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CERN's Ambitious Plan to Build the Largest Particle Smasher Ever


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I thought this might be of interest. This crazy awesome stuff has piqued my interest as of the past few years. Do you think the new collider will find evidence of sypersymmetry? Do you think it will even get the funding necessary to get off the ground?


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I knew of the European one, I didn't know about the Chinese one, interesting. Given the timeframes for the start of construction (as early as 2022 vs 2040 at the earliest) I imagine the Chinese one will get built first, and the European one won't get off the ground as a result. Unlike Europe, China actually has a national prestige motivation for building the next generation of collider, so they're going to throw the billions at the project, while the Europeans are (rightfully) concerned about the fact that the new colliders are not expect to find any new evidence that would justify the cost, especially if the Chinese have already built a collider of similar capability.
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