-Base for study.

1987: Following the Battle of Fukuoka, the controversial Jinguji Military Act is written, which will allow volunteers over the age of 14 to join the KDF and other Kaiju focused defense agencies in a combat role after two years of training at the age of 16. However, the act has yet to be officially passed.*

*It would be passed by 1989.

-The Official Timeline (2014 Edition)


Speak of the devil.

Just as I finish typing my main report, I hear a tree falling down outside the window of the armored cabin. I take a peek out, and what else do I find?

Sanda strides forwards, munching on a palm tree's like he's eating a carrot. Gaira is behind him, growling and stamping his feet. He's pissed about something, I don't know what. Sanda just grabs his brother by the shoulder and pulls him along. Baragon I can see on top of a nearby hill, waving a front paw like an old neighbor.

Tamamo I can hear growling from beyond the trees as if to tell Gaira to shut up. Gaira himself doesn't resist, more or less looking like he's pouting as his brother drags him along.

That image really does not belong on the Green Demon of the Trench.

As Sanda and Gaira enter their usual sleeping cave near the center, I can appreciate their bond.

Despite vastly desperate backgrounds and violent, rocky first meetings, they get along better then most of us do with our own siblings. Perhaps that's the lesson we can take away from this.
File 20


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
"Ever since the discovery of Ancient Mu and the resulting technology boom three decades ago, as you all may know the biggest advancement to come was quite literally the first mecha projects. The first mecha, Red Ronin, was already pre-made in the form of a 50 meter suit of armor that was dredged up from the ocean depths. Using translated Muan manuals, we were able to slowly restore it. The same went for mecha's Chelonra, made by the UK from the remains of another reverse engineered Muan design) and the Vogeladra, which was taken from the fallen Axis following the second world war and augmented with the bones of an extinct drake species and bonded to a Muan metal in a process developed by the now defunct Phanton Task group. Another example was Steel Zeus, one who was based on the fighting style of its pilot, retired wrestler Mark Zubaz.

All four of these "First Mecha's" required massive amounts of energy to function, and the same could be said for all current mech's. Nanotitanium plating does at least give a moderate solar charge. However, using Muan reverse-engineered psionic interfaces for these mecha's came with its own problem: Only those with an extremely high psionic potential could move them. Even if dozens of trained, fit soldiers were put in the pilots seat, they wouldn't be able to move it if they did not have that rare potential. As a result, individuals with possible psionic abilities were and still are highly valued. At the same time, before methods of detecting psychic phenomena became more common in the late 1980's, these psionic pilots could only be found by trial and error. In fact, the ESP Institute was originally founded as a way to discover potential pilots for future mechs.

Another drawback is that a pilot without the proper potential could end up killing themselves through the sheer strain of trying to move mecha. Multiple safeguards almost always had to be put into place for this very reason. Even the infamous Tabane Shinonono was not exempt from these rules. After all, she was given half a week in solitary confinement after hastily pushing cadet and future General Chifuyu Orimura into the pilot seat of Red Ronin during Operation: Groundhog.

The next type of mecha's during the first mecha era includes simple AI-controlled mecha's. After the first MechaGodzilla's attack, paranoia about an AI going rogue was understandable, so Mecha AI was made to be easily controlled. Examples include Chelonra, controlled by radio signals and later by a physical remote. Similar words can be said about the Australian Kinkuto, controlled by a pilot at first before its failure at Darwin. Afterwards, Kinkuto was given an MG derived AI. It did respond to commands and did successfully kill Kamacuras, but its erratic and later violent behavior afterwards resulted in its decommissioning. However, the latter could be blamed on the use of space crystals to replace its damaged body parts.

Gandiva, the Indian Mecha still in service, is one of the few where an has worked well, with the machine obeying its controllers quite well. Currently, it is believed that the ancient energy generating material in the stone half of the mecha may be why the AI hasn't malfunctioned or gone against its masters. Due to a lack of further stone material and India's decision to hold a monopoly on similar "Mystic Gems", further research is required.

Other AI's include the Shinonono developed Mecha Raptor's, Tyrannosaur sized creations meant for dealing with infestations of lesser kaiju. So far, success in irradiated areas of Japan have been all around reported. Self destruct in case of an emergency has worked with scrap copies.

