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A Primarch's Journey (40K/Multicross?/At least one other piece of fiction)

The beginning
  • Habstab

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    "Let us play a game. And my favorite kind of game. When the 'Main Character' is our of their depth. Alone, in a strange place/land/world, unable to get back home."

    "Some of these heroes curse the name of their 'benefactors'. Others praise them, as they can build a new life without anything from their old one interfering. Still others try to rebuild there old lives, no matter how futile that is. And, there are even a few who simply do not care, for, in the end, they are creatures of habit, and merely moving them will do nothing to change them."

    'Yet, I ramble. You do not need to know these things do you? You need know only this. You have been given an opportunity to choose a new champion, out of a list, of course, and the world they end up in. Choose wisely..."


    Choose a Primarch

    [][Primarch] Lion El'Jonson, The Dark Knight.

    [] Fulgrim, The Palatine Phoenix.

    [] Perturabo, The Lord of Iron.

    [] Jaghatai Khan, The Warhawk.

    [] Leman Russ, The Great Wolf.

    [] Rogal Dorn, The Blade of the Emperor.

    [] Konrad Curze, The Night Haunter.

    [] Sanguinius, The Great Angel.

    [] Ferrus Manus, The Gorgon of Medusa.

    [] Angron, The Red Angel.

    [] Roboute Guilliman, The Lord of Ultramar.

    [] Mortarion, The Death Lord.

    [] Magnus the Red, The Master of Prospero.

    [] Horus Lupercal, The Breaker of Tyrants.

    [] Lorgar Aurelian, Bearer of the Word.

    [] Vulkan, The Lord of Drakes.

    [] Corvus Corax, The Deliverer.

    [] Alpharius, Head of the Hydra.

    [] Omegon, Head of the Hydra.


    "There are many timelines for these nineteen, and simply limiting you to the 'base' versions would be so boring, wouldn't it? Perhaps you wish to choose an alternative version of these Primarchs as your 'champion'..."


    Choose which timeline the choosen Primarch will be from:

    [] Base/Horus Heresy.
    +The same old same old...
    [] Roboute Heresy.
    +Those who were once heroes in one timeline can easily become villains in another...
    [] Write in a timeline?


    "And now, where shall this champion arrive at?"


    Choose a world:

    [] A world infested with monsters, created by a even more terrifying monster. (Remant)
    [] A world bound by fate, where each blade of grass has a purpose. (Kingdom of Amlur)
    [] A world where the actions of prideful fools created a monsterous race that continues to plague the would to this day. (Dragon Age)
    [] Write in?
    + Perhaps you know of a world better suited to your champion


    A/N:... Why did I think this was a good idea. Blargh. Anywho, criticism or the like is greatly appreciated.
    Magnus the red in a land of magic
  • Habstab

    Master of the Stab
    POV: Magnus the Red, The Master of Prospero
    Rage. It is all you feel as the Lord of Change smashes through your sons, trying to slaughter its way to you. None of your sons having the psychic powers to face the monster, and their mortal strength is no match with its own unnatural strength.

    "MAGNUS!" You can hear the beast before you can see it. And when you do see it, you see a blue beast covered in eyes, beaks, and claws. "YOUR FEBEL SONS PERISH BY MY HAND. AND WHAT OF YOU, SORCERER KING? HIDING-"

    "BEGONE, FOUL BEAST OF THE WARP! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!" You shout back at it. You use your immense power to crush its' body, causing some of the creature's 'veins' to burst open, leaking corrupted blood onto the floor of the Photep.

    "WEAK... YOUR POWERS HAVE GROWN WEAK! ABANDON THIS WEAK IMPERIUM, AND JOIN-" The demon snarls, breaking out of your psychic grasp. But, it is quickly sent flying back as a bolt of warp lightning hits it dead in it's 'chest'.

    "I shall never bow before your King of Lies!" You growl, purple flames shooting from your right hand, washing over the Lord of Change. The abomination screams in pain, before charging at you.

    "THEN PERISH!" It shouts, its' claws glowing with the power of the warp, dodging another blast from you, before slicing open a large chunk of your armor, leaving shallow cuts in the flesh underneath. You grit your teeth, before stabbing it in the back with your chain axe, ripping its unnatural flesh. "YOU ARE TOO WEAK TO SAND AGAINST US, SON OF THE ANATHEMA!"

    As you continue your duel with the demon, you can sense some of your sons rushing towards you. They couldn't hope to harm this Lord of Change, and you will not let this abomination take the life of any more of your sons. A put your free hand on the monster's chest, each of your fingers crackling with energy, before letting out a gigantic blast sending the demon flying as its' chest broke open, its'many beaks crying out in pain.

