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Al Fan Fiction and other writings discussion thread


So asked it to make an alternate history based off the Leaf recruiting many of the Kumo clans that would have joined Kumo. Then twice asked what would happen next. The first Raikage for some reason defected to maybe Kumo for some reason. Been doing prompts for other series and franchises and well you might get a very good sentence occasionally but otherwise it's either very bland or mediocre scenarios. I've heard some people say it other programs can produce very good fan fiction but I've yet to see that happen for one of my prompts.

In this alternate history, the Hidden Leaf Village was able to recruit many of the clans that would have formed the basis of Kumogakure, including the Raikage's own clan. This gave the Leaf a significant advantage in terms of military power, as they were able to utilize the unique abilities of the Kumogakure clans to bolster their own strength.

As tensions between the villages began to escalate in the years leading up to the First Shinobi World War, the Leaf found itself in a position of relative strength. The Kumogakure clans were fiercely loyal to the Leaf and were willing to fight to protect their new home.

When the war finally broke out, the Leaf was able to mount a formidable defense against their enemies. The Kumogakure clans, with their lightning-based abilities, were able to strike swiftly and effectively against their foes, dealing significant damage to the opposing forces.

The war was long and brutal, with each side suffering heavy losses. However, thanks in part to the Kumogakure clans, the Leaf was able to emerge victorious. The Raikage, who had once been a member of the Leaf's own military, was forced to accept defeat and make peace with his former comrades.

In the aftermath of the war, the Leaf emerged as the dominant force in the ninja world, with the Kumogakure clans playing a key role in their success. The Raikage, feeling a sense of betrayal by his own people, turned his back on Kumogakure and became a powerful rogue ninja, seeking revenge against the Leaf.

Despite this setback, the Leaf continued to thrive, using their newfound power and influence to establish peace and stability across the continent. The Kumogakure clans remained loyal to their new home, becoming an integral part of the Leaf's military and helping to defend their village against all threats.


In the years following the First Shinobi World War, tensions between the Hidden Leaf Village and the other ninja villages began to rise once again. The Raikage, still bitter over his defeat in the previous war, began to amass a powerful army of rogue ninja and began launching attacks on the Leaf's borders.

The Leaf, still reeling from the devastation of the previous war, struggled to mount an effective defense against the Raikage's forces. The Kumogakure clans, once again at the forefront of the Leaf's military, fought valiantly to protect their new home, but were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of their enemies.

As the war raged on, it became clear that the Leaf was not going to be able to hold out against the Raikage's forces. In a desperate attempt to turn the tide of the conflict, the Leaf turned to forbidden jutsu, unleashing a powerful and dangerous technique that had been banned for centuries.

The jutsu was successful in destroying the Raikage's army, but at a terrible cost. The technique unleashed a devastating wave of energy that destroyed much of the Leaf Village, killing thousands of innocent civilians and leaving the village in ruins.

The Kumogakure clans, who had once been the Leaf's most valuable allies, were horrified by what they had witnessed. They turned their backs on the Leaf, feeling betrayed by the use of such a destructive and dangerous jutsu. The Kumogakure clans left the Leaf Village and returned to their own homeland, vowing to never again ally themselves with the Leaf.

In the aftermath of the war, the Leaf was left devastated and alone. The Kumogakure clans, once their greatest allies, had turned against them, and the other ninja villages remained hostile and resentful. The Leaf was forced to rebuild from the ground up, relying on their own strength and ingenuity to survive in a world that had turned against them.

In the wake of the devastating conflict between the Hidden Leaf Village and the rogue forces of the Raikage, the ninja world was plunged into chaos. Tensions between the remaining villages reached an all-time high, and many feared that another war was inevitable.

As it turned out, those fears were not unfounded. Within a few short years, the various ninja villages were once again at each other's throats, engaging in a bitter and brutal conflict that would come to be known as the Second Shinobi World War.

The war was fought on many fronts, with each village employing a variety of tactics and strategies to gain the upper hand. The Hidden Leaf Village, still reeling from the devastation of the previous conflict, was forced to rely heavily on its own military might, as many of its former allies had turned against them in the aftermath of the first war.

Despite this setback, the Leaf was able to hold its own against its enemies, thanks in no small part to the fierce determination and loyalty of its ninja warriors. The Kumogakure clans, who had once been the Leaf's most valuable allies, remained neutral in the conflict, unwilling to become embroiled in another destructive war.

As the war dragged on, the various ninja villages began to realize the toll that the conflict was taking on their people and resources. Many began to seek out ways to end the war, whether through diplomatic means or outright surrender.

Eventually, a tentative peace was brokered, with each village agreeing to a set of terms that would ensure the cessation of hostilities. The Hidden Leaf Village, having emerged from the conflict relatively unscathed, emerged as the dominant force in the ninja world, with the other villages forced to recognize their power and influence.

Despite the relative calm that followed the Second Shinobi World War, many feared that another conflict was inevitable, given the deep-seated animosity and mistrust that still existed between the various ninja villages. The future remained uncertain, and only time would tell what lay ahead for the ninja world.
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