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General Recommendations


Generally not a fan of too broad threads, but as we are still a bit low on traffic maybe it could get us talking.

Recommend any and all interesting written fanwfanworks of any and all or even no fandom. Original stuff is fine as well. Please do not post recommendations without a summary and/or reasoning why you recommend checking it out.

Stating what/why you didn't like a story someone else recommended is fine, but taste differs and there is nothing wrong with a story you don't like getting recommended. So keep the de-reccing and especially any arguments it may trigger a bit on the low, alright?

I will make a start with some of my favourites.

Psi Effect
Mass Effect / X-Com crossover; ~400k words; wip
SB ff.net

Humanity won the war of the x-com games, developed further and found the mass relays. This story is about contact with the citadel.
Actually it is about one of humanities black-ops Operations in Citadel Space, before and after official contact. It features a very alien humanity and one of our main POV characters is a wacky Asari providing us with a more conventional/outside look at it (as well as comic relief).

The story is a bit of beast, very long running and very slow updating, but don't be intimidated, it's great.

I strongly recommend reading on SB as opposed to ff.net. First because the author is a bit lazy with updating, so the later is always quite a bit late and second because the SB thread contains an ridiculous amount of additional content in form of omakes, many small and large stories playing in the same universe. From news reports over the experiences of new and old characters to cooking shows. They are most definitely worth a look.

I will end with a warning. There is an almost indecent amount of porn in this story. Food porn, that is.

Worm; 34k words; complete

One of the many, many worm alt-power fics. This one is special though. It's basically the anti-thesis to worm and the premise is something like "what if getting powers really made your life on better?". Taylor's power gave her the ultimate "chill pill" and the whole story is one big fluff-fest.

Accidental Hero of the Galaxy
Mass Effect; 188k words; complete

What if Mass Effect 1 was a Ciaphas Cain novel?
Autobiography of Commander Shepard, self-desribed coward and pragmatist and his accidental saving of the Galaxy and rise as heroic idol.

Elder Scrolls (Oblivion) [familiarity not required]

Tells the quest of a penniless, alcoholic Kahjit trying to build a decent life in Cyrodil, stumbling from one misfortune into another. It is mostly written in text, but it is also heavily illustrated, often animated and sometimes comes with recommended music or even short video-clips. On at least one occasion it also included an optional, custom-made web-game playable directly on the site and narrating a part of the protagonists story. It is fucking beautiful.

The story of the protagonist is a bit dark/depressing. It gets better, but slowly and not constantly. It is a bit much for my taste and I have heard others dropping it because of it, but I highly recommend checking it out anyway. It is impressive and well written.
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Sage of Reason and Incomplete information

Pretty decent and has sequels. Avatar post-cannon


A must if you wanna survive in 40k


Good memories of this, one of my fav Worm stories.
https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11555588/1/Violet and https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11575324/1/Silver set in the same universe gives a competent if slightly OCP Jaune due to his power and enlightenment over the nature of Aura.

https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10972919/1/The-Evil-Overlord-List The only HP fic in my list that is not there for smut.

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