    "SO... YOU ARE AS POWERFUL AS WAS PREDICTED..." The Lord of Change chuckles darkly. "BUT... DO NOT THINK THAT THIS IS A BATTLE YOU CAN WIN. FOR I KNOW OF SPECIAL SPELL THAT CAN DEFEAT EVEN YOU..." Each of the Abomination's eyes gain a predatory look. Each of its' claws glow once again. Yet, before you can act, a squad of your sons charges in, some firing their bolters and others trying to use their psychic abilities to draw the demon's attention away from you. Yet, all their attempts do is merely anger the beast as he releases the curse he was casting upon you. You try to destroy it with your own power, but find it pushing through your defenses easily. You can feel your soul slowly leaving your body and being dragged into the warp, yet, you catch a glimpse of something... Hopeful. As your body falls to the floor as you see the demon free, your sons rush to you side, trying to help you. With the last of your strength you tell them of what you saw, before fading into the warp...

    Where on Thedas does Magnus arrive? Choose one:
    [] A castle under siege, it's defenders trapped with no way out. And it looks like you've
    -[] Write in what you do next.
    + "Is that some sort of abomination?"
    + Locks in the Human Noble Origin for the Grey Warden.
    [] In an underground cavern, filled to the brim with strange creatures.
    -[] Write in what you do next.
    + "Raaaa!"
    + Locks in one of the Dwarf Origins for the Grey Warden.
    [] Next to a shining lake that has a giant tower in the middle. Ah, it seems one of the locals has noticed you...
    -[] Write in what you do next.
    + "W-What are you? S-Some kind of demonic mage? S-Stay back!"
    + Locks in one of the Mage Origins for the Grey Warden.
    [] In a forest, next to some sort of old ruins. And, for some reason, there is an old woman standing near you, looking at you curiously.
    -[] Write in what you do next.
    + "Why hello there, you shouldn't be here."
    + Does not lock in any Origin for the Grey Warden.
    [] Write in a location?
    Size vote.
    As Magnus is a Primarch, he is naturally gigantic. But, you can alter his size so he can access more locations around Thedas. Or you can let him stay as tall as he normally is.
    [] Tall human?
    [] Average Astartes?
    [] Regular Magnus size?
    A/N: Decided I wanted to include something besides the votes. So, have a fight scene. I don't think that I'm that good at battles between psychic warriors. Anywho, any thoughts or criticism on this update?
  • Habstab

    Master of the Stab
    A/N: As the "what you do" option was left empty I just wrote what came naturally to me.


    [X] In a forest, next to some sort of old ruins. And, for some reason, there is an old woman standing near you, looking at you curiously.

    [X] Regular Magnus size.

    So... Seems I didn't know about something Magnus could do... He can change his shape/size. Like... He can become the size of a Titan and wrestle with one... So... I feel that the size vote, in regards on what it's was originally going to be, so I'm going to change somethings around... Sorry.

    Pain is the first thing you feel as your soul finally leaves your body. Or did? It is not your soul that feels pain, but your body. Is a part of your soul still stuck within your body?

    ... No. Your soul did indeed leave, yet, now it is housed in a body that feels the same as your old one. Did the curse 'fail' and send you-

    "Awake now, are we?" You hear a voice ask. Your eyes open and see an old woman with a look of curiosity on her aged face. "Now, who exactly are you?" She questions you almost casually. It's... Strange to say the least. Most normal humans would be more cautious around a Primarch such as yourself.

    You slowly use your new body's pair of legs to stand, towering over the woman, yet, even now she seem... Unimpressed? "Magnus." You reply. Truly, why-

    "Why, it seems you do have manners. I was afraid that you would be rude like my last few guest." The old woman chuckles. "And, a answer deserves one in turn. My name is Flemeth. Now, do you know where you are?"

    You take a quick glance at your surroundings. It seems you're in some sort of swamp. And, in the distance, you can see the ruins of an old... Fort? Perhaps. Hmm. Why did you even expect that would work. Your soul pulses with power as you force the warp to bend to your will. Yet, immediately you stop in confusion. There are important things that are... Missing? How did you not notice this before? But... You can neither feel your father nor... Anything else that you should...

    "You seen stunned boy. Find something... Unsettling?" Flemeth asks you with a unconcerned look.

    ... How can this be? Did that demon's curse send you somewhere you cannot sense your father nor any other psyker? Or did curse simlpy cripple your ability to use the warp? But that-

    "If you're just going to stand there, I'm might as well leave." Flemeth sighs dramatically.


    What shall you do next?

    [] Write in?


    Gained traits/effects:

    Size(Primarch): If an Astartes is a giant to an average sized human, most Primarchs are giants to Astartes.

    Warp based transformations: As a master of warcraft Magnus can alter his body's shape and size at will. Some even say that his true body is one not of flesh, but of pure psychic will.

