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Godzilla: The Monarch Files

File 7


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File #7

Extraspecies, also known as Liminal's or Youkai across the world, were officially unveiled to the public after centuries of hiding away from human society, on March 19th, 2007.

While known to human governments some time in the 1970's, they were relegated to myth and legend, just as the kaiju were before 1954. Ultimately, multiple kaiju attacks over the years threatened the secrecy and safety of both hidden Youkai cities and places where they secretly lived among humans, thus necessitating and eventual "Unmasquing.

1977: Three separate Kaiju attacks on the same day:

1: Cryx, a crystalline extraterrestrial kaiju, lands in Germany and heads for the local Simeum energy research facility constructed far inland. Godzilla arrives and battles Cryx, causing massive damage to both East and West Germany. A newly transferred Red Ronin, piloted by Hikaru Sakimori, is deployed into battle. Both manage to fight off Cryx, who manages to cut and get some of Godzilla's blood on it's core before it retreats, losing a limb in the process. Godzilla, after a brief staredown with Red Ronin, returns to the ocean.

Cryx retreats to the moon and enters a state of dormancy.

Both KDF and UN forces seize chipped off crystals and the arm of Cryx. Some crystals are sent off for use in Project: Vogeladra.

2: Cryx II lands near Infant Island, and seemingly heads for Janjira, intending to walk across the island to do so. Cryx II is promptly met and fought by Battra and Mothra, who destroy it in battle by creating an energy field and launching the kaiju's own blasts back at it alongside their own, overloading it's core and blowing it to bits.

3: Tamamo, a mammalian kaiju named for its resemblance to the nine tailed fox of ancient legend, bursts out from a underneath a shrine in Kyoto, Japan. It stomps into the city, where it is met by Zilla who has risen from the ocean. The two fight, with Tamamo displaying the ability to harness and fire moonlight in a manner similar to that of Godzilla's atomic breath.

Masses flee from the battle.

Multiple civilian and military witnesses report seeing ghostly and distorted shapes also running from the battle into the woods.

In the end, Zilla manages to defeat the bigger female kaiju by burrowing underneath and collapsing half a mountain on her.

Zilla returns to the sea to recover from his new burn wounds.

Meanwhile, the Youkai and other inhuman creatures, like spirits who have been living hidden in Kyoto for centuries, secretly make contact with the Japanese government, requesting asylum after the devastation caused by Zilla and Tamamo. The Youkai leaders reluctantly acknowledge that other spiritual beings and creatures have also been hiding among human populations for a long time, but Kaiju attacks have heavily threatened the practicality and long term necessity of this "Masquerade". Kaiju attacks have also began to increasingly edge near Youkai territory ever since Godzilla's first attack.

Contact is secretly established with the UN, and a plan to officially reveal these "Extra Species" existence to the public within three decades is established.

Gotengo and JSDF cryotrooper crews relocate the unconscious Tamamo to Monster Island.

Monster Island Headcount: Three Megafauna (Marsh, Cope, Tohru), two Kaiju (Prospector Pete, Tamamo)

Sightings of Zilla around the Sea of Japan are reported.

These sightings stop after Godzilla returns from Germany.

-From the Official Timeline of the Age of Monsters (2007 Edition)

On the day their existence was finally revealed to the public during the passing of the Interspecies Exchange Bill, the events and cultural exchange that followed were surprisingly peaceful. While there are still flareups and civil incidents now and then, tensions are not as bad experts and sociologists at the time would have believed.

Perhaps it was the threat of giant monsters that kept us and the other races united.

Alternatively, we as a species are simply not as bad as some of us think we are.

Of course, most of the people reading this are probably thinking about the MON* squad, and other infamous groups that have sprung up since then in the KDF. Many of the questions asked when Liminals were first unveiled were if they had any relation to the kaiju, from simple stuff to "Were any of your cities attacked by a kaiju?" to one infamously relegated to a Dragonkin diplomat: "Was your kind the result of Godzilla doing the nasty with a human?"*

Either way, the human race has learned that it is ultimately not alone for the second time.

Whose to say there won't be a third time?


*Monster Ops: Neutralization.

*The possible evolutionary history of Extraspecies is a subject for another book.

Props to the Dragonkin for not punching the dudes head off.
Interlude 2


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
The Second Wave:

Mothra. Infant Island, Pacific Ocean.*

* First occurrence of a kaiju peacefully coexisting with a human population. Attack was provoked by heavily condemned nuclear tests. It should be noted that the kaiju's only destructive actions was the intercepting of nuke-carrying aircraft and striking down a small military fleet sent to subjugate the natives by the now inert organization known as “Rolisica.”

1961: Urogora. Thessaly, Greece.

1962: Brutusk. Siberia, Russia. First kaiju attack on USSR soil.

1963: Vishu, the giant centipede. Osaka, Japan.

Second appearance of Godzilla. First instance of Godzilla fighting another kaiju.

1964: Saltora and Kagiza. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

1964: Godzilla. NATO G-Base 00, Pacific Ocean.

1965: Oodako. London, UK.

1966: Discovery of the island chain that would later serve as the Monster Island archipelago.

1967: Godzilla and Rodan. Vietnam, Indochina.

First instance of a kaiju surviving a battle with Godzilla.

1967: Atlantic Scourge and Godzilla. Ookondoru. Oodako II. Letchi Island, South Pacific Ocean. Destruction of the Red Bamboo terrorist organization.