The true second generation of mecha's began with the ill-fated human built Mechagodzilla II, the first human mecha to not be derived fully from Muan tech or with a psionic interface. Instead, it was built with pieces of the original MG and through mineral converted nanotitanium. To make up for lack of a psionic interface, the machine instead had five pilots working and operating a control system from inside. To make it easier, the controls were deliberately designed like that of a tank. This meant that while the mecha was not as maneuverable as its earlier counterparts, it was able to fire multiple weapons at once and multiple characters inside to keep attention on all systems at once.

Unfortunately, with the second MG's destruction in the last days of 1995 following its first battle, we may never truly get to see just what it could have accomplished.

In light of these past events and creations, my colleagues and I would like to offer a possibility if you would let us. We have been working on a design to replace the psionic interface without sacrificing speed or pilot reflexes. This system we are working on can possibly link the minds of multiple pilots in one machine together, with the combined thoughts and memories essentially substituting for one psionic mind. This "drift" is only hypothetical, but we plan to begin tests next year. As for new mecha designs, my colleagues are currently pulling up a presentation as we speak.

In cooperation with the United States of America, I'd would like to present Projects MOGUERA and HAMMERDOWN-"

-Professor Goro Ibuki at the 2001 Kyoto Conference, in a multinational presentation on the past of anti-kaiju mecha designs and upcoming projects in the field.
Interlude VI: The Sixth Wave


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
"A time of Renaissance and advancement. A time of mad science and chaos. You decide. Football season isn't going to watch itself."

-Journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Statement designated September 13th, 1990.

Project: Vogeladra completed in Germany, with the resulting mecha augmented by samples taken from Cryx along with nanotitanium in its insides. Among a set of potential candidates for pilots of the Vogeladra, a professional deer hunter named Laura Bodewig shows exceptional promise.

The main frame of the mech is made from the bones of a long deceased draconic-type kaiju. Created from the plans of an old WWII axis superweapon that had previously never came to fruition, it is hoped to be a new defense weapon for Europe in the vein of Red Ronin.

-BullDozer washes up on one of the Monster Islands after a typhoon. It establishes its territory and forms a seeming camaraderie with Prospector Pete, something unusual among the normally territorial kaiju.

Jirass emerges from the Loch Ness in Scotland. Chelonra, controlled by a primitive AI instead of a human pilot, is launched against the giant Frilled Lizard. Chelonra defeats Jirass in combat.

Varan emerges from the lake too, managing to use it’s greater speed and agility to knock Chelonra down in battle. Varan moves into the waters around the UK.

Vogeladra is released into battle alongside Chelonra. Vogeladra kills a reawakened Jirass before being sent into battle against Varan after it attacks Edinburgh, who is lured back to the Loch with sonar calls.

Vogeladra injures it’s jaw, causing Varan to retreat back into the Loch.

Vogeladra then goes berserk due to damage inflicted on it’s head unit by Varan during the fight, requiring Chelonra to fight it off before it can attack the city. End result has collateral damage within acceptable parameters, and the machine powering off mid battle with Chelonra thanks to pilot Bodewig managing to shut it off with the radio assistance of spare pilot and technician Charlotte Dunois.

An investigation of the Loch reveals an underwater passage into the ocean, explaining how Varan and Jirass got into the lake in the first place.

Investigations into the Loch Ness Channel begin.

-Crustaceous Rex attacks the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System in Alaska, USA. C-Rex attacks 3 pumping stations and swallows hundreds of gallons of oil from the pipes themselves. C-Rex is then attacked by Godzilla, with the ensuing fight starting a forest fire.

Captain Ota Murakami, a survivor of the 1954 incident, successfully uses a maser cannon to provoke Godzilla into causing an avalanche, putting out a fire that would have been far more devastating otherwise. Godzilla returns to sea and is later seen feeding on the corpse of C-Rex.

1982: Work on new mechas begins in China, Japan, and the USA.

-Barugaron. Kyrat, Selgina. First Sighting of DragonLotus, who drives off Barugaron and disappears.

