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Frozen In Carbonite

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Cool Pictures Thread: Frozen in Carbonite edition


Cutest Mod
Apparently to compound the idiocy they had never cleaned the place of gunpowder residue.
Wow that's even worse. And I'm running on monkey brain logic here.

Gunpowder blow up, clean room frequently, tiring but necessary, rounds that shoot fire, magnesium very combustible, don't shoot fire rounds inside room, very bad for smoke, and gun can start fire. That's the monkey logic I'm running on.

Aaron Fox

SB's Minor Junker Descendant and Hunter of Nazis

This is the SS Imperator, pride of the Hamburg-Amerika line and one of the biggest competitors to the British giants Cunard and White Star (and, oddly enough, rumor that the Hamburg-Amerika Line building up to these behemoths alongside the Kaiser class of Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) influenced White Star to create the Olympic class). The Imperator class was one of the LARGEST cruise liners of it's day (the Imperator herself was clocked at 909 feet long from stem to stern, 913 with the eagle slapped at the bow, outdoing the Olympic class by a fair margin while her sister, the Bismark, was 956 feet long...), and were some of the most modern ships of their day. The forerunner of the class -the Imperator herself- at the beginning of her career was known as a 'drunken roller' and was sent to dock after her first season to rectify this. Even with her initial shortcomings, she and others of her class were known as 'first class hotels' and would be shored up during World War 1 (or in the case of the Vaterland, staying in dock in the US). The entire class were considered deficient in terms of the 'meta' of sorts for Trans-Atlantic shipping at the time, where it wasn't the rich that was the money maker but the immigrants... but they did show that what would become associated with the cruise lines of today were viable (Germany, oddly enough, had a tendency to have this sort of thing happen to them... as the Zeppelin lines were the predecessors of the modern air line).

The Imperator and her sisters would be given to the Allies as war respirations (or in the case of the Vaterland, seized in port), with the Imperator herself being given to Cunard Line with SS Bismark and SS Vaterland being given to White Star and United States Lines respectively as the Majestic and Leviathan respectively. The Vaterland would become the Olympic of the trio, as she kept carrying record breaking numbers of passengers into the 1920s but poor management kept screwing her over... which caused her to be scraped between 1935 and 1938...

... and to be honest, they're beautiful ships for their era. The Olympic and Imperator classes had been neck and neck in terms of how beautiful ships of the era can be.

Baron Steakpuncher

Proletarian Puncher of Steaks

I want you all to look at this guy. This here is a bull Elephant, it is 300 million years worth of awesome packed into about 8 tonnes of flesh and bone. And not just any bull, this guy is a Tusker, an elephant like those alive in the days on Hannibal and Scipio. Humans used elephants like these, before the pressures of our hunting ones with large tusks, to fuck-up each other on scales beyond your freaking imagination. But this guy? This guy is alive in the 21st fucking century, he hasn't just survived the normal pressures of being an elephant, he's had to survive ever dumb ass SOB who wants to use his tusks like expensive viagra and thought he'd be an easy target. He isn't just a badass, he's like the Chuck fucking Norris of Elephants.

This Elephant is awesome.

Aaron Fox

SB's Minor Junker Descendant and Hunter of Nazis

A request came through, and boy are they nice looking machines. :)

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