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Apocalypse Fan Girls (Quest)


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In Victory City the end draws near. The apocalypse has begun and 3 world enders have been summoned by a young girl's experiments with the occult. These beings look and speak like humans, but have very alien mindsets. They told you that they only care for sating their hunger for destruction. You will play as the young one who started the apocalypse and bring the world to its knees.

Character Creation said:
You awake in your bed. You pull off your covers and begin to get up. You had just cast a spell yesterday from this totally scary old book you found at a used book store. Little did you know, your spell worked, and standing over you were three adult women dressed in dresses that seemed ethereal and ever changing. They introduced themselves:

"I'm Envy and I'm the Death Rain. My specialty is infiltrating groups with disguises made out of water. Pretty cool, huh~?" She teases, touching her fingertips beneath your chin.

"I'm Pride, the Death Flame. My specialty is reducing structures to ruins with cleansing fire. The world's gonna go out with a bang!" The Death Flame giggles.

"I'm Lust, the Death Cloak. My specialty is creating loyal soldiers and enchanted armor and weapons for you. Ahaha, doesn't that sound fun?" Lust asked.

"But who are you, Little Human?" The Death Rain got in your face.

Name Selection:
1. (Write-In)
2. Yvonne.
3. Rachael.
4. Jennifer.
5. Vanessa.

Once you tell them your name they all make various sounds of approval. They get in your face again as the Death Flame pokes your chest.

"Hey, you gotta tell us more about you! I like to know the kinda people I'll be fighting with." She pokes you again.

"Fighting? I thought when I cast that spell nothing would happen. I never thought we'd be doing any kind of fighting!" You protest squeakily, out of breath.

"Of course we're gonna make a little war! Now please debrief us on your life. I promise we won't judge you." Pride said.

Background Choices:
1. Upper Middle Class, stable family, troubles at school: You come from a household where your daddy is a doctor and your Mommy is a registered nurse. You grew up being cared for and loved. You have troubles at school where your peers believe that you're a stuck up beauty queen. Your parents' money and connections means that your needs materially were always provided for. You wear braces to correct your misaligned teeth. You feel unfulfilled with your peers as a result of bullying due to their beliefs about you being stuck up. You initiated the apocalypse to end the bullying at school.

2. Middle Class, unstable family, excel at school: You grew up in a working family. Your daddy makes good enough money repairing things and your Mommy stays at home to care for you. But things are not perfect, and your Mommy and daddy are unhappy with each other. Your Mommy will sometimes disappear for days at a time and your daddy drinks heavily. At school, to get away from such a environment, you pushed yourself to succeed. Your high grades mean many people believe you're a nerd. You aren't bullied but you're socially isolated by your stellar academic performance, except perhaps among the teachers, where your Creative Writing teacher has taken an interest in you. You initiated the apocalypse so people would be forced to be your friends.

3. Lower Class, loving family, terrible in school: You barely make ends meet. You struggle in school. You have hand-me-downs for clothes and your makeup comes from the dollar store. Still your parents love you and do whatever it takes to provide for you. As a result of often having to help out in family emergencies, you find yourself too busy to do most homework and at school you struggle because your family never placed much importance on education, just surviving to the next day. You initiated the apocalypse because you felt that everything in your life was out of your control.

4. Lower Class, unstable family, average in school, modeling opportunity: You are an unnoticed beauty. You live in a family that just barely makes it by, but you care about your appearance and figure, and do everything you can to look your best everyday. A talent scout saw you and wants you to come with her to a new city to be a model. Your family is consumed by infighting and sometimes you receive the brunt of it. You are average in school. Your best subject is Social Studies, your worst subject is PE. You initiated the apocalypse because you feel the world is broken and you're tired of being damaged by it.

5. Homeless: Your family kicked you out because you are a transgender woman and you were transitioning in secret. When the changes were too noticeable to hide your father saw you and both parents disowned you. You live on the streets. You may or may not patronize a shelter. You are moderately attractive and attract unwanted attention from the other people that see you on the streets. You initiated the apocalypse because you want to see the world burn for all it has done to you.

"And now, since you called us, you're one of us~ That means you get to take one of the remaining Sins and Elements, and their powers will be yours, girlfriend. Which ones do you choose?" Lust asked, her breath cold on your face as she gets in your personal space again.

Class Choices:

Gluttony, the Death Void: The Sin of Gluttony allows you to access the element of the Void. The Void is a never-ending well of darkness and consumes all light. You gain the powers to absorb heat and light, with a focus on short circuiting electrical systems. You can also devour lesser beings and take on their appearances. You gain superhuman durability, unable to be harmed by light bullets, blunt or sharp forces. You gain the ability to open voids to consume your enemies, send through rushing winds to toss and tear your surroundings, or to transport you through the Realm of the Endless Void to any location you know or have seen a picture of.

Wrath, the Death Flower: The Sin of Wrath allows you to access the elements that make up nature, granting control of the growth of plants. You can secrete venom from your pores and control it, create overgrowth to snare your enemies, cause beautiful plant life to bloom where none existed before and even animals heed your call. You can hear and speak to plants and animals. You gain the ability to secrete poisons and venom from your pores that can have any effects you want. Animals become your faithful friends and can be mobilized against your enemies.

Sloth, the Death Grave: The Sin of Sloth allows you access to the control of stone, sand, dirt, gravel, etc. You can summon vicious storms of massive debris to tear apart enemies and their structures alike. You can slow your foes down with quicksand beneath their feet, grasping and sucking them down. You can construct new shelters for yourself anywhere you go, so you never are without protection from the elements. You can cause massive earthquakes. You can sense what's happening in any part of the world within a miles-long radius (But this radius is not infinite so you can't be omnipresent or omniscient).

Greed, the Death Storm: The Sin of Greed gives you the ability to access the winds. You can travel by flying, suck the breath out of your enemies, use the winds to blow something towards or away from you. Your powers make you capable of insane feats of speed and dexterity that no human could match. You can turn invisible and cut your foes with invisible wind blades. You can also teleport to places you have been before and memorized. Last, your powers make you capable of telekinesis, able to cause people or items to float in the air and move in any direction you choose.

"Have you made your choice?" Envy asked, putting an arm around your shoulder.

"Last: What do we do first? What do you wanna do first? This ending the world thing is gonna take more than some new powers to achieve. I assume you hate your enemies and wish they knew what your life was like, huh?" She cooed.

Options for First Action:

1. Go to school like everything was normal.
2. Stay at home and plot the apocalypse with your new friends from there. You can fake sick by heating up the thermometer when Mom goes to another room.
3. Go into town and look around, claim you are going to school.
4. You really are sick and must stay at home to rest while learning more about what has happened.
5. Go to school and try to recruit friends to your cause.
6. (Write-In).
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