    The eye of the cyclops: With a single glare of his eye Magnus can lay bare the secrets of any mortal.

    Master of the warp: Without his mastery of the warp Magnus would probably be one of the weaker members of his brotherhood. Yet, with it, Magnus is a god of war made manifest, causing whole armies to fall to their knees with a single spell.


    A/N: Not happy with this update. But... It's better than waiting another month to write something else.

    And I'm counting 40K's psykers and DA's mages as different things. Power wise. If a Templar sees you using the warp, they'll assume you're a DA mage, while some mages may be able to tell that you... Aren't exactly tapping into the fade.

    Anywho, thoughts and comments on their update are appreciated.
  • Habstab

    Master of the Stab

    Everything familiar is gone. You cannot sense the light of the Astronomicon. Even the Warp feels... Calmer than it should. All impossiblities. Even the mightest servants of the Four would be unable to do such things. A truly impossible situation... Yet, you remember, nothing is impossible when dealing with the Warp... But, those, while pressing matters, can wait for a few moments.

    "... What world are we on?"

    "Ah, one born of the stars? Hmm, well your question is a simple one to answer. Thedas. Or, at least that's what the Chantry calls it. I'm sure other cultures, with their own beliefs, call it something different."

    ... Thedas. While you have no recollection of such a world, it is possible that it's existence escaped your notice before. Of course... "No obvious industrialization, no hive cities from the looks of it, no orbital infustructure... I'm on a feudal world, aren't I?"

    "Oh, so the giant wishes to use words that only a few others on this world would understand? I'd suggest you'd keep your dialect to something more... Basic. And, yes, you shall not find a way off this world unless you make it yourself." The old woman chuckles for a moment. "But, perhaps we should continue this conversation somewhere less... Conspicuous. I imagine the king's scouts may be out, and your size isn't exactly... Missible. The same goes for the Darkspawn."

    A king of a feudal world would hardly prove a challenge to a Primarch, the same goes for his armies. Yet... Darkspawn. A native name for Warpspawn, perhaps? You know that some planets in the galaxy contained Neverborn and their ilk, and feudal worlds were not immune from these abominations appearing to terrorize the local populace. And, if this king has brought his army here, withe these Darkspawn near... "I imagine this king is here to face these Darkspawn?"

    "Oh, how observant of you. Yes, the king, quite foolishly, I might add, thinks a victory here will end the current Darkspawn threat. As if a Blight could beaten."


    "Whenever one of the Archdemons, the masters of the Darkspawn, are freeded from their imprisonment, they create a Blight, comprised of a near endless sea of Darkspawn, hidden beneath in the Deep Roads. If the Archdemon of this Blight appeared now, this little king would find that his tiny army would stand little chance against it, much less the Darkspawn that follows it. And, even of it only has it's followers attack, the ruins the king's army uses as a base camp will prove to offer little defence."

    "So, you believe the king and his army have no chance against these beasts?"

    "Perhaps, if the king truly understood the true size of the Darkspawn army, he would try a different strategy, or at least listen to his advisors. But, as it is? That boy will simply lead those who follow him to their deaths." Then, the old woman shrugs. "But, some people cannot be helped. If I went down there to reason with him, the Templars that follow the mage's within his army would certainly be quite... Unreasonable. The same goes for any devoted members of the army who believe in the Chantry."

    "You mentioned this 'Chantry' earlier. What exactly is it?"

    "A religion that claims to hold all the answers in the universe, the religion that says their 'Maker' created the Darkspawn as a punishment, blah, blah, bah. But, those aren't the reason why my presence wouldn't be... Tolerated in the king's camp. For the Chantry also has a very... Paranoid and hateful view on the mages. Any who do not submit themselves to the Chantry's Templars and forever stay stuck in their 'Circles', are branded Apostates. Ah, but a poor old woman such as myself prefers nature to the stuffy stone towers they'd stick me in. So, I-"

    "You stay out here, living as an Apostate, hunted by those with a religious dogma against you, correct?"

    "Hmm, quite correct. My daughter and I live here alone, far away from the Chantry anyway, so why should they be able to enforce their beliefs on us?

    So, this Chantry oppresses this world's psykers? You're not exactly suprised. The less advanced a civilization is, the most superstitious it will be. And psykers are easy things to create legends about. If your brother Logar was here, you'd imagine he'd smash the Chantry to pieces, simply on principal. But, you? Simply trying to subjugate a religious feudal world by yourself by immediately infuriating most of the natives the believe in said religion(s) would be... Inefficient. Hmm..

    "Now, are there any other questions you may have, giant? Or, perhaps you wish to leave an old woman to her life, and decide your own destiny?"

    Choose One:
    [] Use your abilities to disguise yourself and go to the ruins/king's camp.
    [] Explore the swamp?
    [] Leave the swamp?
    [] Write in?
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