1967: Taligon. * Mojave Desert, Nevada.

*First extraterrestrial kaiju.

1967: Gorosaurus. Paris, France.

1968: Official Formation of the Kaiju Defense Force

1968: Battra and Macrosaurus. Hokkaido, Japan.

Battra aided in battle by Mothra.

1969: Zilla and Godzilla. Honolulu, Hawaii.


Beach bum, Esq.
Mothra made his debut. Yes!

Also, Zilla against Godzilla. So, how much did Godzilla jobbed against the jabroni?


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Mothra made his debut. Yes!

Also, Zilla against Godzilla. So, how much did Godzilla jobbed against the jabroni?
Correction. Her debut.

The fight was basically Identical to the one from Godzilla: Rulers of Earth Issue #2.

File 8


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File #8
The Antipodes Islands of New Zealand, also known as K-Containment Zone 006, are currently uninhabited by humans, and are considered inhospitable. Aside from seal hunting centuries ago and some memorable ship wreck locations, this island would just be another footnote in history except for two major inhabitants.
One lives in the middle of the artificially made Phorcides Lagoon, one constructed by herself. Spending most of her time sleeping, she could be mistaken for a massive rock in the water at a distance.
The other spends most of his time sleeping, coiled around various cliffs. Occasionally he moves around, sometimes observing air traffic. Other times the feathered serpent attempts what could be described as communication with the other inhabitant.
While they make fascinating sights from the air, the area has been declared a No-Boating zone since 1988 out of safety concerns. Civilian traffic is also heavily restricted, with only KDF research teams being allowed to observe the two kaiju from atop an appropriately safe distance.
Having seen them from atop a helicopter myself, I can easily say the view is worth it.

1988: Grimmgarl, a massive alligator with a resemblance to a urban myth of the same name from the 1800's, rises from the Mexican gulf and comes ashore in Mexico. It attacks Mexico City, fighting the Mexican military. A group of worshippers from the Neo Aztec group perform an alleged "Summoning ritual", dying (Except for one whom was interrogated afterwards.) when Grimmgarl knocks over the ancient Aztec Temple they are at.
Upon their deaths, a massive feathered serpent-type kaiju with four wings rapidly breaches the surface from the bottom of the of the ancient temple the worshippers were in.*
It proceeds to attack Grimmgarl, and is quickly named Quetzalcoatl for its resemblance to the ancient Aztec God.
Quetzalcoatl uses a wind based telekinetic power to beat back and force Grimmgarl to retreat back into the Gulf. Q then begins to fly around Mexico, retaliating against attacks by the Mexican Airforce but otherwise not causing any harm unless provoked.
It begins flying to places of worship and old settlements of the Aztec Empire, and it begins to except signs of agitation common in large reptiles when doing so.
It then proceeds to rapidly fly away from the Americas after more searching, managing to evade an attack by North American air forces.
Q's current location is unknown for some time.
*There was no sign of such a massive entity being underground beforehand. Additionally, Neo-Aztecism has seen a 28% rise worldwide after this event.

1988: Macrosaurus suddenly re-appears in the Caribbean Sea out of a spatial anomaly. It attempts to treat the islands as it's personal buffett before being attacked by Torrentula, a massive Anomalocaris with the ability to manipulate water. Being smaller but swifter and seemingly more intelligent, she manages to hold her own with ease against the obese dinosaur. The fight ends in a draw with Torrentula going under the sea and Macrosaurus escaping into it's anomaly, but the fight nevertheless heavily damages human infrastructure on the islands.

A month later, Quetzalcoatl appears roosting on the uninhabited Antipodes Islands of New Zealand, with Torrentula also living on the volcanic islands. Torrentula has made a Lagoon for itself, and both it and Quetzalcoatl seem to interact and coexist nonviolently. A KDF declared quarantine prevents any ships from coming towards the two kaju, who seem content to remain there.
From the Official Timeline (2006 Edition)
File 9


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
OOC: Before I continue, I'd like to thank Jet4281 and Tetradrachm on Spacebattles for inspiring the creation of this fic.


Monarch File #9

100 Miles Outside the Tokyo Quarantine Zone

January 6th, 2014

In the cold January air, a woman in a long black jacket stepped off a train, cold hair puffing out with each breath. Tightening a scarf around her, she moved through the underground subway, through old, quiet streets, into the entrance to an area filled with surprisingly lush, green plant life, with a landscape dotted by stones.

Hundreds of stones.

A cemetery dedicated to those lost in a conflict that had been raging since 1954. When he first stomped out of the sea and changed the world forever.

She walked through the graveyard, not alone. Men and women, some young and old, said prayers and stood over various gravestones.

Finally, she reached her destination.

Unwrapping her scarf from her head, Chifuyu Orimura took a moment to lean against a nearby tree, looking at the gravestone near a cliff in front of her.

She knew there was no body in there. It was a similar scenario with other gravestones. After all, the Kaiju rarely left any remains behind.

But that didn't stop the sight from stinging.

Walking to the edge of a cliff, she sat down and pulled out a pair of Binoculars as she looked at the abandoned city across the ocean from the graveyard.

What few buildings remained standing were covered in a thick layer of dust. Vehicles, some torn apart, lined the streets. Magma could still be seen occasionally bubbling out from cracks in the ground in short rivers. Smoke drifted like morning fog across the tops of the remaining buildings.