1983: Grown in size since it’s first appearance, Sasori remerges in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sasori was driven to the surface by Ouroboros, who also appears and engages Sasori. With most military force focused on the coastlines, Ouroboros rampages around and kills Sasori, who manages to inflict a wound on the giant snakes hood before death. Ouroboros retreats underground after eating the remains of Sasori.

Some of Ouroboros blood is found to have mutagenic properties, with various primitive snakes generating out of the blood spilled on the streets. Kaijuzoologists speculate that the Ouroboros species may in fact be the source for most modern snake species.

1984: Breakthroughs in Genetic Science allow for the possibility of increasing human lifespan by 50 years, along with the potential to clone human tissue and other genetic operations.

After a decade, Chinese scientists successfully create a Dragon with the DNA sequences of various animals and extinct dinosaurs, along with blood taken from Ouroboros as a final key, one intended to act as a guardian in lieu of an expensive mecha. Muan Tech greatly aids this process.

However, the creature, named the “Tian-Lung”, proves to be as animalistic as any kaiju, and it breaks out of the laboratory it was created in before rampaging in Hong Kong on it’s way to the ocean.


A plan to lure Godzilla into the chosen Volcano of Mt. Mihara to kill (Unlikely due to Yiemniak incident, but it should be noted he was not completely submerged in magma at that point) or contain him inside the mountain.

Outline: Godzilla will lured into the volcano by audio of the vocals of another of his species, created from spliced audio of his own roars and Tohru’s. Godzilla will be lured to the top, where explosives will be detonated around the mouth of the volcano, dropping him inside of it.

Godzilla is spotted approaching Tokai, lure used. Godzilla leaves the city and is lured to the top of Mihara. Explosives detonated.

Mission Failed: Godzilla escaped within an hour with atomic breath. First demonstration of Godzilla’s ability to absorb thermal energy.

Isu Oshima evacuated.

Gotengo dispatched.

Godzilla used stored thermal energy from the magma to nullify the effects of the Ice Cannon. Luckily, the fight with the Gotengo seemed to “sate” Godzilla, who returned to the bottom of the sea as usual. Red Ronin dispatched to bring the damaged Gotengo back to G-Base.

Repairs on the Gotengo are sidelined in favor of the construction of the smaller, but speedier nanotitanium armored Super X plane.

Throughout the rest of the year, sightings of Godzilla are reported through the Pacific Ocean, typically in Japanese water’s as usual, but sightings near the South China Sea are reported with increasing frequency.


Megaguirus II attacks the Mihama Nuclear Plant, feeding on it’s reactor before retreating.

-Sightings of large dragonflies and local disappearances culminate in an attack on a subway train in Tokyo, done by Meganulon drones.

-Second Battle of Tokyo

-Death of Tian-Lung and Megaguirus II

-Retirement of Red Ronin pilot Hikaru Sakimori after being wounded in battle.

-Destruction of the first Super-X

1985: During the ensuing clean up and movement of refugees from Tokyo, two infant hominid kaju later named Gaira and Sanda are found in the ruins near a hospital. They are taken to Monster Island for study, but on the ship Gaira manages to escape from personnel, injuring several guards before jumping into the sea, where it is assumed dead for months.

Sanda is taken to Monster Island, where it proves to surprisingly be far gentler then it’s brother. The young kaiju, called a “Baby Bigfoot” by some more informal staff members, is raised in the facility, where it develops a close bond with staff members like KDF Engineer Tabane, Doctor Steve Martin, and Doctor Akemi Togawa. Later on, it grows quickly in size over the year, from the size of a small child to 10 meters in 1986. It later escapes it’s home in the research facility and escapes into the wilderness of Monster Island. Doctor’s Togawa and Martin convince KDF leadership that letting Sanda live in the wilderness will be safer then keeping it in a place that it would likely outgrow.

Sanda is then seen through surveillance to wander the island, eating plants, catching fish, and sometimes engaging in minor battles with native animal life, along with a notable territorial battle with Cope and Marsh. Sanda notably avoids Tohru and outright runs when faced with the four adult true kaiju on the island.

Despite his roaming, Sanda notably keeps a close proximity to the base he spent his youth in.

