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AI Generated Story


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Ok, i was tinkering with AI´s from OpenAI, when i got a bit curious. Can the AI generate a Story. Some that would makes a sense, at least to a certain degree.
So i was taking a scenario of mine from SB.com, changed it a bit and let the Bot do it´s work. This is the result:

The Story

It was the year 2023, and the world was in a state of relative peace. With the major powers of the world working together, it seemed like there was no conflict or war in sight. But that was all about to change.

Random Omnipotent Being, or ROB, had decided to intervene in the affairs of the world. It had chosen three countries in particular to be the targets of its experiment: Germany, Japan and Italy. In a moment of unprovoked anger, it had decided to "downgrade" the technology of these nations from modern day to that found in Wolfenstein, Iron Sky and Iron Man franchises.

The effects of this downgrade were catastrophic. All industry and technology was rendered useless, with the only type of technology that could be used being the kind found in the aforementioned franchises. Weapons and vehicles that had been developed with modern technology were suddenly made obsolete, leaving the people of these nations vulnerable to attack.

The worst part of all this was that the technology of these nations had become completely incompatible with the rest of the world. Not only could they not use any of the modern technology of other nations, but even any imported technology was rendered useless.

The people of these countries were left in a state of confusion and panic, not knowing what to do or how to cope. They had been thrust back into a time where they had to rely on the technology of their ancestors. But this was only the beginning of their troubles.

The ROB had also decreed that these nations were not to be allowed to upgrade their technology for the next 250 years. This meant that the people of these countries were stuck in a technological dark age for the foreseeable future.

The governments of these nations were left scrambling to figure out how to cope with this sudden and dramatic change. They had to come up with new ways of running their countries, as well as new ways to defend themselves. It was a difficult and daunting task, but one that had to be done if they were to survive in this new world.

But there was one glimmer of hope. The people of these countries had seen what had happened to the rest of the world, and had decided to use their newfound technology to band together and form a new alliance. They called it the Iron Cross Alliance, and it was determined to make sure that the ROB's decree would not be the end of their nations.

The Iron Cross Alliance made sure to keep their technology as advanced as possible, using any resources they could find to make sure that they could protect themselves and their countries. They also made sure to keep their technology up to date with the rest of the world, so that they would not be left at a disadvantage.

The nations of the Iron Cross Alliance flourished in the years that followed. They developed advanced weapons and technology, and were able to build strong and prosperous economies. They were even able to defend themselves from any threats that may have come their way.

And, for the most part, the ROB's decree was forgotten. The people of these countries had moved on and were thriving despite the technological setback they had experienced.

But all good things must come to an end, and 250 years later, the ROB's decree was lifted. The people of these countries were able to finally upgrade their technology and bring it up to modern day standards.

And while they had been set back for a period of time, the Iron Cross Alliance had proved that they could survive and thrive even in the most dire of circumstances. They had used their ingenuity and determination to not only survive, but to become a force to be reckoned with.

The people of these countries had learned a valuable lesson: no matter what obstacles you may face, with enough determination and hard work, anything is possible.
Note: this was created by a Bot.

Hardly a Story....

What do you think ?
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