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Well, when I was picturing it in my head, the major problem that small size on a vehicle of that weight (the Black Knight is 12 tons, this vehicle just slightly more than double that) is ground pressure, allowing a turret that can accept the elevation capability (given that newer IFVs are having AA-grade gun elevation like the Griffin 3... and they're in the same ball park as the M2) to target higher skyscraper targets (which means 85 degrees), have a respectable ammo load for the autocannon, and fitting the entire AI assembly and the powerplant that is capable of powering that and everything else is going add up. This has to go across multiple types of terrain mind you.

Also, don't believe me that newer IFVs are getting AA-grade gun elevations, the Griffin 3 would like to have a word with you (and this is a close development with the US Army mind you):
Let us move this discussion to your thread.


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Sorry for being out of contact. The stomach acids returned and it's only been since yesterday that I wasn't weak with pain.

Anyway, before getting into @Mondor 's request - I've been experimenting some more.

Trying for paper textures and color mixing in Paint Tool Sai it's really obvious that it's fakely processed digital art.

Is this digital or real?


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Hey, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with a project. It's big and acquires a lot of work so I don't want to put any unneeded stress on you, but I'll talk to you more about it if you're interested or if you change your mind down the line.



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If it's something simple like a 400x400 avatar for FiC, just throw it out there and I'll get to it when time permits. :)
Thanks then mate! :D

Anywho, what I was thinking is-
This as the general position, but zoomed in more on the face, so no upper body really needed. With a darker tone as well if possible rather than sunny like this example.

Draw it like a full body costume and mask, with the centre of the face being dominated by red and have it going out to the halfway point on the eyes, rest of the eyes area in white then blue for the rest. Please focus on the central part concerning the flag, you can ignore the / crosses.

Going back to the position part, have it with the goggles on but the hands are just about ready to let go of them, oh, and make the goggles a bit slimmer than how they are here in this example if you can, please.

Finally, if it is not too much trouble, can you have the eyes sparking with an effect similar to what the front dude has?

If you can work with this, that will be wonderful, but tell me if there's any problems with my request!

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