Elsewhere, around the Sea of Japan, reports of a green “Aquatic Sasquatch” are reported by divers and small fishing boat captains, along with a string of disappearances and shipwrecks at sea.

Atlantic Scourge is spotted in waters near New England. G-Force Scientists in the American G-Base HQ attempt to use a K-Repeller derived from MechaG’s K-Attractor generator to mentally force the creature to leave. Instead, the machine ends up causing the creature to move inland, where it attacks the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Notable survivors include future President Matt Damon and visiting KDF Engineer Tabane Shinonono.

Fortunately, the creature’s twenty minute rampage ends when the machine is destroyed despite being shut down, per Tabane’s radioed orders, and it goes back to sea.

Research on the K-Repeller put on Hiatus.

1986: After years of roaming the skies, Rodan settles down in the volcano of Isla de Mara in Mexico. He goes into a state of hibernation, and KDF set up a research station to observe him in his slumber, and to prevent any attempt to wake him up.

-Ouroboros and Megalon remerge in Machu Picchu, Peru. They fight, with the battle spilling over into Argentina. At the same time, Gigan suddenly appears at Peru and attacks Saltora, which had been sleeping in the rainforest since 1964. Gigan manages to incapacitate Saltora and is about to finish it off when it notices the bigger, more dangerous Ouroboros.

He then attacks it, with Megalon seemingly seeing Gigan as an ally, even taking an attack from Ouroboros for him. Gigan and Megalon both manage to force Ouroboros back underground after puncturing several of her venom sacks and decapitating two of her heads.

Megalon appears to attempt to embrace Gigan before falling unconscious due to bite-inflicted venom from Ouroboros. Gigan buries Megalon, before flying off into parts unknown once more.

Megalon later awakens and burrows underground once more.

Saltora, presumed dead after it’s fight with Gigan, suddenly reawakens and stomps a crowd gathered around it’s corpse before heading out to sea, where it washes up on the Falklands, going into a coma. UK intervention results in Chelonra being sent to acquire the kaiju.

Saltora is then transported to Monster Island.

Monster Island Headcount: Three Megafauna (Male: Marsh, Cope,) ( Female: Tohru), Four Kaiju: (Female: Prospector Pete, Tamamo) Male: (Saltora) Male and Unique: (BullDozer)

- An artifact in the form of a damaged blue humanoid statue is found in India, one that automatically generates near limitless energy from a jewel in its forehead. The Indian Ministry of Defense seizes the device for possible use in defense of the Indian subcontinent and nearby areas.

The artifacts resemblance to certain figures in Indian Mythology gives the Indian government a claim to the object, and with assistance from KDF volunteers work is put into restoring it. Nanotitanium copied from Mechagodzilla for this process ends up having a reaction to the object once applied to damaged sections, causing it to form Mechagodzilla esque weaponry in place of damaged or missing limbs. The Mystic energy emitted by the now cybernetic statue results in secret magical specialists being brought onto the project, among them alchemists from Luna Nova and a sect of jewel wielding Magi from Japan.

Project: Gandiva begins.

1987: After losing a territorial battle with Bunagi, Tyrantasaur leaves the African continent and resurfaces in Bombay, India. The herbivorous kaiju walks through the city on its way to the jungle, causing tons of property damage due to its sheer size and strength. Gandiva is activated ahead of the date of it’s public unveiling, and is sent into battle with a newly installed AI to fight Tyrantasaur. In the battle that follows, Gandiva proves to be far faster then expected in movement and reaction times as one would expect, with some attributing this to it’s incredible energy supply. This proves invaluable against the far bigger Tyrantasaur in a battle in the jungle where it is interrupted from a tree feast. In the battle, despite losing some chunks of itself, Gandiva makes Tyrantasaur bleed badly by shooting off one of it’s horns, and the kaiju retreats back to the sea in Gandiva’s first victory.

-A week later, Tyrantasaur washes up dead on Yalong Bay in the Hainan Province ofChina.

Part of it’s corpse has been stripped to the bone, while other parts of it bear massive bite and claw wounds resembling those inflicted by crustaceans, especially around its neck area.

