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Frozen in Carbonite

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So Basicly, it sounds a lot like how it went with with Deep Space Nine.

In some ways very similar. Set on a space station. A bunch of standalone-plot episodes early on that introduce the main characters. Then the big main plot arc comes in and there's no more "end of episode reset".
.. and it turns out there never was one. Things introduced casually in those early eps sooner or later come back, and turn out to matter.
I'm told that in America, a product can legally be called "chocolate" even if it contains exactly zero cocoa. So now they have tomato-free tomato sauce?
If you are seriously wanting to find God, the shelves of a modern-day supermarket are not where you should be looking.
Hey I've seen kids eat glue that looks just like this and they are now some of the most mid gas station attendants not on parole
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