Massive footprints could be seen on rubble and roads. More buildings, some nearly burned, some still slowly sinking into magma provided a more striking image.

All of this was remnants of an old battle. One that split the Earth and unleashed Hellfire into an already devastated city.

[Old Tokyo]

The city after years of monster attacks and rebuilding, had finally caved.

In the year 1995, one last monster battle finally finished the job that began in 1954.

Chifuyu knew this quite well.

After all, she was there when it happened, along with hundreds of men and women in the Kaiju Defense Force as they fought and gave many way too many of their lives to protect the innocent civilians evacuating.

She could still remember the city like it was yesterday, gleaming with light and glowing with energy.

She remembered Red Ronin, the machine she had piloted for years, suddenly ejecting her as the hull ruptured and buckled under a constant stream of fire.

An attempt to make a giant mechanical monster of their own going horribly wrong.

A giant screaming blob of steel and wiring writhing across the landscape.

Dozens of steel fanged jaws ripping and tearing into buildings and absorbing more and more metal into it's mass.

Blue and multicolored shafts of light colliding.

World on Fire.

Rising from a split in the Earth, fallen buildings like bowing subjects around him, a flood of magma falling off his body like a Reaper's cloak, orange eyes blazing with fury-


Shaking her head away from the memory, she went back to the grave.

Sighing out a frosty breath, she went on her knees and pulled out a flask.

"So." She held it to the ground and leaned back on the slowly whitening ground.

"I guess I should start at the beginning."

''For me, one of the most important moments was when I sawhim for the first time."

Taking a drink from the flask, Chifuyu poured some of the liquid into the ground.

"I'd seen him before on plenty of documentaries, in archival footage. On the news late at night, I saw him breaking out of Mt. Mihara less than an hour after he fell into it in 1984. But the first time I saw Godzilla in person was a year later, in 1985. I was ten years old that night."


When I approach Orimura, she already knows I'm here.

"I guess I should start at the beginning." She says.

KDF Admiral Chifuyu Orimura started years ago under the Jinguji Military Act of 1989. She is well known as the second pilot of the Mecha Red Ronin, starting with her taking down Baragon in 1989 after literally falling into the cockpit at the age of 14, then officially became the Pilot in 1991. A successful career followed in terms of Kaiju battled.

This career ended with the destruction of Red Ronin during the Fall of Tokyo in 1995. Since then, she has risen through the ranks in the aftermath of the Fall and the events that occurred before and after it, such as the failed Operation: G-Crusher and the reorganization of the KDF that followed the massive loss in manpower and infrastructure during the destruction of G-Base 001 on Adonoa Island and the battles that followed.

She currently works as both an Administrator, Drill Instructor, and battle Commander for the Mech Section of the KDF.

This Interview was a rare chance, as Orimura rarely appears in public or agrees to such requests.

She agreed to the following interview on one condition, one that I will not disclose here in respect of her privacy.

The following section is deliberately done in a style different from the rest of these documents.

This is to properly convey the events of 1985 from a unique perspective.


Tokyo, Japan

It was like 1954 all over again that night.

The city burned. Four-toed footprints imprinted into the ground, and claw-marks and burns lined gouged-open buildings.

Deeper into the city, faint roars could be hard alongside the sound of fighting.

This relative silence was shattered by a screech, and then the swooping of what could be described as a cross between a dragon and wasp near Tokyo Tower in the distance.


It spun to the side, narrowing avoiding a blast of blue fire from below.

I saw all of this while running with my parents. We managed to get on a train that was heading out of the city. Of course, that didn't go well.

With a screech of sparks, the train came to a stop. Blocking the way was a sparking, slash lined aircraft, one that had been brutally beaten.

The Super X. It didn't do well in it's first battle. Losing an engine and blocking a civilian transport was probably the last thing on the pilots minds.

For one brief second, everyone on board had avoided disaster.

Then, from behind the train, a familiar sound.


The sound of a foot smashing down onto the Earth below. Something the residents of Tokyo had come to know very well.

Another stomp, and then another.

On both sides of the train, at the end, two massive yellow, sickle toed feet touched down.

A drooling purple jaw reflected itself in the windows, an aquatic, finned tail idly swishing around in the air.


China's very own Godzilla. Three Kaiju attacking on one night.

With Red Ronin battling the Meganulon swarm on the other side of the city, we were SOL.

First there was utter silence, the people aboard transfixed by the horror standing right above the train.

When two purple claws grabbed the end of the car, that's when the screaming started.

Shaking the vehicle from the side to side, shattering windows, the dragon ripped off one car with a flourish and raised it to her mouth.

Clutching the train car in both hands, she squeezed.

There was a terrible crunch, and then a massive amount of red began to leak from the windows and cracks.

Seeming to grin, the Tian-Lung held the train car at the end over her mouth as she greedily lapped up the red fluid leaking out.

In a car near the front, a young girl with messy black hair buried herself into her mothers chest as absolute pandemonium erupted.

That was me, back then. I was scared. Everyone on board was scared.

And why wouldn't they be? It was demolishing the cars one by one, drinking down the remains of everyone inside like it was tomato soup.

Grabbing another car, the Tian-Lung grinned again and crushed it once more.



Finally, it reached the last few train cars.

I could see it's shadow over us.