It is assumed by some members of the kaiju community that the wounded kaiju was killed by Atlantic Scourge, but others speculate that a new kaiju may have been behind the kill.

-The G War

-First appearance of Spacegodzilla (Status unknown)

-Capture of the Gargantua Brothers

-First defeat of Red Ronin

-First use of Godzilla's Spiral Ray

-Following the Battle of Fukuoka, the controversial Jinguji Military Act is written, which will allow volunteers over the age of 14 to join the KDF and other Kaiju focused defense agencies in a combat role after two years of training at the age of 16. However, the act has yet to be officially passed.

1988: Grimmgarl, a massive alligator with a resemblance to an urban legend of the same name from the 1800’s, rises from the Mexican gulf and comes ashore in Mexico. It attacks Mexico City, fighting the Mexican military. A group of worshippers of Ancient Aztec rites perform a summoning ritual, dying when Grimmgarl knocks over the ancient Aztec Temple they are at.

Upon their deaths, a massive feathered serpent kaiju with four wings rapidly breaches the surface from the bottom of the of the ancient temple the worshippers were in.

It proceeds to attack Grimmgarl, and is quickly named Quetzalcoatl for its resemblance to the ancient Aztec God.

Quetzalcoatl uses mastery over wind to beat back and force Grimmgarl to retreat back into the Gulf. Q then begins to fly around Mexico, retaliating against attacks by the Mexican Airforce but otherwise not causing any harm.

It begins flying to places of worship and old settlements of the Aztec Empire, and it begins to show signs of high emotional distress when it does not find any living members of the Aztec civilizations.

It then proceeds to rapidly fly away from the Americas after more searching, managing to evade an attack by North American air forces.

Q’s current location is unknown for some time.

-Macrosaurus suddenly appears in the Caribbean Sea out of a spatial anomaly. It attempts to treat the islands as it’s personal buffett before being attacked by Torrentula, a massive Anomalocaris with the ability to manipulate water. Being smaller but swifter and seemingly more intelligent, she manages to hold her own with ease against the obese dinosaur. The fight ends in a draw with Torrentula going under the sea and Macrosaurus escaping into it’s anomaly, but the fight nevertheless heavily damages human infrastructure on the islands.

A month later, Quetzalcoatl appears roosting on the uninhabited Antipodes Islands of New Zealand, with Torrentula also living on the volcanic islands. Torrentula has made a Lagoon for itself, and both it and Quetzalcoatl seem to interact and coexist nonviolently. A KDF declared quarantine prevents any ships from coming towards the two, who seem content to remain there.

-The Reawakened Grimmgarl proves itself to be a recurring menace to both Mexico and the nearby Caribbean. After it attacks Panama, the USA uses this opportunity to attack Grimmgarl with a LS (Large Scale) prototype railgun, one that actually manages to injure the kaiju and even blast a sizable chunk of her chest off. However, Grimmgarl quickly proceeds to attack and destroy the stationary object despite it’s wound.

After it goes back to the sea, it is concluded that future railguns will require a form a quick mobility.

-Continued investigation of the Loch Ness Channel ends up leading to a new ocean deep beneath the Mediterranean Sea. Opening up a thermocline cloud in the tunnels underneath the channel reveals a lost world filled with prehistoric marine life, one called the Panthalassa Sea. However, the breach allows multiple specimens, including a massive species of armored shark named Neomegalodons and a species of Gilled Mosasaur to escape out into the open Mediterranean. The aquatic Chelonra and upgraded Vogeladra Mecha are unleashed to fight these creatures after a series of attacks on fishing vessels and small towns and beaches near the sea. This extermination campaign kills many mosasaurs and megs, but one pregnant Mosasaur and a pack of Meg’s manages to escape into bigger waters through the Strait of Gibraltar, a day before a minefield was going to be planted.

A large male specimen named Louvre survives and remains in the Mediterranean till 1989.

-G-Base 02 is established in Europe after the Panthalassa Outbreak, with all entrances to the underground super ocean quarantined by Nanotitanium subs. Work on a new Super X plan begins here, along with an energy beam reflecting Fire Mirror, meant for battling Godzilla.


