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  • Kinetic
    It's Pantsir(!)-S1(!!)E(!!!), it was born poor and didn't get any better ever since :D

    As to what actually happened, the Israeli blew up Pantsir-S1E that was a) offline, b) uncrewed, c) out of missiles certainly, probably out of rounds too; because the Syrians cannot be bothered to properly follow the regulations, otherwise it won't have been possible to even film such a video as the reloading is supposed to happen out of sight, literally. If there's no natural or standing artificial cover(like camo nets in the field or just some repurposed hangar or garage in the city, etc), such cover is provided by the combat engineers, BRNC unit, or rocketeers themselves using a particularly potent mix of multispectral smokes, chaff, etc. A particularly well-entrenched Battalion can have even anti-aircraft minefields layed and other chtonic stuff.

    They did have overwatch though, but it was antiquated Kvadrat & Co setup, relying on which against a light and superlight-class UAV is not a sign of enviable intellectual might, that's for sure. Considering the Syrians have no end of trouble with Israeli drones, which are largely behind the whole idiotic myth that Syrians have a habit to shoot at nothing for some time after the airstrike, it makes one wonder why they haven't considered to introduce MANPADS into the structure of SAM units like we did back in the 70-80's. Especially considering that they routinely toss the SAM Battalions armed with outright junk — fixed S-125 and the like, to the wolves. Intentionally, i mean.

    The closest thing to this we ourselves had is mission-kill of Pantsir-S1 on Donbass by artillery; a fragment of 203-mm artillery shell ripped off the wheel, while the vehicle was on the move, with predictable consequences. Two more got wrecked after two Skywalker wannabes decided to have an offroad race through the plains and did a barrel roll, also Donbass. Another one got thrashed in traffic accident in Syria.
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    Hey man, just noticed the red banner on your avatar on SB. I don't get one thing - this being about the 50th time, why do you even care to construct an argument, provide info, references, images? The opposition just mindlessly repeats the same bullshit over and over (where did they see a contradiction in the RuMoD presentation, I didn't see any), in the end they provoke you to snark, and you get temp banned. I've been on SB for much shorter time than you, and I already stopped caring about trying to debate with people who obviously don't want to debate or learn anything. Yet you still have the energy for it... I don't get it.
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