Licking up some red stains outside it's mouth with a segmented tongue, the Tian-Lung began to reach down.

Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps.

Shattering glass.

Shaking cars rattled with every step.

The Tian-Lung turned it's head just in time for a scaly grey fist to come soaring towards it.

55,000 metric tons of fury slammed right into the Tian-Lung's jaw and sent it flying through the air into the bay, fallen teeth impacting into the ground.

Screams of panic turned into utter silence as a grey leviathan stomped forwards, fire in it's orange eyes. Purple blood coated four bone white digits on it's right claw.

It walked right past the train car, shaking it with every step.

The humans mattered nothing to him, only the intruder.


The Tian-Lung rose from the ground, purple blood dripping from a wound on it's face.

Setting a jaw missing a few teeth back into place with it's claw, it glared at the impassive form of Godzilla.

The dragon let out a booming hiss, and was answered in turn by a roar that shook the Earth.

Steam billowed from the Tian-Lung's mouth as it set itself like a racer about to dash.

On the street, blue lights crackled up Godzilla's back, a light shining at the back of his throat.

Then, they moved.

Waves splashed into the air as the Tian-Lung charged.

Windows exploded and cars flew through the air as Godzilla ran.

Then they collided, and Hell followed with them.

Watching the fight from the train car, seeing Godzilla in the flesh, I could only think of one thing.

I know what I want to do when I grow up.


Sightings of large dragonflies and local disappearances culminate in an attack on a subway train in Tokyo, done by Meganulon drones.

Evacuation of Tokyo begins.

Megaguirus II appears in Tokyo later that night, leading the swarm. Red Ronin and the Super X are dispatched to the city.

Both being built with fighting larger, lumbering kaiju in mind, Red Ronin and the pilots of the Super X find themselves pushed to their limits against the faster, skybound Megaguirus.

A blackout ensues.

Half an hour into battle, Godzilla and Tian-Lung emerge in Tokyo Bay, both bearing scars of a prolonged battle.

The Second Kaiju Attack on Tokyo occurs that night.

Notable photos taken by Steve Martin and protege Frank West, who were visiting on the anniversary of Godzilla's 1954 attack, portray sights such as Godzilla biting Megaguirus II's stinger off mid stab, Red Ronin pulling a damaged Super X from under a collapsed building while being covered in claw marks itself, Godzilla swinging a line of rail cars at Tian-Lung, along with Red Ronin, it's laser blade unsheathed, standing in front of Tian-Lung to let Tokyo's last crowd of civilians escape. Godzilla and Megaguirus II fight near the Tokyo Tower in the background.

Other notable survivors include Miki Saegusa, Chifuyu Orimura, Elica and Casama Manbavaran, Goro Gondo, Ishiro Serizawa, and Shinichi Ozaki.

In the end, Godzilla is victorious, igniting Megaguirus II and impaling it on the tip of Tokyo Tower, while Tian-Lung, partially blinded in battle with Red Ronin, is killed by a blast of atomic breath down her throat.

The Super X is badly damaged in battle, and it's pilot's manage to eject just before the ship crashes and explodes on the Tian-Lung, which distracts and injures the creature enough to play a part in Godzilla's victory over the artificial kaiju.

Red Ronin survives the battle, but pilot Hikaru Sakimori suffers a broken leg in the cockpit.

Pilot Hikaru Sakimori retires after this event.

The Meganulon swarm suffers massive casualties, either being burned, blasted, or stepped on in droves. However, it is unknown if all swarm individuals were killed.

Godzilla returns to sea once more.

From the Official Timeline (2005 Edition)


Afterwards, not much conversation is had between me and Orimura. She stays at the grave in silence, and I walk away.

I briefly turn and look at the name on the tombstone, dated from 1963-1995.

Tabane Shinonono.
Interlude 3: Combat Record


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Interlude 3: Combat Record

Before retiring due to a leg injury, legendary Pilot Hikaru Sakimori was the first pilot of Red Ronin, the first Japanese produced Anti-Kaiju Mecha. While Chifuyu Orimura took over as pilot half a decade after his retirement, his contributions in terms of history cannot be forgotten or overestimated.

Battles Fought (7)

Kraken in New York (Won)

1975: Multiple Kaiju* in Ghana during the 1975 M-Infestation (Mostly acted to distract them from any nearby civilian transport)

1976: Thoru in the Marshall Islands (Won)

1977: Crxy I in Germany (Drove it off alongside Godzilla)

1978: Yiemniak at the Seychelles (Deactivated by Radioactive Pulse from Yiemniak)

1984: Operation: Frostbite at Izu Oshima. (Pulled Gotengo to safety after it was damaged by Godzilla, but otherwise did not engage Godzilla.)

1985: Triple battle between Godzilla, Tian-Lung, Megaguirus II in Tokyo. (Survived, with Godzilla killing the latter two. However, Sakimori broke his leg and retired afterwards.)

A simple AI Routine was installed into Red Ronin two years later in an attempt to replace human based piloting.

AI Battles fought (1)

During the "G War" crisis, at Fukuoka, Japan. (Godzilla broke it's leg joint and managed to partially decapitate RR with it's own fusion blade.)

Due to the failure of the AI Pilot, focus was once again put onto human based Mecha piloting.

*Most notably Tyrantasaur, Ouroboros, Zilla, and Megalon.

