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Bigger bad quest

Boy meet abomination


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You were a child born from a special family. A union of two old traditions, and two special persons.

However, even without your bloodline, you were born special.

Ever since you could understand thing, they have been there with you. The beings that was always behind you like a shadow that no one can see. When you grow up and get into anime, you were interested in Jojo and start calling them stands. Beings that would always stand by you.

From the moment you were born beings that would absolutely frighten even the most hardened veteran to death was by your side, singing a song of lullaby in a strange voice that only you can hear. And you

[] Love them. More than your parents, they are the one who raise you
[] Treat them as friends, who will be there for you, no matter what
[] Withdraw from them. You are afraid of them

The being that was always with you was

[] A wrinkled giant head of a man hanging from the ceiling with four arms dangling in the air. Despite his scary appearance, he is the kindest to you (Bigger bad)
[] A seething lump-ball made out of countless corpses. The corpses do not speak, however the being care about you. (Bigger bigger bad)
[] A statue that depicts everything. Everything. EVERYTHING. The closer you look, the more you see, creatures of every kinds and shapes beneath the statue. It cares about your safety, but you have the feeling in the grand scheme of thing, it has greater purpose (Biggest bad)
[] All three (God of evil)


Bean Daddy
[X] Treat them as friends, who will be there for you, no matter what

[X] All three (God of evil)
The three stooges


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[X] Treat them as friends, who will be there for you, no matter what
[X] All three (God of evil)

They are your friend and you touch them with your little fingers.

The friends who will be with you no matter what. The master of doll touch you back gently, the nicest of them all. He looks just a giant creepy doll, you decide to call him Dolly.

The giant ball of corpses does not speak, but he care for you. Whenever you go, you see an apparition of corpses watching over you. The corpsey float in the air like a ball, and so you decide to call him Rolly

It is the third one that is troublesome.

The being always open its mouth to snap at everything, but Dolly snaps back at it with his multiple arms while Rolly feeds it a multitude of corpses to keep it quiet.

Since it is so ruly, you decide to call it Ugly.

However, you can feel that Ugly care about you.

It is because you are it after all. An important part of it. You are all of them, all three of them.

The Dolley forms the head of an entity.

The Balloon corpses forest form the body.

And the bed of endless monsters form the rest of the entity.

You feel that despite their appearance, the entity will never let anything happen to you because you are them.

Your family life was peaceful. The story starts when you were

[] 1 year old. Your parents discover your 'talents' quite early
[] 8 years old. An incident happened when you were a wee kid who can go to places
[] 14 years old. After an incident when you were 8, your family move from England to Japan, your mother's ancestral home
[] 16 years old. Ever since the incident of your childhood, you have been keeping it on the down low. One day, for inexplicable reason, your best friend since childhood told you that she has found a new "master"... dragging you violently into the supernatural world


Cutest Mod
[X] 16 years old. Ever since the incident of your childhood, you have been keeping it on the down low. One day, for inexplicable reason, your best friend since childhood told you that she has found a new "master"... dragging you violently into the supernatural world


Bean Daddy
[X] 16 years old. Ever since the incident of your childhood, you have been keeping it on the down low. One day, for inexplicable reason, your best friend since childhood told you that she has found a new "master"... dragging you violently into the supernatural world
Kyo - 16 years old


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[X] 16 years old. Ever since the incident of your childhood, you have been keeping it on the down low. One day, for inexplicable reason, your best friend since childhood told you that she has found a new "master"... dragging you violently into the supernatural world

You are 16 years old, at the golden age of your youth. Currently you are living in Japan after an incident in London makes your family move back to Japan, your mother's home country.

Dad assures you that everything will be fine, but here you are, having to dye your hair black to not be bullied. It is hard to be a hafu. Thankfully your eyes take after your mom. Sometime you wish your dad wasn't your dad.

But no, your dad is your dad. It is them who are at fault.

