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Astro Megaship (PRiS) vs. Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Chimaera (Star Wars Legends)


The Freak
Because I've really been reliving my childhood as of late...





  1. Canon: Composite PR for the Astro Megaship and Legends for the ISD II.
  2. Calcs: Mid-end.
  3. Starting range: 1000 KM
  4. Competence: Regular (Assuming the Chimaera is commanded by Gilad Pellaeon and not Thrawn, Daala or any of the other commanders of the Chimaera).
  5. Timeframe: Post-Countdown to Destruction for the AMS and c. 8 ABY for the Chimaera (Roughly one year before the Thrawn Campaign.
  6. PIS: Off.
  7. CIS: On.
  8. Morals: Standard per character.
  9. The AMS is allowed to transform into the Astro Megazord.
  10. If the Chimaera is too weak, replace it with the Chimaera as of the Fate of the Jedi Series. If it's still too weak, replace it with a Tector-class Star Destroyer.

Oh, and, set controls to outer space now. 🆒

Appropriate music:

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