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British Culture>Whatever pleb culture you have
Is it sock puppetry if you delete your main account beforehand?

Moderators, you heard the man. Hurry up and ban Yesman.
It’s been months but I only noticed your post now. I think that’s sufficient ground to ban that horrible, horrible man.


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Can we be able to invite more people to PM's? One of the annoying things on SB was only being able to invite six people. Can it it be more? (Or maybe even unlimited?)
That might be less of a staff or rules issue and more of a technical matter. If it's the latter, it might not be physically possible unless or until Xenforo releases an update that makes it possible. Of if it is possible, there could be a cost issue involved. Running a decent sized web forum isn't cheap, if such a capability is an option, would it raise the cost of operating and maintaining the forum?


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Question would it be okay to make an image thread for inappropriate pictures? Like offensive jokes and the like? Equal opportunity offensive?

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