Sometime you resent your grandfather for forcing your mother's hand causing the family to move back to Japan. You think you would have been happier moving to America like dad said. Dad owns a successful supermarket chain in the UK that expanded into the US.

After the UK-uh- the US chain is still going strong.

You would have really been happier in the US, you think.

Well, after you were ten, the bullying stopped suddenly as if nothing has happened. But the damage is already done.

During all of that, the only truest friend has been...


And that is fine by you.


The three figures by your side have been remarkably calm so far, after England-uh- after the event, they have been remarkably obedient in order not to hurt you anymore.

Even though there was a few times you have to dissuade them from eating your classmates, you have grown up remarkably well.

After all of that time, you have grown used to them.

Rolly stays at your time at all time and is the calmest of them all, being the biggest offender in the UK incident. It is staying calm as if it knows it has been a bad boy. You have started to forgive it, the "crime against humanity" and the "London massacre" is far and away and not something you can really comprehend.

The therapist in Japan recommend that you don't look at any information relating to that incident to worsen the trauma so that may have been the contributing factor. As long as you know, none of the servants in the house allows any information involving the incident to get near you.

Dolly sometimes disappears into the urban city of Tokyo for a few days. It is its nature. It is the one who care about you the most, but you know it doesn't want to hurt you so it goes away those few days.

You don't know what it goes into the city for, you don't ask. But every time it leaves, it will bring back a new doll.

You leave the doll in your bedroom.

You have thousand now, it looks like a small shrine for dolls.

At night, sometime it feels as if the dolls are alive, but Dolly shuts them all of. And that is fine. You have a friend in Dolly.

The servants don't ask questions, and it is better that they don't ask. Dolly almost chops them up the time they try to clean up the dolls before you intervene.

And Ugly...

Sometime it disappears for months on end, and unlike Dolly, it is not responsible enough to tell you where it is going. It would just disappear one day and reappear a few months later. You can't even say if it was in Tokyo, because Ugly is big. Like really, really Big. If it was in Tokyo, you would have known. It just disappears one day and reappear a few days later.

But it's okay because they are just obeying their nature.

I can't really fault them for obeying their nature.

If they don't obey their nature they will die, just like if the bully don't bully you, they will die. And when you were 10 years old, they stopped bullying you, so they all died.

Dolly is restraint for your sake, while Rolly is fed after- uh- England, but Ugly is not satisfied nor is it restraint.

And that is fine.

For 16 years of your life, you have been living a peaceful life, that is until all of it shatters.

One day your best friend since childhood walks to your table. You thought you already told her this before but you don't want her to approach you at school. But this time, you Aki looks serious. She was cute with her ponytail when she was young, you don't know why she changes it when she was older. Perhaps it was because she knew you like her ponytail so she changes it because she doesn't like that you like it.

For some reason, Dolly was hissing and staring at her from the start. Aki looks flushed like a girl in love today, but not with you though, never with you, so you hope none of the boy makes any misunderstanding.


"Ya. What is it Aki?"

"I have a new master."

She looks like a maiden in love

[] "What are you even on about?" Concern
[] "Ya. Good for you." Dismissive
[] "But what does that have to do with me?" Annoyed


Cutest Mod
[X] "What are you even on about?" Concern


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[X] "What are you even on about?" Concern

"Are you alright?" You ask. She does not seem to be in the right state of mind, a bit agitated perhaps. Or she could just be excited.


"Do you need to lie down for a bit?"

The three friends behind you only glance curiously over her direction for a moment. They do not care about your friend, only you, Kyo.

"Ugh n-no Kyo... U-gh. I mean, I found a master for magic."

...That sound like something a crazy person would say.

"So Aki what's this master of your like?" I ask semi-joking.

"That's the thing Kyo, you should come."


"My master asks that I brought him my most precious person."

For some reason, you hear a growl behind you. Dolly was the first one to move, always the most protective. However, for some reason, you feel that in this situation, Dolly seems to have experience with these kind of case.

