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A Thread for Worldbuilding Helps&Ideas

Terra Novan

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I have a few tips when it comes to worldbuilding too:

Figure out what kind of story you want to write, what it is going to be about,

Not all information is going to come up in the story, and some may be entirely irrelevant, or there are a lot of things the protagonist will never know. In medieval times, the vast majority of people had no education whatsoever, and those few which did had very limited knowledge about the world at large as information traveled slowly, and most people didn't go far from the place they were born in as travel itself was also very difficult. If the story is taking place in the fantasy universe, figure out how fast information spread. It may even be slower, due to everpresent monsters, but it can be much faster, due to common magic. It can go either way, it's your setting, but the ability to learn meaningless trivia is based on it. Your story might be also taking place in present-day or futuristic settings, with widespread literacy and good access to information, but even then there is a lot of information the protagonist never bothered to search for on the Internet (or futuristic variant of it). You don't want to fill your story with info dumping - not only it is one of the first advise you get about writing, but it will also make your audience bored quickly so they might not read everything you did write, you need to figure out how to hand the information about the world in a natural and interesting way throughout the story

Terra Novan

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Worth looking into when designing armor, although I don't agree 100% with it. Shaped armor and boob plate, for example, are perfectly reasonable, considering their existence in RL, albeit for male body. The culture with the same appreciation of body physique as the Ancient Greeks, but extended to the female body, would have such armor.


Bean Daddy
Why is there so much controversy over shaped armor and boob plate?


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Not optimal design for deflecting blow, I believe. Also, some people think they're sexist or whatever.
Note, anatomical/"heroic" armors have been around for millennia. Yes, since men dominated in military and war you really mainly only see male historical versions, but it stands to reason that if they were popular enough for men in our world a setting where women soldiers and warriors are more common would see some demand for a female equivalent or a fictional culture with women warriors would develop it.

The reason this type of armor looked like this was mainly to emulate an idealized physique and for ornamentation.

EDIT: And to add, in real life, for this type of armor what was intended for actual combat tended to be simpler and more practical in design when compared with armor intended for ceremonial purposes or what was depicted in art.
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