-Gigan appears and engages Grimmgarl at Cuba after investigating some nearby underwater ruins (later confirmed to be Muan in origin), where he manages to decapitate her. A sect of secret KDF hired mages and Voodoo experts manages to exorcise the two Loa spirits in its body, preventing Grimmgarl from resurrecting itself. Nevertheless, the damage to the island is notable, and the government of Cuba ends up selling the one half of the corpse (claiming ownership over the corpse due to it being killed in their territory) to the Soviet Union and the other to the USA to pay for the damages.

-The Jinguji Military Act is officially passed, with a large amount of the volunteers being survivors of monster attacks, among them future Mecha Pilot Chifuyu Orimura, Marksman Arthur Marston, and CQC Expert Shiro Takamachi.

In addition, the KDF recruits some volunteer’s from the ESP Institute of Japan, among them Miki Saegusa.

-Biollante Incident/"Arab Spring"

-Birth of the Biollante Forest.

-First kaiju attack in the Middle East.

-First attempts to use psychc powers against a kaiju.

-Mediterranean Godzilla Crisis

-Death of Louvre

-Destruction of the first Super X2

-Destruction of the first Vlad specimens.

-First loss of Vogeladra.

-In the Middle East, the rapidly growing “Biollante forests” begin expanding and utilizing fanged vines in self defense towards flamethrower troopers sent to combat the growth. In exchange for being allowed to analyze destroyed samples, the USSR assists ME forces in fighting the forests, with additional focus being on a way to harvest the vegetable material in an edible from.

Genshiro Shiragami begins working on project ANEB, with the objective of genetically engineering a bacteria strain that feeds on radiation, intended to clean up nuclear spills, with hopes for an oil spill eating strain in the future. The KDF and other military forces hope to use it to combat both the growing Biollante forests and the kaiju, specifically nuclear ones like Godzilla.

-On May 5th, Kikiron, Urogora, and Zilla go ashore and battle in Miami, Florida. This situation is worsened by an ongoing shooting war between the Russian and Colombian mobs at the time.

Zilla quickly leaves the battle after snatching some tuna trucks, while Kikiron injures Urogora and forces it to retreat. Before further damage can be done to the city, Gigan appears overhead and, after a brief period of the two kaiju seemingly communicating with each other, they fight.

The battle takes to the sky, and eventually exits into the outer atmosphere.

While both kaiju have appeared later on, the victor of this battle remains unknown.

-Titanosaurus. Ambanja, Madagascar.

-Dragon Lotus spotted seemingly “training” with King Caesar in Okinawa.

-Baragon emerges for the first time and devastates the village of Hinamizawa, and it eats many villagers while damaging the village itself before going underground. A notable survivor includes latent psychic Rika Furude, who activates her powers and saves her friends from an out of control truck careening towards them. Furude is taken under Miki Saegusa’s wing at the ESP Institute.

-Work on Prototype Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria is successful in decreasing reactivity of Biollante and Yiemniak samples.

-More investigation of Infant Island reveals a massive underground Permian ecosystem, with swamp like biomes, massive lakes, forested areas and even plains. Wildlife includes large insects, goronopsids, scuttosaurs, sail backed reptiles, and freshwater versions of Devonian sea life like the Dunkleosteus.

-ANEB is deployed in the Middle East with UN consent. It proves effective in combating the forest, and lowers the Biollante forests radioactivity to the point of rendering blown of fragments edible. Trade agreements over cleansed vegetable matter proves vital to repairing the damage wreaked by Godzilla’s battle with Biollante and against the still growing forest.

-The Sub Sonar Radar device (SSR) is developed, and proves able to detect Baragon, who is revealed to be sleeping and occasionally moving under Hokkaido. The recent Hinamizawa incursion has proven to be major source of panic, as inland areas thought to be safe from kaiju attack are now confirmed to be just as at risk, something already observed years earlier in Ouroboros attack on Las Vegas.

Plans are made to lure Baragon to the surface with controlled demolitions.

-Continued Investigations in Infant Island's Underground reveals more prehistoric creatures, such as the Megalania lizards, a new species of Titanomyrma with a notable resemblance to Meganulon's, and dwarf variant of a species of two limbed reptilian hypervores. Larger fossils of this species have been found since then, and ancient Muan records indicates that said species (Roughly translated as "Skull Crawlers" in Muan language) was active around the Lost Muan Age.

