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  1. Aaron Fox

    Frozen in Carbonite: Can't Hold my Feels Pictures/Videos Thread

    So, since SB and SV have their own versions, let's have our own... To start out with: It was a cold January night in the Baltic during the final months of the Second World War. The Red Army had been rampaging through Prussia, raping, looting, and killing (and possibly not even in that order)...
  2. Aaron Fox

    Blacklight: Retribution

    So, this game is still alive (getting two or three servers full of players most of the time on PC), and it's doing well on PS4. Despite all the absolute bullshit that Perfect World threw at it. Gameplay Video: Weapons: One of the more unique things about Blacklight Retribution is the fact...
  3. Aaron Fox

    Youtube is Down

    As of about an hour ago, Youtube and it's associate sites have crashed/shut down due to unknown causes. Youtube is looking into the situation and is vowing to fix the problem as soon as possible, but they don't know what the problem is... Updates as soon as they are able.
  4. Aaron Fox

    Reimagining Command and Conquer Tiberium-verse

    One of the many ideas that I've cooked up over the years is quite literally re-imagining the universe that started my foretray into the world of Real Time Strategy: Command and Conquer, and to be more specific Command and Conquer Tiberium-verse. Now, I want people's input into this, partially...
  5. Aaron Fox

    Front Mission: LEFT ALIVE; Metal Gear Solid meets Front Mission

    Ever since FM4 had made most RTT-RPG Front Mission titles only available for Japan thanks to creator decree, we haven't seen much of Front Mission. Now Square Enix has gotten top men from Armored Core and Metal Gear Solid to produce Left Alive... set in the time between FM3 and Front Mission...
  6. Aaron Fox

    The Trump-Russia Investigation Thread: Mueller Goes Terminator Edition

    Since we've got threadmarks now, we can make it easy to get a thread consolidating all the shit that the Trump-Russia investigation has dug up and been made public. Most of my information will be transcribed from the SB Thread of the same nature. Now, let us begin:
  7. Aaron Fox

    Children of a Frozen Earth: A Post 'Day After Tomorrow'/'Frostpunk' style Apocalypse Timeline

    So, a brain bug hit me and I wrote it down... it's pretty bleak as a whole to us moderners though... but there is a light at the end of the tunnel however. So here are the basics: Children of a Frozen Earth A World of Survival in the Frozen Tundras of Earth and through the Harsh Mistress of...
  8. Aaron Fox

    From the Creators of 'This War of Mine'; Frostpunk: the Post-Apocalyptic City Simulator

    So... who else has gotten this game? From what I can tell it's pretty fun if you like city-builders and This War of Mine. Also, if you guys have a spare copy, I would like one because I can't wait to play it but I'm out of free cash right now. Steam tag is aarongamemister.
  9. Aaron Fox

    Valkyria Chronicles worldbuilding: Making a VC!US and a VC!Japan

    So, remembering a long string of posts in SB, I've decided to start working on the worldbuilding for a Valkyria Chronicles fic that has been in the back of my mind. Basically having Valkyria Chronicles!US, Valkyria Chronicles!Japan work with Gallia as an informal axis of nations. A third party...
  10. Aaron Fox

    Double What If: What if Versailles didn't Become the Treaty of Damnation

    Double What If: What if Versailles didn’t become the Treaty of Damnation? Alright, before we begin, I’ll have to lay down the ground rules for this thread. First, this is a concept that I’ve borrowed from Alternate History dot Com. The basic idea is simply have members post as if they were in...
  11. Aaron Fox

    Armored Warfare: World of Tanks with Modern Machines

    So... yeah. Didn't see anyone talking about it and I'm going to talk about it... It's actually a good game, problem is the majority of the playerbase are boycotting it because My.com removed Obsidian from the dev-team...
  12. Aaron Fox

    Humans may not Apply: The future of Jobs

    Current situation: PEOPLE NOT HANGING FROM STREETLAMPS SOLUTION: No one here is really talking about this topic so... yeah. In the end, humans are outdated and thus are getting replaced with machines of all sorts. An automation revolution to outdo the industrial revolution as it were...
  13. Aaron Fox

    Battletech: At least we get Paid

    Well, there is no Battletech thread and I've decided to start one... and the new Flashpoint DLC is interesting:
  14. Aaron Fox

    Legends of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These

    Haven't seen a thread about this so I've decided to make one. Now, there is an english dub as well as a Japanese one for this, but then again the original had 110 half-hour episodes which is holy shit amounts of dubbing to begin with. It uses CGI (far cheaper and easier to use), the music is...
  15. Aaron Fox

    Anti-Vaccine Activists Have Taken Vaccine Science Hostage

    Article At this point? I tell Anti-Vaxers fuck you, you don't get to allow a pandemic to run through roughshad through the population. Either you shut up and do as you're told, don't and get your children taken away, or get shot and have your children taken away.
  16. Aaron Fox

    Hours after White House warns of new election meddling, Trump again points to 'Russian hoax'

    Article ... Trump, you're an idiot. At this rate you'll be either a) overthrown in a pre-planned coup by the US IC, Military, and DoJ or b) dragged out in literal chains for things like treason, sedition, and conspiracy to overthrow the government...
  17. Aaron Fox

    It isn't just Elections that Russia hacked, but also the Power Grid

    Article Putin, it's time to stop when you are ahead. You've already put Russia in a very bad position for the future, a future that will be likely either 'forced to stay on Earth for all eternity' or outright exterminated because of a few chuckleheads deciding to eliminate a problem once and...
  18. Aaron Fox

    A Less Geo-politically Insane Gundam SEED...

    So, someone went and discussed how crap the Gundam SEED borders were and pretty much didn't justify them at all. That started me working on an idea modifying Gundam SEED to make more sense. Well, more sense than the usual Gundam flare (although in Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, the geopolitics are...
  19. Aaron Fox

    Russian Hackers’ New Target: a Vulnerable Democratic Senator

    Article Yep... this pretty much sums up the situation right now:
  20. Aaron Fox

    GOP lawmakers introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein

    Article My, my, my... the House GOP are going full stupid as this isn't very likely to fly in the Senate and only has the DoJ start wiretapping the shit out of them. At this rate the DoJ would return to the days of the PATRIOTIC PARANOID that was J. Edgar Hoover...