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Pre-Industrial An alternate 1740's and Beyond


Bean Daddy
December 16th, 1740

Lower Silesia, Kingdom of Prussia

When King Federick began to form his plans to invade Lower Silesia shortly after succeeding his father, he had expected some resistance from the understrength Austrian garrison.Which was to be expected due to the military and economic importance of the region. Hell the province provided about 10 percent of Austria’s tax revenue. The few thousand Austrian would put up a fight but he figured he could wipe them out with his roughly 27,000 troops and secure the region before the Austrians could send an army to push him back. That had been his expectation while his troops crossed the Oder.

What he had not expected was to met by confused Prussians and locals. Whose confusion was understandable as their King Frederick was supposed to be in winter quarters in Saxony. Not leading an army into Silesia. Receiving word from scouts he had sent out a few hours shortly after making contact with his technically subjects, he had begun to form a theory about this situation. A number of Prussian villages and cities from the year 1760, had been transported by presumably God along with the areas of Silesia under Prussian to this year shortly before his army had crossed the river.

Though if his suspicions were correct then the entire Kingdom of Prussia had been brought back. He pitied the judges that would have to sort out the mess that would be the countless land disputes that had been arising in these last few hours. Of course that would require further scouting and word from the rest of the province to ascertain if all of Prussia from the future had been stuffed into this region. Though while that still needed to be determined, what was clear was the next twenty years of history. He would’ve won what they would call the First Silesian War and the one after that.

A war the other him had started in 1756 had begun well though by 1760 had become somewhat dire. A situation he hoped to avoid for himself though for now he needed to presumably make contact with his older self if he had come along with the other Prussians. It would be interesting what advice and insight he would be able to impart to you. Also his advice for how to deal with having two Kings in Prussia. Before that could happen he would have to depart south with his army and find his future counterpart.

As his army organized itself to march after a short importou celebration with the future Prussians, he considered how the rest of Europe would react to what had happened and the knowledge of the future as it spread. He guessed quite a few would take it as a sign of God favoring Prussia while being displeased with the Austrians. Would Austria’s various enemies still dispute Maria Theressa succession to the throne or would they view as pointless wasting so much resources and men considering what would have happened. There was also considering how soon some of the other powers would come together to oppose your people. The balance of power had shifted and they would rightly be concerned who would be your next target.

They would come together all the sooner after your people first defeat and therefore something to avoid as long as possible. For now you would focus on the present and bring this current war to a quick close and afterwards plan how to secure a better position for Prussia.
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