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General Fanfic Rec Thread

Baron Steakpuncher

Proletarian Puncher of Steaks
So i'm posting this thread so that anyone can post their favourite fanfics and/or ask for ones which fit their type.

To start off with i'll be recommending https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/intrepid-worm-au.337516/page-646#post-53568856 (Intrepid) by Cerulean on spacebattles.

Nearing 700,000 words, this is a monster of a fic which manages to create and interesting story dynamic and keep the characters interesting, whilst also adding to the worm universe and creating a whole nother layer of plot. Fair warning though, it does like its deus ex machina's and drags on a bit at times.

(Also if this is the wrong forum could a Mod please move the thread)

Baron Steakpuncher

Proletarian Puncher of Steaks


Asocial Quasisocialist

Behold, an actually good RWBY fic. With Sunset Shimmer, character development, actual foreshadowing, and better character interaction than canon. And somehow MLP names do a better job of following the RWBY settings naming convention than the OC's in Sarcobites entry.

But seriously, I've just archived binged it and it's great so just read it.

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