The Dark God

Well-known member
Monarch File #1

"We were there in Tokyo on that day in 1954. We filmed away with our cameras from the top of Tokyo Tower as Gojira came out of the sea and walked through 300,000 volts of electricity. As he stomped his way through waves and waves of missile fire, we kept filming.

When Gojira unleashed his first blast of atomic fire from his maw, we kept filming.

As buildings collapsed and vehicles were flung through the air, we advised our listeners to evacuate.

We stayed.

As the city burned, we kept filming.

As Gojira walked up to the tower and stared at us with his burning eyes, we kept filming.

As he bit into the tower, close enough for us to feel his breath, we kept filming.

As the tower collapsed with us inside, we bid farewell to everyone still listening.

To this day, I don't know how we survived the fall, or why we didn't die of radiation poisoning.

What I do know is that someone has to be out there to let the world know when another monster comes ashore.

And as for Gojira himself, I can't help but pity him.

He was not evil by choice. He and the other monsters are simply too large, too heavy, and too strong. That is their tragedy."
I think that it is rather unhealthy to have this big of a boner for something on a first viewing. I mean it does mean what I am looking at is beautiful, spectacular, amazing and many other great thing but it does have some disturbing implications for my reactions to things.


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
I think that it is rather unhealthy to have this big of a boner for something on a first viewing. I mean it does mean what I am looking at is beautiful, spectacular, amazing and many other great thing but it does have some disturbing implications for my reactions to things.
I'm glad you've been having fun.

If you thought that was awesome, it gets even better in terms of continuity nods and scale.
File 10: (Mechagodzilla Part One)


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File #10
"We should have burned every last shard and bolt of it when we had the chance."

- attributed to Captain Douglas Gordon in the aftermath of the Fall of Tokyo, 1995.

"That is not dead which can eternal lie"

-Howard Phillips Lovecraft, The Nameless City (1921)

MechaGodzilla: Part 1

The MechaGodzilla Crisis: 1974-1975


Godzilla is spotted multiple times near in the Atlantic Ocean, seemingly on a course towards New York City.

Immediate evacuation and military mobilization begins.

On December 24th, two Godzilla’s emerge from the Hudson River in New York City. After a fight in the harbor, the first Godzilla blasts the other with atomic breath, burning it’s flesh away and revealing the other Godzilla to be a mechanical war machine underneath. The “Mechagodzilla” and the true Godzilla briefly fight into the city, with the mech firing it’s missiles into a nearby skyscraper, collapsing it on top of Godzilla. Mechagodzilla then proceeds to attack nearby military forces and civilian vehicles before Godzilla frees himself and tackles the mech into the bay. The two then proceed to fire their respective energy attacks at one another (Eye Beams, Atomic Breath), resulting in Godzilla being launched into the sea and Mechagodzilla being heavily damaged. The Mech retreats and flies away.

International and political chaos ensues, with hundreds demanding an answer for who created the mech, and whether or not it had a pilot or was automated.

Ultimately, none of the attending nations or operatives can confirm the mech’s origins or current whereabouts.

1975: New Years Eve. Kraken, the biggest Oodako on record. First deployment of Red Ronin mecha. Assisted in battle by a repaired Gotengo submarine. Red Ronin defeats the creature, slicing open it’s head with it’s blade before shoving it’s laser cannon into the newly cut hole and firing away. First modern record of a human built Mecha defeating a kaiju.

1975: A heavily damaged MechaGodzilla attacks the Chernobyl Plasma plant in Pripyat, Ukraine. It targets the plasma reactor and the corresponding facility, brutally draining and ripping apart the reactor and surrounding facility. Witnesses describe the mech seemingly absorbing both the plasma energy and surrounding metal onto its body, restoring all damage from it’s battle with Godzilla. Ironically, if the reactor was nuclear, the mech would have unintentionally saved the town from decades of Fallout.

MechaGodzilla is then confronted by USSR military forces. The machine proceeds to thoroughly annihilate said forces before walking into the ocean, revealing it to have aquatic capabilities.

The First Secretary of the Soviet Union orders all nearby nuclear submarines to stand down, having heard of the machines ability to assimilate metal.

MechaGodzilla once again vanishes from radar. The US President and the First Secretary sign the X Mutual Defense Agreement, a temporary truce in the event of both countries coming under attack by a powerful hostile nonhuman force.

1975: The next month Mechagodzilla arrives in Accra, Ghana. After landing in the city, it broadcasts an unidentified but powerful electrical signal, one that is later classified as the “K-Attractor” signal by K-Scientists.

The Accra Incursion begins for over half the month. Almost all known kaiju, attracted by the signal, travel to the city and attack each other in a territorial rage, causing extreme damage in the largest kaiju attack yet.

First appearance of Megaguirus in the Congo, Bunagi in Morocco, Tyrantasaur in New Mexico, Ouroboros in Mexico (Causing and absorbing a nuclear meltdown.), and Sarcosteon in the Atlantic Ocean. All five head to Accra.

The various anti-kaiju militaries (KDF, Anti Megalosaurus Force, Monarch) send their experimental weaponry and armor into the city, resulting in massive battle recorded by all major news agencies of the world.

Red Ronin is deemed too valuable to send into battle with so many kaiju, and is instead used to assist in rescue efforts. Nevertheless, it does briefly engage various kaiju but is forced to retreat from the numerous kaiju larger then it.

