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Early easy access to lights?


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Ok guys. So I've been thinking of kerosene lamps...
Let's say that there's a crystal. Insanely easy to find. Like, common and easy to find as quartz. Easy to carve and polish, too.
So this crystal has a very special property. It absorbs light. It's basically the equivalent of a light bulb. 1 hour of sun, equals to one 1.5 hours of light in darkness. No heat. Only in the visible spectrum.
Forget the breaking of the conservation of energy and it's molecular structure. What are it's societal effects of cheap and easy light with low infrastructural requirement?

P.S. Below a certain granularity, it stops glowing. So no, the ocean won't be glowing.


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So, a literal sunstone, then? I guess stone age peoples would learn stone polishing along with knapping flint.
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