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  • I'm trying a new form of divination. I call it Clearwatering. It goes a little like this.

    "Alexa, play Creedence Clearwater…"

    *Alexa plays Bad Moon Rising*

    I thought so.
    The majority of people do not care about mass death on the television. It's not real to them. It's like watching a movie. They're completely desensitized to it. The most common reaction to war is numb indifference.

    Modern warfare is essentially an ugly criminal organized violence racket orchestrated by bankers, defense contractors, spooks, and politicians. The role of the politicians is primarily to rubber-stamp decisions made by the military-industrial-banker-spook complex, and to soothe the population and convince them of the virtuousness of war.

    The worst people to discuss the morality and nature of war with are, unironically, college kids raised on a diet of Whig History. They are so brain-rotted, their only response to passionate condemnation of war is, "No, you're wrong, Steven Pinker says everything is getting better."

    Our places of higher education are destroying people's moral barometers and rendering them into demoralized drones who uncritically accept any and all of the State's depredations as a natural and normal fact of life.
    The way the monetary system works now:
    • Rampant speculation in imaginary securities creates economic bubble.
    • Bubble bursts.
    • People stop spending because they don't know if they're going to be able to afford food, rent, gas, a shirt, toilet paper, et cetera.
    • The Fed prints more money.
    • People try to protect their money from inflation by buying assets (can be anything; a watch, a car, a gold bar, a house, anything but holding cash).
    • Fed gets pissed.
    • "No, no, no! You're supposed to keep holding cash so we can tax your work product and sap your purchasing power through inflation! You're not supposed to flee out of cash into hard assets! You're supposed to spend it on consumable goods only!"
    The way a CBDC would work:
    • There are no hard assets anymore, because private property has been abolished for those outside the Overclass, servitization is everywhere (robo-taxis instead of privately-owned vehicles, suburbs demolished, people forced into high-density residential, farms replaced with bug factories, etc.), and everything is rented from a small number of monopolistic holding companies run by super-rich people who are the only ones allowed to own property anymore.
    • Your money can be turned off if you try to buy things the bankers don't want you to (sorry, that's outside your CO2 footprint limit).
    • Your savings can be made to expire if you don't regularly, consistently, and predictably spend them on consumable trash supplied by a few giant monopolies.
    • Buying precious metals is banned.
    • Hoarding cash is impossible.
    • Hoarding assets is impossible.
    • There is no such thing as inheritance, except for the super-rich.
    • The bankers directly control the money supply and force money to circulate exactly the way they want.
    • Basically, you are now living in a theme park with no exit.
    The Right are being very stupid about the immigration crisis. They are blaming the immigrants themselves, pretty much exactly as the media wants them to. The media never actually describes where refugees come from. They're not Syrian refugees, or Iraqi refugees, or people fleeing poverty in Haiti, or Albania, or Kosovo. They're just "refugees", without any qualifiers, like they appeared from a portal to another dimension.

    There is a direct, indisputable link between Western NATO/Coalition of the Willing military adventurism during the War on Terror, IMF and World Bank meddling, and fauxlanthropy by NGOs, and the poverty, destabilization, and homelessness that directly precipitated the refugee crisis. There's no way out of it. Our leaders used our tax dollars to make millions of people homeless. Instead of blaming migrants, we must hold our Elites accountable for the mess they deliberately caused by their own actions.
    The rich believe that we consume too many natural resources, that most of us are a net drain on the economy. They have straight-up said, openly, that they don't need such a large population on Earth, except perhaps to pull data out of our bodies and sell it. This is what we're seeing, too. A rise in interest, among the Elite, in Smart Cities, Smart Watches, IoB, AR/MR/XR devices that gather physiological data from their users, and brain-computer interfaces. It's also why nobody ever seems to be able to figure out why anyone ever needs this tech, or what problem it's supposed to solve. The problem it's supposed to solve is people. The problem that the "smart" tech guys are trying to solve is how to make human beings into profitable commodities by siphoning out and selling our behavioral data, while also providing us with virtual embodiment as an alternative to actually living and consuming resources in the real world.

    In the future that the Overclass want for us, not only will we live in micro-apartments in 15-minute cities, we won't have any reason to leave them, since we can just put VR goggles on and be anywhere in the world rather than wasting precious energy on travel and commuting. After that, BCIs will replace the goggles. If people want to be on the opposite end of the planet, or commute to work, then they'll simply sit down, close their eyes, and find themselves at their destination. Office space will disappear, utterly disused due to the advent of BCI-driven remote work in virtual worlds. It will be replaced with more residential space, instead. The home will be the center and the focus of basically all aspects of life. Even public transportation and intercontinental air travel will disappear because no one will need to physically move their body to travel anywhere any longer.

    They are unironically making the world from Ready Player One into reality.
    A decade back, I was indifferent to politics and sick of them impinging on my entertainment. Then, I went through a phase where I hated American politics and was actively against having any involvement with them whatsoever. Finally, I realized that what I really despised was how young people who should know better get so excited every couple of years to vote for senile, mumbling geriatrics who trip down stairs and soil their adult diapers.

    Our foreign policy is set in stone by spy agencies whose employees commit thousands of serious felonies every year. Our economic policy is decided by supranational organizations whose members are appointed, not elected. Our wages and our futures are being pocketed by a central banker mafia accountable to no one, who treat us like cattle. The past twenty years of neoliberal foreign policy blob military interventionism labeled as the "War on Terror" - as if our fear was something physical that could be fought - was a disgrace that killed millions of innocent people while also simultaneously being painted by our press as a humanitarian mission.

    Everyone with half a brain should know all of this, and yet, they still get up and vote for these old, decrepit, bloodthirsty, diaper-wearing crackheads.
    Your pirates have swear jars now?
    Man we were way off: Iraq did not have WMDs, corporations lobby at the expense of the consumer, Weapons manufacturers make money off war

    Confirmed as Fact: a little person is turning the blades in a fan, when you go in an elevator the room outside is just rearranged before the door opens again
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