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Brazilian Fascist wins the 2nd round of Presidential Elections

Rufus Shinra

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I don't need to say how bad this is. Jair Bolsonaro, a Far Right Senator, has entered the second round of presidential elections with ~46% of the vote. His rival is a PT Minister who got ~29%. Barring a miracle, Bolsonaro is going to get in and oh boy is it going to be disastrous for Brazil.
It surprised noone, TBH. The mainstream parties in Brazil are, IIRC, absurdly corrupt and are actively dodging all responsibility for their shit while Brazil itself suffers from an economic and violence crisis that fucks everyone not rich enough to pay bodyguards.

This is gonna suck for the country.


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"Brazilian fascist"

Ok... Who is he gonna purge the country from??? I mean Brazil is made of a hodge podge of minorities? Who is the Great Enemy? Jew and Soros aside I mean.
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"Brazilian fascist"

Ok... Who is he gonna purge the country from??? I mean Brazil is made of a hodge podge of minorities? Who is the Great Enemy? Jew and Soros aside I mean.
No muslims around so either pardos or black people.

Baron Steakpuncher

Proletarian Puncher of Steaks
Hopefully he doesn't win but if he does then things will get interesting, depending on how dedicated he is to the fouler parts of his ideology.


Some of his quotes here

"The son starts to look like that, kind of a little gay, takes a leather and changes his behavior."
In a debate on TV House in 2010

"I will not fight or discriminate, but if I see two men kissing in the street, I'll knock."
After the then president FHC hold a flag with the colors of the rainbow in defense of the union homoafetiva, in May of 2002

"I do not take that risk, my children were very well educated."
In response to Preta Gil, about what she would do if her children related to a black woman or to homosexuals, in the program CQC, de Band

"Women should earn less because they get pregnant. When she returns [from maternity leave], she will have another month's vacation, meaning she worked five months in a year. "
In an interview with the newspaper Zero Hora in February 2015

"The mistake of the dictatorship was to torture and not kill."
In participation in the Panic program of Jovem Pan radio in July 2016

"Pinochet should have killed more people."
On the Chilean dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in an interview to the magazine Veja, edition 1575, of 2 of December of 1998

"At the time of the dictatorship, they should have shot some 30,000 corrupt, starting with President Fernando Henrique."
In May of 1999, in a TV program, in defending the closing of the National Congress

"You can be sure that if I get there (Presidency of the Republic) you will not have money for NGOs. If it depends on me, every citizen will have a firearm in the house. It will not have a centimeter demarcated for indigenous reservation or quilombola. "
...sounds like a lovely guy.


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Oh. So he is certain to lose.

Welp I never thought I would be alive to see a bonna fide fascist gain power in a major nation.
Well do not forget, unlike the United States, Brazil has some experience in changing governments due to having men in uniforms taking charge.

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