Mechagodzilla itself flies above the city in a circle, observing the conflict and continuing to broadcast its signal while attacking any kaiju or military vehicles that approach it.

Mothra leaves and flies towards Accra, leaving Battra on Infant Island.

1975: Vishnu II appears in Okinawa, Japan, and is eaten and killed by another new kaiju, Iracundus. Battra battles Iracundus and drives it off just as King Caesar appears. King Caesar escorts a wounded Battra back to Infant Island.

1975: Mothra battles MechaGodzilla in the skies over Accra as the kaiju outbreak below continues.

Godzilla appears in Accra, healed from his first fight with MechaG. Godzilla has a quick fight with Tyrantasaur, who retreats after getting winged by atomic breath.

Godzilla reaches the city and briefly fights the KDF before unleashing his biggest atomic ray at the time, knocking MechagGdzilla out of the sky. The mech sustains damage to its cranium, and it proceeds to go berserk and attack everything in sight while twitching and firing sporadically in random directions at times.

Godzilla briefly attacks Mothra before she appears to take a wild blast from Mechagodzilla that was coming at him. She then appears to attempt communication with Godzilla, who charges at MechaG.

All the gathered kaiju attack the MechaGodzilla. After a brutal battle that levels the rest of Accra, MechaGodzilla falls into a hole created by Gorosaurus and Zilla, where all surviving and able Kaiju proceed to blast and beat the still fighting Mecha, with the fighting only ending when Godzilla decapitates MechaG and tosses the head outside city limits. Godzilla then rips the mecha apart and tosses it’s remains around the city.

The surviving kaiju briefly fight amongst each other before they rapidly retreat, exhausted, underground or into the sea.

Some, like Bunagi, establish territories within the African Wilderness.

Godzilla notably ignores a column of KDF and AMF troopers before heading back to sea.

Godzilla briefly stops to help Mothra into the air.

The head, reactor, and remains of Mechagodzilla are collected and taken to the newly formed G-Force base on Adonoa Island for dissection and analysis.

1975: MechaGodzilla’s head and body are extensively studied.

1976: Analysis of Mechagodzilla continues and nears completion. Inside of the machine, inscriptions in a currently untranslated sequence of symbols are scrawled throughout. The machines metal covering is newly identified as “Nanotitanium”, a type of metal that can self replicate with similar materials and minerals. It’s powerful reactor/power source called a Simeum reactor in reference to the few translated words inscribed on it, though damaged, is partially replicated. Mechagodzilla’s remains are scavenged for as much of this Nanotitaium as possible.

The first line Nanotitanium armored jetfighters go into production in Japan.

Nanotitanium itself is found to have it’s spreading and absorbing properties disabled when away from the wreck of Mechagodzilla itself. The rest of the wreck is dismantled throughout the year, towed away and taken to G-Base to be stored in separate areas.

While Nanotitanium can reproduce itself except in extreme high or low temperatures, Mechagodzilla’s reactor is the only one of its kind. Half the reactor is kept in G-Base on Adonoa Island. The other half is used to create a new reactor for the Gotengo. Energy output is 200% more efficient then it’s previous reactor. The Gotengo then becomes the first submersible capable of flight. First tests prove successful for future battleships.

The Mecha’s optics and cranial unit are taken to the island for additional study in laser technology and AI processing. Mechagodzilla’s AI casing and head are held in storage for future analysis.

The Mech’s Signal generator, located in it’s back and neck, is studied to for possible reverse use as a “Kaiju Repeller.”

The rest of the remains put into storage, with current focus being on translating the words inscribed into its body, along with replicating the Simeum energy in it’s reactor.

1979: Data from Mechagodzilla’s head is pulled and translated on an advanced 10 foot computer.








USA and USSR extend alliance clause.

MechaGodzilla’s head is melted down in Adonoa Island’s magma pools.

AI Core placed in cold storage.


-MechaGodzilla AI core is pulled out of storage, and KDF Specialist Tabane Shinonono is put to work alongside several other professionals in attempt to analyze it’s alien data once more. This time, four video files are pulled from it’s head onto a screen, videos shown to only 20 individuals at the time.

File 1:

[Appears to be in a hangar-like area. Video file is in a first person perspective, from that of MechaGodzilla or an identical machine. Video is an hour long.

It’s vision is tinted red, and various untranslated symbols and what appear to be numbers surround the corner of it’s vision.

The area is a square like room made of gleaming metal, with various walkways strewn around it. The entity believed to be MechaGodzilla is seen reflected on the walls. It is standing motionless in hunched position. The Mecha’s body is slightly different from MechaGodzilla.

It’s snout is flattened and push back, and no tail is visible. It’s mechanical arms are wider in width.

As a result, this Mecha/Early form of MechaGodzilla has been informally called a “Robot Kong” or “Terminator Gorilla” by those who have seen it.

Around the walkways and on several platforms close to the mech, dozens of humanoids with a close resemblance to modern Gorilla species can be seen working on the mecha with a variety of tools or walking around it.

These extraterrestrials are believed to be the creators of MechaGodzilla, or at least of the same race that made it.

For the next hour of the file and to the end, the hominids perform maintenance on the Mecha, screwing various bolts and metal sheets onto its surface.]

File 2:

[The next video is over three hours long and appears to depict an attack on an alien city.