-Three flying Meganulon attack a prison, and later a nearby KDF training camp.

Two are killed by a combined effort from the 14 year old volunteers, among them Arthur Marston.

-Off the coast of Washington, USA, Komodithrax reappears and hunts pods of dolphins, and later unintentionally saves a cruise ship being attacked by a Neomegalodon. After wandering ashore to sunbathe, it retreats back into the water, but not before getting multiple pictures taken of it and becoming something of a local celebrity.

-Operation: GROUNDHOG

-The JSDF create a massive Anti-Kaiju IED made of plasma, napalm, and some Simeom energy.

The plan is to lure Baragon to the surface, and to lure the creature to a point where it’s soft belly would be right over the IED, with the lure in the form of bunker busting experimental MOAB’s.

Unfortunately, the process drives the creature close to Mecha Base 01 and the populated Fuyuki City, where the new KDF recruits were on maintenance duty as part of their education.

In the ensuing chaos, Chifuyu Orimura ends up falling into the cockpit of a refurbished Red Ronin, of whom a potentially psychically inclined pilot had not been chosen.

Gotengo is sent into battle, and at the same time Orimura is revealed to coincidentally have the psychic potential needed to pilot the ancient Muan tech.

In the events that follow, as Baragon approaches the city, Orimura ends up breaking out of the hangar. With no other option, the JSDF set up defenses and set a massive saucer of cattle blood at the IED to lure in Baragon if the battle fails.

Orimura manages to get a hang of the mech, particularly with assistance from Engineer Shinonono and Major Murakami.

In the ensuing battle, the nearby forest is set aflame. Orimura, piloting RR, manages to batter Baragon harshly, but lack of the fusion blade hampers it. Baragon puts up just as good a fight, even demonstrating the ability to perform cartwheels and other gymnastic moves despite it’s large size.

Even so, a blow to Baragon’s neck make it vomit and blocks it’s breath weapon for a while.

Orimura uses this time to rip a wound open on Baragon’s face before shoving his head onto the IED. Baragon is sufficiently stunned enough for the arriving Gotengo fire it’s ice cannon, lowering its body temperature enough to send him into a state of hibernation.

Baragon transported to Monster Island.

Orimura is recognized and commended for her duties, and is scheduled to be transferred to the Mecha Division when she turns sixteen in 1991.

Monster Island Head count: Three Megafauna (Male: Marsh, Cope,) ( Female: Tohru), Seven Kaiju: (Female: Prospector Pete, Tamamo) Male: (Saltora, Sanda, Gaira, Baragon) Unique (BullDozer)

A Letter of Note:

To Specialist Tabane Shinonono,

I admit, in the end getting the kid into Red Ronin worked out.

Still, the official explanation could use some work. Orimura just “Fell” into the cockpit? Like anyone’s going to believe that.

Yes, your actions brought success into the mission in the long run.

No, shoving the girl into the robot because you had a “Hunch” and leaving us to come up with a bogus explanation is not as easily excusable.

Yes, you took a huge risk.

Yes, she did ultimately test high for psychic potential, a rare trait we had trouble finding with already in the retired Hikaru beforehand.

Either way, you shouldn’t treat this entire situation like a game.

She had just as much a chance of burning out if she didn’t have the potential to work with the psionic interface.

Enjoy your stay in Solitary.


Colonel William Overbeck

-Selling now edible radiation cleansed Biollante vegetables during the “Arab Spring” increases profits for the ME.

Despite this, the UN Nations sign the Kaiju Human Gene Act of 1989, one made due to the kaiju related genetic incidents of the decade, amongst them the reveal of the Tian-Lung’s origin as a genetic rogue creation of the Chinese government. This highly limits genetic research in kaiju or growth related areas, to prevent future monster outbreaks.

The Middle East is allowed to continue harvesting K-Material from the B-Forest, but they can not deliberately increase the forest’s growth genetically.

Thus ends the massive “Genetic Renaissance” of the 1980’s.

