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  1. Mr Wumbo

    Published authors?

    Movie reviews for high school newspaper.
  2. Mr Wumbo

    Kill the Godmodder!

    You find yourself in a seemingly infinite sea of grass. You do not know why you're here, how you got here, or who is this "godmodder". But you know one thing: You must kill. In the horizon a gigantic white monolith stood, with the word "Rules" etched upon it. Like other Godmodder games, the...
  3. Mr Wumbo

    Bluepencil's Weekly Free Art Requests folder

    The physical limitations of drawing in real life is what make traditional art unique.
  4. Mr Wumbo

    Bluepencil's Weekly Free Art Requests folder

    Catgirl (Japanese style) kitten whose head is stuck in a tire like an oversized necklace while her parent tries to pulls her out and her brother laughs in the back. So I was imagining mundane everyday scenes in my setting and this pops out and I cant get it out my head.
  5. Mr Wumbo

    Iron Harvest: an Alternate History Dieselpunk RTS

    Hopefully my laptop can run this, starting with Frostpunk and Battlefleet Gothic lots of strategy games are starting to outsrip my laptop's power.
  6. Mr Wumbo

    What’s with the lack of people here?

    Yeah SB so big that each subforums are so insular from each other with their own distinctive userbase. I can't imagine people like Qinetiq or Alamo going anywhere Vs debates.
  7. Mr Wumbo

    Who would be interested in meeting in real life?

    Ew social interaction
  8. Mr Wumbo

    Medieval 2 Total War

    Yeaa boi best Total War game everything goes downhill after this. I always play with Stainless Steel on as it basically makes the game better while not bloating the game with gameplay changes, like what Europa Barbarorum did to Rome.
  9. Mr Wumbo

    Yeah hopefully blog could draw away the shitposting, baits, and personal slapfights away from...

    Yeah hopefully blog could draw away the shitposting, baits, and personal slapfights away from the actual discussion forums.
  10. Mr Wumbo

    You should add a blog system for members.

    You should add a blog system for members.
  11. Mr Wumbo

    Did you just added facebook reacts

    Did you just added facebook reacts
  12. Mr Wumbo

    General political meme/discussion thread

  13. Mr Wumbo

    Ancap thread

    Aaah, Kongo Vrijstaat, the original ancap shitposting that went too far
  14. Mr Wumbo

    Should i join ICE?

    Yes, ICE need great people like you to efficiently runs the operation.
  15. Mr Wumbo

    if a Company claims a fan video on youtube, and begins making money from it, leaving it up. does the video become canon

    No, the company would make money out of it the same way they make money out of merchandising.
  16. Mr Wumbo

    Indian media sprouts nonsense that Royal Malaysian Air Force wants to buy 30 HAL Tejas

    Buying Cessnas with a guy armed with an AR hanging out from the window is a better investment than Tejas.
  17. Mr Wumbo

    Would you be willing to kill/die for your beliefs?

    In the face of danger, I would prioritize strategic retreat so that I would have chance to fight another day in a much, much more favorable condition.