Dolly is familiar with the method so to speak. Both of your mind connect closely, but you can never truly see what he sees because it's too alien. But you know that Dolly has a kind of history. He has a favorite 'meal' so to speak.

The first doll that Dolly brought home was a burned doll that has a lot of burn scar, a few month later, quietly, in a newspaper collumn, a serial arsonist has stopped his streak of destruction.

Another doll that Dolly brought home was some kind of upside down doll, hanged by the neck. That same day, the police issue an emergency statement about a serial killer escaping during mysterious circumstances. He was never found again.

The serial killer was cruel and notorious for capturing his victims, leaving them to starve before hanging them in their emancipated state.

The point is that Dolly is usually quite good with these kind of case.

But you think that he is just overreacting.

You raise a hand to push back the multiple knives-like apendage from Dolly.

"Sure sure Aki, let's go."


At least it was in school. You seriously thought Aki was going to bring you to some dark damp creepy house on the corner of street or something. On the way there, you notice a few thing. The more you follow Aki, the more the scenery seems to change.

It could be another one of those panic attack those. However, Ugly is grabbing at everything on the way hungrily, eating it all up. Even Dolly looks tempted, so you know something was there.

Food perhaps.

Only Rolly is still full until this point.

You remember the day of the incident, Rolly has his full.

So what do you do

[] Sure let's them eat
[] Perhaps it is impolite to do something like that


When you arrive at the back of the school, there was a few piece of clothing on the floor. You see an old man sitting on the floor. He was drawing something on the floor with a manic grin on his face, surrounded by those pieces of clothing.

"Kyo, let me introduce you to my master."


You were looking behind his back. There was a smoking hot woman with red hair and a tail in the room, and both Aki and the old man acts as if they don't see her. With the right voice, you mutter something under your breath like

"So this is the actions of an enemy stand?"

The barely dressed woman walk toward your direction, her hand linger on the laughing old man who was looking at you. Then she brushed her hand over Aki, who fell on the floor, her actions not fit for your eyes.

There is a smell in the air that seems hard to miss.

The woman ignore the old man and Aki and walk over to you

"Give in to your deepest desire and I will be your completely."

Dolly is hissing, Rolly is quiet, while Ugly's tentacle is awfully close to her. And yet she acts like she does not see them. So, something that normal people can't see, can't see your invisible friends?

[] "You too shall be my doll"
[] "Do you find yourself important?"
[] "Existence does not have meaning"


Cutest Mod
[X] Perhaps it is impolite to do something like that

[X] "You too shall be my doll"


Bean Daddy
[X] Perhaps it is impolite to do something like that

[X] "You too shall be my doll"
The new doll


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[X] Perhaps it is impolite to do something like that

You shoo the three friends forbidding them from eating the scenery. They reacts with some grumbling but with a firm stance, they finally obey you. Ugly sneakily tries to eat something though.

[X] "You too shall be my doll"

Is it cool enough to be your catchphrase?

Well, it is just some work in progress. You will find something better. However, that is the cue for Dolly to go ham on her. You walk over and help Aki up before checking up on the old man. The man is frozen in place, his entire body was hard. Every muscles in his body has tensed.

Behind you, Dolly is unsheathing all of its various apendage. Everything is a weapon. The hot woman reacts angrily to your dismissal of her, but that anger was soon replaced by pain when Dolly puts his hand on her.

You realize that she really doesn't see Dolly, which makes it harder for her. She can't even see the various hands stabbing her.

Dolly prepare some strings for something. He was about to sew her up when the woman reacts. She somehow- teleport?

She moves backward from her original position. However, it is just a short distance. You think that she can't actually run away.

"What are you?"

At that moment, probably thinking that it was taking too long, Dolly takes out a blank, faceless doll. He twists the doll's head, which translate to the woman's neck popping with a great crack.

