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Modern Celene's random findings and curiosities



Hey, so Recently I tend to find weird quirks of war and interesting tid bits. I thought I'd use this place to share them. as well as ask questions to those knowledgeable

To start us off.

This was a Japanse KI 84 Hayate taken by the Americans tested intact. eventually fitting superior fire systems onto it. The planes performance seemed to have at least made it test worthy up into 1946 which isn't surprising giving the potential output of the Homare engine the KI 84 had. Which would have probably been a malfunctioning curiosity for american engineers and such.


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I find it weird the British didn't give much consideration for the Owen gun. It's simple to build, reliable and from what I saw in several Youtube vids, an acceptable shooter.



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A corpse of a random Wermacht dude we've been using as a road sign in 1942. Don't ask.

The insides of Halifax after a sortie, 1942.

Hiroshima, before and after you know what, 1945.



Japanese early planning Battleships. 8 Eighteen inch guns, these were actually going to be built, so they had certainly moved past the design stage at least somewhat.

Folding wing JU 87 made for carrier service, which for Germany never really came to fruition.


As you can see here is the Zuiho with its Interesting camouflage. In the vein of a battleship when seen from above.
I've always liked the iterations of Nagato's mast.

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