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  • Well, I came here initially because I assumed that the complaints about the SB mod staff would not be issues here, but it seems that several of the issues I had with them are likely to be worse here. I don’t feel that this is what I was looking for. I’m not hopeful regarding the future of the site, but I wish you good luck, nonetheless.
    I'm confused... why are you leaving now when the suggestion for a no bad faith debating rule was shot down a month ago and you even posted in the suggestion thread shortly after that was brought up? Also that was suggested in response to Rodyle who isn't right wing and you've liked her posts and you didn't seem to have a problem with her doing it. So do you only have a problem when people who are your political opponents debate in bad faith because that comes off as hypocritical.
    Ravan, what do you do around here? Do you write any fiction, how did you find your way to FiC? Do you have a SB account?
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