But somehow, it didn't affect her as much as the doll. While the doll's head is twisted in a 360 degree angle, her neck only pops a little. She is just spitting blood from her mouth, not dead yet.

From what you know, when she is fully affected by the doll, she will truly become a doll, the blank doll in Dolly's hand.

But you still don't understand how she hasn't died. It is a voodoo doll right? Shouldn't she reacts just like the doll.

For example, you instruct Dolly to throw the doll into the air, the woman was bodily thrown into the air too, but it was at a much shorter distance than the doll. You believe this is something called "Resistance"

The greater someone's resistance is, the harder it is for Dolly to do its thing.

That's where all the knife like appendages come into play. If someone resists, Dolly will just stab them repeatedly.

Well, you could let Dolly have his fun for now. When you check up on the old man, you discover some unpleasant thing. The old man's mouth is stuck in the permanent smile. It has gone rigid, and he is... hard

"Don't you know that it is not good for man your age to get too excited?" You say, dreading to think about the current state of Aki who is leaning on you.

What the fuck is this woman really?

And she has the gall to try and use her victim to lure in some more people.

"Let's get you both out of here."

Rolly, the giant ball of corpses in the sky, was kind enough to drop down two corpses. The corpses are sanitized, draped in bandage for the sake of your sanity. They help you pick up Aki and the old man and try to bring them out of there.

Hurriedly, you want to leave the room and bring both people to the nurse office for check up.

"No you don't."

And then the red haired woman did something incredibly stupid. She actually throws a fireball at your direction.

You didn't know that in the real world, people can throw fireball. Is this an action manga?

But, the friend that is playing with her at the moment is Dolly. That means right now, you still have Rolly and Ugly by your side.

And they are pissed.

Everyday you don't actually see the sun, because hanging over your head is a giant bloated ball of corpses.

And right now, the corpses rain down endlessly from the sky. Some of them cover for you while the other shamble toward the woman. They swarm her incredibly quickly. Thousands of hands take a hold of her and yank. While it has been quiet lately, Rolly is incredibly gentle toward you, only second after Dolly. When you are in danger, at least you know that Rolly will throw an endless wave of corpses just for your sake.

While Ugly-

-Wait, what is Ugly doing?

You look down at your feet, in your shadow, Ugly is like an otherworldly realm where everything in the world is fused into one single organism.

And right now, one of the single tentacle open its toothy mouth and something is coming out of it. It is a shining light.

Ugly you idiot! Everything was under control!

Before your eyes, a bright light came out of your shadow and headed toward the woman. Before she could react, the light vaporize her, as well as a portion of the gym and the yard behind it.

Shit, was anyone standing there?

Ugly didn't act remorseful at all! It even waves its other tentacle as if saying, it could have used the bigger tentacles!

That damn unruly eldritch abomination!

Quietly, because Dolly acted quickly, a doll in the shape of the woman drops on the floor. Dolly picks it up, fixes up the tear before tossing it over to you. You pick it up and look carefully. It really does look like the woman in red.

Well, now to care about bringing Aki and the old man out of here

"Don't move."

You lurch when you feel something cold on your throat. Before you could react, countless strange people was surrounding you. They all appear as if from nowhere.

They are all wearing black with a blindfold over their eyes. They don't even look alive.

Currently, they are literally at your throat. However, you know that with Rolly above and Ugly beneath your feet, it is not easy for them to hurt you.

Right now, all three friends look pissed.

You don't like the look of Dolly when he is pissed. His giant head turned red, and all knives was taken out. In its arm, there was countless dolls, he looks like he is about to stab all the dolls.

The shape that is called Rolly moves unnaturally. The giant ball of corpses morph into different shape before something pops out. A giant hole that expose the core of Rolly. It looks like it is about to do something.