MechaGodzilla is seen in a desert like-environment surrounded by crystalline formations. A silver colored city can be seen in the distance. As MechaGodzilla approaches the city, it is attacked by triangular aircraft. The aircraft contains multiple energy weapons on it’s side.

Instead of using it’s finger missiles, MechaGodzilla wields two rifle-like weapons in each hands, ones that fire what appear to be stream of plasma automatically, with a five second delay after 10 shots for each gun.

It battles the aircraft while continuing it’s advance. At the five minute mark, MechaGodzilla is assisted by three other Mecha’s.

M2 has a notable resemblance to Taligon, a known Kaiju. It wields the same rifles as MechaGodzilla.

M3 appears to combine traits of both crustaceans and annelids in it’s design, and it attacks the aircraft using what is hypothesized to be a gravity based mechanism to drag aircraft into its mouth.

M4 is identical to MechaGodzilla, and it wields a chaingun on the side of it’s left arm that it uses to fire missiles at the aircraft.

For the rest of the hour, the machines continue their advance and destroy hundreds of aircraft in the process. The defending aircraft increases in size and function, with cryonetic cannons and mine droppers being added to their forces in the last half hour.

The machines suffer no casualties.

The next two hours suddenly skip ahead, and depict MechaGodzilla inside the aforementioned city.

Large crowds are seen attempting to flee it.

The crowds consist of what are believed to be the native species of the unknown planet. These extraterrestrials have a white, mollusk like carapace around their bodies. They are quadrupedal and have three long limbs. Further details have yet to be made out due to MG’s size compared to them.

MG is assisted by six quadrupedal bus sized mecha’s with one eye and jaws similar to that of Earth canines. These entities have been named “Mechanical Hounds” by observing staff.

While MG focuses on destroying nearby buildings and other infrastructure, the hounds proceed to attack and consume all the organic extraterrestrial entities in sight.

More extraterrestrial military forces appear to engage MG and it’s hounds, with the aircraft being joined by drones with a resemblance to Earth arthropods that attack from the ground and on top of buildings in the alien city.

The battle in the city continues for the next two hours, with MG being assisted in the last hour by MG4.

The video ends with MG cornering a massive crowd of extraterrestrials at the center of the city and raising a rifle in their direction.]

File 3:

[File is five hours long. It depicts MechaGodzilla wandering a barren landscape. The rocky landscape is surrounded by ash piles and cracks in the floor, and at times MechaGodzilla’s vision randomly fills with static. Cracks line the corner of it’s vision. Lightning storms occur sporadically in the sky every 14 minutes.

After one hour of wandering, MG passes by a sandy area that appears to have been blasted into glass.

MG’s reflection can be seen for twelves seconds as it passes by the glass.

The Mecha has been heavily damaged; it is missing it’s left arm and lower jaw. Gouges line it’s body, exposing sparking wires in openings across its body.

The Mech then resumes it’s trek, eventually reaching a destroyed city. The few buildings that have not been destroyed are covered in a thick layer of dust, and are circular in shape.

The Mecha wanders the city for the next two hours, occasionally pausing for minutes at a time.

Through the city, the bodies of dead hominids identical to the species in File 1 can be seen strewn about the area by the hundreds. The bodies are both out in the open and inside destroyed buildings.

The Mecha passes the remains of two other Mecha’s, one facedown on the ground, and the other in a kneeling position. These Mecha’s appear to have been decapitated and have undergone severe burn damage on their armor, with their inner skeletons being visible at points. Both have holes torn into their chests, and upon closer inspection both Mecha’s have had their reactors torn out.

MechaGodzilla once again passes the area and wanders through the barren landscape for the remainder of the video, while the lightning storms increase in duration and intensity.

In the last five minutes, it approaches another downed Mecha, one that appears to have had it’s legs torn off. The Mecha’s chest panel has been removed, and it’s reactor is visible. It’s head and arms twitch for the next four minutes as MG closes the distance between them.

MG proceeds to rip out the reactor core of the downed Mecha. The legless Mecha seizes all movement.

It then turns around, still holding the reactor core.

Another Mecha identical in form to MG, but black in the coloration of it’s metal, can be seen approaching it in the distance. As it becomes closer, it is noted that this Mecha has no signs of damage on it’s armor.

The Video ends with with the “Black Mecha” continuing it’s approach, with MG beginning to walk towards it in turn.]

File 4:

[The Video begins with MechaGodzilla in a rocky location surrounded by stars in the distance. This location has been unofficially named “Meteor X” by those aware of it.

The file is thirty minutes long. It consists of MG standing in place, before a line of symbols flashes in it’s vision.

Current Translation as of 2012:


Twenty minutes later, the video ends with MG raising it’s fists, now stocked with it’s signature finger missiles, in front of its face.]

Conclusion: MechaGodzilla is not the only one of it’s kind in the known universe, and it had the ability to change its form into one resembling a predator of choice. (I.e., Godzillasaurus)

To prevent public panic, this information is redacted until 2014.

-From the Official Timeline (2005 Edition) and Monarch Leak (2014)


@t-dugong have fun looking for all the continuity nods.
File 11


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File #11
"Depending on who you ask, the beginning of the death of the Petroleum Age began in 2011 during the Oil Breach, or it began in India in 1986 when they discovered the remains of the statue.

The one they would later call Gandiva."

A quote attributed to certified renewable energy specialist Mason Ghale in the 2014 novel Energy.


