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Modern 1989 PRC ISOTed to 1968

Mark Poe

The majestic cock
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Ported straight over from Ah.com, because this place need more scenarios.

Scenario premise: the PRC on June 4th, 1989 (a pretty low point in the post Mao era PRC all things considered) get ISOTed to 1968 (same date, mostly because that low point isn't exactly defined by a single date and climate/season shenanigans is complicated enough as is).

So, how does things go?

Some things to keep in mind:

-PRC has just lost much of its international recognition (ouch)
-all the foreign trade and investment flow are gone (much bigger ouch, especially when economic progress being the bedrock of the government's legitimacy...)
-military techwise the gap is much smaller this time around, although this being the PLA before seeing the Iraqi getting their asses spanked, so a lot of reforms haven't happened yet. Then again it's not like the US army of the late 60s is in that great a shape either (although completely irrelevant, since it'll be the USAF and USN that'll be dealing out the pain to the PRC if things goes bad...)
-Deng is certainly not gonna live to see the return of Hong Kong this time around... unless he could pull the mother of all knowledge swap with the UK?
-How much uptimer history will be leaked/spread? How fast?
-How will the USSR react to a PRC that's not a basket case and not really commie anymore?
-How will the West deal with a PRC that's suddenly a lot less batshit insane?
-It's the height of the Vietnam War, how this is relevant to the uptimer PRC is that North Vietnam would be too busy trying to survive to interfere while the PRC backs who they wanted in Cambodia... but do they want to back Pol Pot again?
-Actually, given the number of foreign investors and highly skilled workers (the guys managing all the joint factories and stuff) in PRC at the time how likely are they to make it out to be back at their own countries? Would the PRC do their best to try to keep a lid on it?

yes all embassies are ISOTed along.
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