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Pre-Industrial Alexander lives to an Old Age

There are two theories about how Alexander the Great died; either that he was poisoned, or that he died of a fever.

For this scenario, let us suppose that neither of those happens. Alexander miraculously recovers and is back up again shortly. Let's go further and suppose he lives to be 82 years old, surviving any other assassination attempts or illnesses that come his way.

How do you think the world would be changed by this?


Sage of Reason and Incomplete information
Hmm, it depends on what he wanted to do next. Did he have any plans to continue conquering?


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Given his wonderlust, youth and growing belief he actually IS Achilles?

Probably rest for a couple of years and then try for Rome or Carthage or both of them at the same time. My money goes to Carthage. If the Ancient Greeks had a massive hateon for someone other than the Persians, the Carthagenians were it.
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