An artifact in the form of a damaged blue humanoid statue is found in India, one that automatically generates near-limitless energy from a jewel in its forehead when exposed to certain stimuli. The Indian Ministry of Defense seizes the device for possible use in defense of the Indian subcontinent and nearby areas.

The artifacts resemblance to certain figures in Indian Mythology gives the Indian government a claim to the object, and with assistance from KDF volunteers work is put into restoring it. Nanotitanium copied from Mechagodzilla for this process ends up having a reaction to the object once applied to damaged sections, causing it to form Mechagodzilla esque weaponry in place of damaged or missing limbs. The Mystic energy emitted by the now cybernetic statue results in secret magical specialists being brought onto the project, among them alchemists from Luna Nova and a sect of jewel wielding Magi from Japan.

Project: Gandiva begins.

1987: After losing a territorial battle with Bunagi, Tyrantasaur leaves the African continent and resurfaces in Bombay, India. The herbivorous kaiju walks through the city on its way to the jungle, causing tons of property damage due to its sheer size and strength. Gandiva is activated ahead of the date of it's public unveiling, and is sent into battle with a newly installed AI to fight Tyrantasaur.

In the battle that follows, Gandiva's AI proves to be far faster then expected in movement and reaction times as one would expect, with some attributing this to it's incredible energy supply. This proves invaluable against the far bigger Tyrantasaur in a battle in the jungle where it is mid vegetation feast. In the battle, despite losing some chunks of itself, Gandiva makes Tyrantasaur bleed badly by shooting off one of it's horns, and the kaiju retreats back to the sea in Gandiva's first victory.

A week later, Tyrantasaur washes up dead on Yalong Bay in the Hainan Province, China.

Part of it's corpse has been stripped to the bone, while other parts of it bear massive bite and claw wounds resembling those inflicted by crustaceans, especially around its neck area.

It is assumed by some members of the kaiju community that the wounded kaiju was killed by Atlantic Scourge, but others speculate that a new kaiju may have been behind the kill.

In the decades that have followed, the use of similar newly excavated objects have made India a major player in renewable, clean energy sources. The currently limited numbers of resuable jewels-seventeen at the time of writing-is the only reason why Gandiva-Type Tech hasn't completely replaced most current energy sources, such as Plasma and Simeum energy reactors.
File 12


Shameless Godzilla-Poster
Monarch File #12

"In hindsight, the experiment likely wasn't a good idea. At the very least, it could have been done with more restraint."'

-Professor Koji Ando on what we're (hopefully you too) all thinking at the Kyoto Conference of 2001.

"I got married, so it wasn't all that bad."

-Attributed to Casama Manbavaran, Filipino alchemist in the aftermath of the incident.

Mr. Manbavaran has yet to confirm or deny said quote.

1978: In the final radioactive test of the century, African, American, and French scientists release a variety of captive animals onto various evacuated islands in the Seychelles archipelago.

Under careful watch from the KDF with Red Ronin and the Gotengo on standby, the islands are bombarded with Gamma rays to explore the creation of megafauna and kaiju. Many creatures die, but the other half grows in size and gain features typical of kaiju.

Several notable new kaiju include Komodithrax, a massive Komodo Dragon, BullDozer, a giant chameleon and caterpillar symbiote, and Jirass, a massive frilled lizard with bioelectric abilities.

After a few weeks of observation, the gamma radiation has an unexpected effect on several potatoes unknowingly planted there years ago, causing them to develop predatory traits and grow to enormous size and fuse together into Yiemniak, the first vegetable kaiju and one over 118 meters in size.

The Yiemniak begins attacking and killing the other new kaiju. Panicked, some smaller kaiju like a group of overgrown termites flee and attack the nearby facility and naval blockade.

Notable survivors include Professor Elica Bauer (Later Manbavaran,) who beats a termite larva attacking Alchemy Consultant Casama Manbavaran to death with a sledgehammer, and Private Douglas Gordon, who decapitates a napalm breathing cobra with a machete.

At the prospect of this new threat, Red Ronin and the Gotengo are unleashed to fight the Yiemniak. It proceeds to render Red Ronin and the Gotengo inactive with a pulse of radioactive power.

Said pulse knocks out nearby electronics, and causes symptoms of advanced radiation sickness to appear on all military forces within 100 meters of the Yiemniak. Those inside metal containers, like pilot Hikaru and the crew of the Gotengo, survive the pulse.

Godzilla, undetected in the chaos, rapidly ascends from the nearby sea, causing a miniature tsunami. Godzilla briefly battles several mutant animals before engaging the Yiemniak itself. Godzilla’s own radioactive power protects him from the Yiemniaks withering pulse.

Godzilla and Yiemniak battle, setting the islands around them on fire. The KDF engage any megafauna trying to escape the blockade, but Komodithrax, BullDozer, and Jirass escape out into the open ocean.*

Godzilla and Yiemniak’s battle takes them near the newly discovered Mt. Kaidra.

Godzilla blasts the volcano with his atomic breath, causing an eruption of lava that engulfs the island they are fighting on.

As the Yiemniak burns, the more heat-resistant Godzilla repeatedly blasts Yiemniak down to 95% of its body mass and returns to sea.

The few remaining blackened chunks of Yiemniak are taken to G-Base 01 on Adonoa Island.


*A rare instance of non-supernatural kaiju working in concert.

-From the Official Timeline (2007 Edition)

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