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2018 United States Midterm

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That's a lot of words where "eat shit a die, you support corrective rape and literally wax at length about threatening family members" would suffice.
Rodyle inflammatory behavior like this is only going to cause drama and derail the thread. I'm going to have to tell you to stop.


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because Sane people don't want to deal with an armed insurgency numbering in the millions, cause thats what happens when people abandon politics
Actually what happens when they abandon politics is they abandon politics

Operating an insurgency is the opposite of being apolitical


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Nope, that is when people abandon all pretenses of politics and start fighting. Usually starts out as a simple insurgency before going into Civil War territory.
Additionally, I'll note this sounds like your usual raving about how any reform=Civil War. You've opposed the electoral college being abolished on these grounds, you've opposed not pandering to bigots on these grounds, etc.


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I think she's referring to von Clausewitz.
Of course. "War is the continuation of politics by other means" is only relevant when politics fails by its usual means. The reason everybody agrees to do "politics as usual" in the first place is because THE OTHER MEANS are just that horrific.

The idea that sending tens of thousands, or millions, of people to kill tens of thousands or millions of other people, as anything other than a FAILURE disturbs me. The ease of which war gets suggested as a solution to a political problem requires the same kind of disdain towards human life that the fascist leans into when organizing camps against their political enemies.


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Amazingly the election is still not over, as a race in NC has not been certified due to what appears to be a multicounty election fraud by the republican candidate, one that may actually have also been responsible for his victory in the primary. Suprising noone, it’s the Trumpist “outsider” candidate involved in this, rather than the establishment republican previously holding the seat. It appears however, that the Republican party in NC has been using the contractor who committed the crimes for years, suggesting that no republican in that state may be legitimate.

Oddly enough the same state and national party who are always so worried about voter fraud are mysteriously changing their minds and saying that the race should be certified immediately before the investigation is completed.

(And of course the candidate is an evangelical pastor)


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Is this surprising? All conservative rhetoric is projection. They assume that because they do it their opposition must be as well or, at least, believe their own rhetoric to a sufficient degree that they think it’s justifiable to do it not realizing they’re the only ones doing it.

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