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Cast from Injustice 2 vs Cast from Smash bros ultimate


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  • In character but forced to work together at winning for their world's safety by Zeno and Mr.Mxy's request.
  • random encounter
  • Win by OHKO,Incap and kill
  • Standard Gear/equipment/weapons
  • Injustice Roster with feats from injustice comics and new 52/rebirth
  • Smash Characters with feats from their games
  • Begin visible
  • Begin 20 meters apart
  • The fight takes place here;
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What are the strongest feats of the Injustice characters? Because Pre-SGW Sonic has quite a bit of speed and durability feats.
Iirc superman with yl amp and fear of earth humans pushed ganthet and mogo/planet to the sun. Situational tho

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