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Ferrets, the ADHD kid of the mammalian world... and just as able to make you laugh so hard that you are in intense pain as they are to make you get bald by shenanigans that make you pull your hair out (like... stealing homework).


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Considering how tall Samus is...
6'03. Apparently unarmored. 198 pounds looks pretty swole on a dude even as tall as 6'04. I'm not saying she wouldn't be "bangable" but she'd definitely have some definition. There are plenty of hot fitness models.



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1 that's a bit risque, 2 that isn't unlike the few glimpses we see of Samus's physique. Indeed, that's buffer than her in the first game.

Reminder that she's a halfbreed, she likely has a denser muscle structure than normal humans.

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