Ugly is-

Uh oh

[] Let the chip fall where they might. Hopefully with the commotion Rolly, Dolly and Ugly cause, nobody will recognize you in the aftermath.
[] "This is what you want right?" Dolly may disapprove but you wave around your new doll. They probably come for her right? You are not the bad guy here
[] "This is what you want right?" You wave your new doll around, summoning the power of Dolly's new doll to use against the new assailant. She looks like she could freeze people in place with lust right?
[] Surrender peacefully, but point out that there is an old man and a girl that need emergency medical support right about now


Cutest Mod
[X] Surrender peacefully, but point out that there is an old man and a girl that need emergency medical support right about now

Well, I certainly didn't expect that to happen.


Bean Daddy
[X] Surrender peacefully, but point out that there is an old man and a girl that need emergency medical support right about now


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You surrender peacefully for their sake. It would be bad if what befalls London would befall Tokyo too.

"You should take care of them." You say while they take you away, putting blindfold on your eyes.

"I don't know why but they are extremely aroused." While all of this is happening, you hid away the red new doll. You can feel it next to you. It swirms with a hot touch. But it couldn't escape its doll form. For the rest of its life, it is joining the rest of the collection. It has truly become your doll.

You don't know what they were doing, but you think that they checked. You hear a rustling sound. A beat later, there was silence

"You pervert."

You accuse them.


The men in black captures you for an indeterminable amount of time, during that time, you didn't hear anything about Aki and the old man who was her "master" in magic. Are they alright? What happened to them? And how long are they going to hold you here?

In the room there was no sound except for the sound of shuffling corpses, the sound of string moving and the sound of gurgling. At least you know that the three entities are still here with you.

Finally, someone comes in.

"Are they ready to talk now?"

So they were trying to psychologically intimidate you?

"I'm sure you will regret this." You told them

"I doubt it."

"Are you the police? The magical one I mean? I have connection in high place. You should double and triple check it."

The man slams your face into the table. You stay quiet after that. In the background, the noises were intensifying. You quiet them down with your presence. They are dangerous just by existing. It is unfair to anyone to let them loose. A few people being absolute cunts should not be an excuse to unleash a weapon of mass destruction.

"What was you doing there?" The man asks authoritatively.

"My friend Aki told me that she found a master in magic. I follow her to the gym and found an old man drawing on the floor." You told him.

"Were you behind the destruction? Did you did that to the woman and the headmaster?"

That was the headmaster? You haven't seen him since the beginning of the year.

"No, I was not." A half truth

"That was a lie."

The man says

"Record that down" The man told somebody else.

"Listen here. You may act like a punk as much as you want, but in here, everything you say will be used again you. So lie again you little punk, not only you but your entire family will be dragged into this."

You glance up at him through the blindfold.

You decide to stay silent.

"What is your name?"

"Narushima Kyo. But I would prefer it if you call me by my birth name, Kyo Crows."

The man was about to say something when he shuts up.


You were let go in the next hour. You still don't know about the whereabout of Aki and the headmaster. You go home, being escorted in a car with black window.

No one says anything, you are used to the oppressive silence by now.

When you go home, you heard your grandfather talking, screaming at someone

"A damn summoning gone wrong and they have the gut to accuse him of the crime? This is an insult not to just my daughter but to the entire Narushima family as a whole."

When he saw you, his anger lessen, and his voice calms

"You fix this right now."

He told the man who was rapidly retreating.

So you got out thank to the influence of the man that you hate the most in the world.

Suddenly, the ever stern old man cracked a smile

"So you got involved finally.

Great job."

What did he mean by that. You can never tell with the old man.

"You may go back to your room. I will handle this."

'What about my friend?' You were about to say but you are not sure how the old man will handle it. Basically, you feel more at ease leaving Aki in the hand of violent cops than the old man.

You should have known that the old man know about the magic world though. When you was young, when you still remember the face of your father, he once demonstrated a very special clock trick that the young you could only swear is magic.

