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  1. Lord Kragan

    Are Trump Supporters Racist?

    A significant portion? Yeah. He ran on racism as one of his tenets. Others are (well, were) just desperate for an outsider to shake the system and others were just flat out fooled by the smoke and mirrrors (A.K.A. mister bankrupcies is a good administrator).
  2. Lord Kragan

    Firebombing at Kyoani

    I highly doubt it's mainly a death to weaboos thing. Primarily because its being done in japan and because the motivation was "something being stolen being". So it's either mere lunacy, or an artist that was fucked with ten too many times.
  3. Lord Kragan

    Wait a sec, planting trees is... good!? :o

    Again, this is a bit dependant on the case. Here in the balearic islands pines are extremely abundant and are 'designed' in such a way that fires do them good, as they get to spread a shit ton of seeds. In that case you need to take out saplings and cull a few of the pines least you compromise...
  4. Lord Kragan

    Firebombing at Kyoani

    "Oh the humanity!"
  5. Lord Kragan

    My god. I've been out of the forum proper too long. You used to be a mod!

    My god. I've been out of the forum proper too long. You used to be a mod!
  6. Lord Kragan

    Worst US President?

    The one that got the civil war started. Like, hands down. Trump may be forging its way down there but he's still quite far from that level.
  7. Lord Kragan

    The "I am listening to this song" thread

    I can't stop listening and looping rising up from tales of zestiria.
  8. Lord Kragan

    How would you call the current GATE fanfiction scene here?

    It exists. That's not a good thing.
  9. Lord Kragan

    Modern By 1850, Russia is industrialized

    I mean, the banned user is not the only one that will read this.
  10. Lord Kragan

    Modern By 1850, Russia is industrialized

    So? It's still something incredibly flawed and should be brought up regardless of circumstances.
  11. Lord Kragan

    Modern By 1850, Russia is industrialized

    So Russia never gets to industrialize. Gotcha. Because what you're is not the path to industrialization. It's Ming-Qing China. One of the key factors of industrialization was that freemen and all the urban classes were getting paid more and more, being both expensive (and thus desireable to...
  12. Lord Kragan

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    A flaming trainwreck. Pure comedy gold.
  13. Lord Kragan

    Carrion: A reverse-horror game

    That was creepy. Keep on.
  14. Lord Kragan

    Your avatar vs a villain from the last movie or tv show you watched

    I watched blackadder marches forth. So... Is it the germans? Haig? Melchett? Darling? Fuck it, let's start randomly breaking skulls, I am sure it will work out.
  15. Lord Kragan

    Steam for Frozen in Carbonite?

    I am going to chime in and wonder whether or not anyone here is willing to play MP borderlands. I am awfully early in the storyline, though, having made it to sanctuary.
  16. Lord Kragan

    Modern 1 MILLION USN Constitution's vs A lone Bismarck Battleship

    Seriously, aside from the american slaughter, what is going on here?
  17. Lord Kragan

    Manga recommendations - post it here

    Tomo chan is always a good choice. The power of the fluff is strong,
  18. Lord Kragan

    Weekend in France with fires, molotovs, riots and official state of insurrection Oh My!

    Ah France. Your baguettes are baked in the dumpserfires of your riots.
  19. Lord Kragan

    Mosque Shooting in New Zealand - Multiple confirmed casualties

    I frankly think that shithol falls short to describe that deepest recess of the darkest parts of a hive of scum and villany.
  20. Lord Kragan

    General isekai & ISOT discussion and resource thread

    An idea that made the rounds around my head is. "Isekai is a mildly frequent thing. Multiple persons from time to time are brought in to other worlds and hailing from multiple worlds. One guy is isekaied, the first for his/her world. And he ends tagging along with a guy that's been around for...
  21. Lord Kragan

    Your assessment of 'Operation downfall'

    The best assesment? Thank god it didn't happen.
  22. Lord Kragan

    Your Avatar at the Battle of Klendathu

    Start building walls and bunkers'n'shiet. Then die amidst a tide of bugs and be cast in lightning to Azyr. Then sent back again. And die. And be sent back again. And die. Rinse and repeat til there's no bugs or my soul is so riven and shattered that nothing remains.
  23. Lord Kragan

    The Trump-Russia Investigation Thread: Mueller Goes Terminator Edition

    So, what I take from this is that this whole issue with the SIC may all be mere semanthics?
  24. Lord Kragan

    How does it make you feel?

    Angry that there's not enough people voting for the dismantling of the united states and the devolution of the colonial empire to Spain. Except Florida, you can keep it.
  25. Lord Kragan

    Sargon of Akkad thread

    I have actually watched a good handful of his videos, but those were mostly truly humorous stuff like black hitler and that one crazy gal that commented there was a conspiracy to kill lgbtq+ people because a handful of lgbtq+ characters died across a multitude of series within that year. He's...