-Sightings of Godzilla in the Pacific Ocean, along with the discovery of some burned Oodako tentacles, confirm that he has returned to Japan.

-The Official Timeline (2008 Edition)
File 21


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File 21

The Monarch Leak was a heavy blow to the organization's secrecy. For a long time following it's founding in 1954, Monarch had mainly been an intelligence and monitoring organization before constantly increasing megafauna attacks and events increased its power as new responsbilities and increased amounts of funding transferred to Monarch to help control the escalation of the past century. The higher ups preferred to keep on acting like Monarch was just a group collecting intel and studying footprints and waste.

No one needed to know about the battle plans beign drafted for different individual kaiju, the meetings and negotiations with the other races of the world before 2007, or about the various kaiju based ecosystems they were studying.

So when an unknown source went an leaked dozens of revealing documents and photos, everyone from the funding council to the researchers was affected. Almost all of Monarchs secrets was out. Everything about extraspecies that had been endangered by environmental destruction and wars over the decades. About how a whole species of Fae was wiped out by atomic testing. The population of Godzillasaurs that had been living at Lagos Island and the nearby Bikini Atoll and how the US army may have been aware of them a year before Castle Bravo.

But one of the most damaging blows was the reveal that Monarch was aware of and had constructed surveillance outposts around dormant kaiju across the world. While some of the hibernating titans were believed to have been recently "created" following the beginning of the Second Age of Monsters, others are believed to have existed and slept in their current states for centuries or even thousands of years.

Until the leak, the only ones aware of the locations of the outposts were staff assigned there or by Level-4 staff members and above.

Now anyone with Internet access could look up the locatoins of known outposts and the names of kaiju contained there.

Let it be known that the Outposts typically surround one kaiju, and should not be considered a relatively self-containing area like a K-Habitat (EX: Mondo Island/Infant Island) or a K-Containment zone where multiple large creaturs roam aroun but are kept there by one obstacle or another (Monster Islands/Panthalassa Sea).

Since then, Monarch has tried to rectify the damage by going public and increasing recruitment from civillian populations, and by publishing info about contained and newly identified kaiju species more frequently.

Here is a collection of all current Monarch Outposts surrounding a dormant specimen, including ones not covered by the leak.

Have fun.


Outpost Key:

Regular text: Exposed in leak

Italics: Exposed post-leak by Monarch

[X] Specimen has awoken and escaped at the time of writing. Recapture has been unsuccessful.

[C] Specimen is successfully contained and has yet to awaken at the time of writing.

It should be noted that not all of Monarchs outposts are devoted to studying dormant kaiju, and there are plenty of other outposts devoted to the study of other subjects across the world. Keep this in mind in case the number disparity confuses you.


Monarch Outposts: 2016 update.

[C] Outpost 36. Tursacra. Hill of Tara, Ireland.

[C] Outpost 99. Jinjizu. Nenngao Mountain, Taiwan.

[C] Outpost 84. Noho-Kulkan. Emergence Hole 17, Guatemala.

[X]* Outpost 56. Rodan. Isla de Mara, Mexico.

*Specimen reemerged and escaped in 1995. First publically acknowledged outpost before the leak.

[C] Outpost 55. Scylla. Sonoran Desert, Arizona.

[C] Outpost 24. Tarasque. Provence, France.

[C] Outpost 94. Gryphon. Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

[C] Outpost 14. Earthquake Beetle. Mt. Vesuvius, Italy.

[C] Outpost 05. Yig. Haystack Mountain, Austrailia.

[X]* Outpost 07. Tiamat. Khashm Ghudday, Kuwait.

Emerged and escaped in 2016.

[C] Outpost 33. Nosferatu/Vlad Prime. Wildspitze, Austria.

[C] Outpost 48. Vishnu Prime. Kamet, India.

[C] Outpost 25. Nidhogg. Isle of Man, United Kingdom.

[C] Outpost 10. Rokmutul. Kauai, Hawaii.

[C]. Outpost 75. Mokele-mbembe. Jebal Barkal, Sudan.

[C] Outpost 66. Ibaraki. Mt. Ooe, Japan.

[C] Outpost 54. MX-0. [CLASSIFIED], Antartica.