[] No more. Today is the day you will kill the old man, it wouldn't even be that hard
[] Quietly, you retreat back to your room. Another day passes without anyone telling you anything.
[] An act of rebellion, demand that he answers
[] An act of maliciousness. Mention words by the words the thing your interrogator told you. They are never having a career again.


Cutest Mod
[X] An act of rebellion, demand that he answers
Confrontation New


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[] An act of rebellion, demand that he answers

You slam the door shut with one of your friend's apendage. From the point of view of everyone else, it must have looked like it slams shut on it own.

"We need to talk old man."

You know that it isn't polite, but screw politeness, you are getting your answer today.

The old man frowns, you can see that he is deciding what to do.

"Now, whatever shall it be Kyo?"

The old man smiles sweetly at you, but you are just sick of it.

"Don't play dumb with me. I'm tired of all the years of game. I'm tired of all the secret, I'm tired of you. With what you did to me, I have half the mind to snap your neck and be done with it, but I won't. You are more valuable to me alive than dead. Today, I'm getting my answer."

You can see the frown now.

"And what did I do to you boy? I raise you up properly, into the man that you are today instead of a normal dirty foreigner who is constantly abroad, doing business without even coming back to see his father in law."

"You should know that mother hate you too, not just my father."

You stated a fact.

And that was the breaking point. It struck a nerve

"How dare yo-" You can see him raising his hand for something.

"-Very well. Today, I'm educating you yourself." The old man suddenly says. You could see that the old man is up to something. A darkness that only your eyes can see gather around him, but the darkness is pale, pitiful compare to what happened in London, to what the peak of your friend could do. So you close your eyes.

You have already been prepared so there is no surprising you today.

A meaty thud happened just in your ear range.

You open your eyes, the old man is spawling on the floors with multiple corpses dogpiling him, multiple hands take hold of him, crushing him down. The strength of a man is often useless in the face of hundreds. And if a hundred is not enough, a thousand, a million, and even more.

That is the true nature of your second friend, Rolly.

While Dolly has a straight forward personality, Rolly is a bit difficult in that he constantly tells you that individuality means nothing, and a single person is meaningless in the grand scheme of thing.

It happened on Remembrance Day. You are remembering the day Rolly committed his unforgivable sin.

On that day, the people of Britain commemorate the war fallen of the two World Wars.

Your father and mother took you out to a war cemetery in remembrance of war heroes. However, because you were young then, you couldn't keep all of your friend in control.

You suppose that being surrounded by so many graves as well as the idea of a soldier live being meaningless in the grand scheme of thing resonated so strongly with Rolly that it goes completely out of control.

It started with the war grave at first, but then every graveyard in London was raided for materials.

The dead rised up that day. Every single soldiers who died in war, every single grave in the vicinity of London and then the entirety of Britain was moving toward Rolly. They shuffle just like zombie and unlike your imaginary friend, the corpses were plain for every eyes to see.

On that day, the true form of Rolly appeared in the world, being surrounded by so many corpses.

A huge floating tumor made of corpses floated in thin air above London. A second moon appears to the eyes of the Londoner.

Even though the dead did nothing, the scene was so frightening that they almost nuked London. They didn't, but other measure was involved, and Rolly reacted badly defending itself.

You really felt that it was only you and your friend against the world on that day. But that is not here and then.

What is in front of you right now is your grand father, lies helplessly on the ground, being hold by hands that he can't even see.

He looked up at you, before finally resigning

"You've grown." He avoided your eyes.

You have an opportunity to ask him stuff before securities move in and thing get awkward

[] Ask about magic and if he has been hiding it from you
[] Ask about what happened at the school and what happened to the victims
[] Ask why he separated you from your parents
[] Ask about his connection to the current Prime Minister of Japan, as well as the secret police force
[] Write in
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Cutest Mod
[X] Ask about magic and if he has been hiding it from you


Bean Daddy
[X] Ask about magic and if he has been hiding it from you
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